Triple digit heat likely for much of Houston later this week as ridge strengthens

Good morning. Houston’s weather is already hot, and it’s going to get hotter thanks to a strengthening high pressure system. So the big question is when will this pattern break, bringing us some cloudier skies, rain chances, and somewhat cooler daytime temperatures? The answer is: Not any time soon.


Today will be the “coolest” day for the remainder of the week, as high temperatures rising into the low- to mid-90s across the region. Expect mostly sunny skies with southerly winds, perhaps gusting to 20 mph. Low temperatures tonight will only drop into the upper 70s for inland areas, and 80 degrees for coastal areas.

High temperature forecast for Saturday, which should be the hottest day of the week. (Weather Bell)


Another day like Tuesday, with highs peaking in the mid-90s for most areas.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Hello, heat wave. Temperatures will push into the upper-90s to perhaps 100 degrees for much of the area, with hot and sunny skies. Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of a dying front moving into Houston and bringing some relief. Well, that dream is likely dead. Now we’re just going to see sunshine and heat. And then some more sunshine.

NOAA rain outlook for now through next Monday. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Conditions may moderate a little bit next week, but I don’t see any real rain chances sneaking back into the forecast into the middle or end of next week.

I know it’s a short post today, but there’s not much to say when high pressure has its way.

13 thoughts on “Triple digit heat likely for much of Houston later this week as ridge strengthens”

  1. Getting into that time of year where walking the garbage cans to the edge of the driveway makes me sweat through my shirt.

  2. I noticed the poetry in the last paragraph. He’s a poet and didn’t know it. Give him time and he’ll make another rhyme. You can tell he’s a poet by his feet. They’re log fellows.
    Sorry, a little ancient juvenile dad humor for today. He may be a really outstanding poet but at least he won’t be out standing in the rain for quite some time around here.

    You guys please keep up the great reporting, we read and rely on it every day.

  3. 😅 “Southern Fried Cooking” should be limited to chicken, bacon and the like! But at least high pressure keeps the “big storms” away. 🥵

  4. This looks like the feared Death Ridge.
    The lone plus from this is that it keeps the Hurricanes away. If this holds, than we may not see a drop of rain for a couple of months, an impression of 2011.

  5. I remember 2011 when high pressure pimped us out pretty bad. It was roast-a-rific but quiet in the tropics if I recall…for us at least (one VERY indirect hit from TS Don)

    All the experts say we’re gonna roast and some are saying we’re overdue for a tropical event, but let’s wait and see.

  6. While the high pressure would keep away big bad storms, I’m willing to roll the dice early in our 7-month summer season to have some rain/clouds now.

    Only in the truly dangerous August/September storm zone would I’d welcome the High Pressure Overlords with open arms.

  7. Seems kinda early for this. My wife has taken to leaving water out for the squirrels and other creatures. I love Houston but the summers suck.

  8. I really enjoy the diversity of posts,
    Some like it hot some not so much thanks again for SCW and next fund raiser I need a new umbrella.
    P.S. has anyone tried frying an egg in the weather outside,no wait the price of eggs is to expensive to waste.

  9. This may seem like a very elementary question but where does the heat come from under a high pressure system? Simple reasoning, based on how air flows in and around the system, suggest the air should be slightly cooler. Obviously its not!

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