Heavy rain possible on Saturday morning in Houston

Sorry for the late post this morning. I’m still traveling, and Matt had some other business to attend to this morning. We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week. In the meantime, I’m unhappy to report that Houston’s weather still looks fairly lousy.


As the onshore flow ramps back up today, we can expect to see warmer conditions, with high temperatures near 70 degrees. There’s the possibility of a few scattered showers later this afternoon, but for the better rain chances we’re going to have to wait for tonight and Saturday.


Ugh. We’re going to see a spike in atmospheric moisture levels beginning Friday night and into Saturday morning, and in combination with divergence over head (which allows the warm, moist air at the surface to rise), we’re going to see a really healthy chance of rain showers beginning Friday night and through part or most of the day on Saturday.

A surge of moisture (shown here in precipitable water) will move into Texas and Louisiana on Saturday morning. (Pivotal Weather)

Right now the best chance of heavy rain seems likely to come on Saturday morning, when a few areas could see some rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour during the heaviest storms. This could be enough to cause street flooding, so please take care if you plan to be out and about. Overall, I’d anticipate widespread accumulations of 1 to 3 inches, which higher isolated totals possible. Highs Saturday will be around 70 degrees again. We’ll watch the potential of flooding for you, and update if needed.


The storm system should move off to the east on Saturday, and then our next big change in the weather will come on Sunday, when the region’s next front moves into the area. Temperatures will fall behind the front, and while the air will be drier I think we can still expect some scattered showers throughout the day. Sunday’s highs will probably top out at about 50 degrees.


After an overnight low of around 40 degrees, Monday will remain chilly, with highs in the 50s under mostly cloudy skies. We can’t rule out a few showers, but I don’t anticipate anything too heavy.

Next week

We’re going to see a warming trend for most of the rest of next week, with highs climbing into the 70s by Wednesday, and possibly reaching 80 degrees later on. Overnight lows will be correspondingly warm, likely falling only into the 60s by Thursday or so. Rain chances will linger for most of the week. Sadly, I don’t expect to see much sunshine for quite awhile.

20 thoughts on “Heavy rain possible on Saturday morning in Houston

  1. Bibliovore

    This will be the second time a Saturday event has been moved due to weather. Better to know than get wet.

        1. GH

          First daylight saving time, and now the weather?!??!?!?!?
          To what end will the farming lobby crease their tyranny?

    1. Chuck

      🙂 Leave a few of those laundry detergent pods on your car. They’ll slowly dissolve in this constant rain. A soft drizzle would be best. Then more rain rinses off the soap. The the old chamois cloth or similar to dry it off!

  2. Louise

    Do you still think that there might be another freeze this season? I know that everyone is longing to clean up their landscaping and uncover the faucets.

  3. David T

    NWS is now showing a chance of freezing rain Saturday night / Sunday morning. Any comments on winter precip?

  4. Blackhawks Fan

    Glad to see ABC13 Eyewitless News has deployed their mobile units and brought in their first-string traffic reporter from her day off to cover the cataclysmic rains we are experiencing!

    We couldn’t be kept safe without them!

    I guess there’s no better way to draw viewers to a Saturday morning newscast who normally have something better to do on a Saturday morning than to scare them into thinking we are having another flood. Chicken Little.

    1. Chuck

      🙂 To use the tag line from the Geico ads, “It’s what they do.” 🙂 Or as Trump might say, “Fake news at its worst.”

  5. Cookie

    Chicken little huh???..we had 7.23 inches in 2 hours 8.16 in 3 hours neighbors have water in their garage after just painting from Harvey. Thank goodness it stopped from getting in the home…There must be a lot of frass and debris in the ditches
    The chicken coops are waterfront property now. Just because it doesn’t hit you in your part of town don’t think it could be making life terrible for someone else

  6. GH

    I was stunned this morning to see Buffalo Bayou out of it’s banks again. Glad I slept through what was evidently a pretty nasty amount of rain. At first I was frustrated with Houston flood management as I didn’t think it had rained nearly enough to warrant such levels in BB.

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