Very cold to start the week, almost balmy by Thanksgiving

After a very warm first three weeks of November this year Houston plunged into the mid- to upper-30s on Sunday morning. For the first time this season it really felt like winter out. Highs today will only be in the mid-50s.

With clear skies and dry air, conditions tonight will favor even colder weather, with a freeze likely for northern parts of the metro area. Here’s where the National Weather Service believes that is most likely to occur:

(National Weather Service)
(National Weather Service)

Essentially temperatures on Monday could be 3 to 5 degrees cooler than on Sunday morning, and a freeze warning is in effect for the northern half of the metro area.

Houston will gradually warm up this week, from around 60 degrees on Monday to the upper 70s on Thanksgiving. The holiday should be warm, mostly cloudy, with scattered rain showers. I don’t expect most of the area to see much rain, though.

Another strong cold front, and possibly storms, will arrive by Friday or early Saturday, leading to another cold weekend.

4 thoughts on “Very cold to start the week, almost balmy by Thanksgiving”

  1. We can all expect another media freak-out tonight simply because the temperature in Houston goes below 32F (sigh…)

    Good grief, it’s not like it’s a life threatening situation or anything. Not even really cold.

    • Blackhawks, it is because the weather is an easy story to cover and hot natured SE Texans will watch a weather story before they’ll watch anything in which there needs to be some form of thought…

      • Agreed.

        Look for the TV reporter with the $100 haircut (and $10 brains) standing along the Katy freeway feeder road wearing a parka tonight at 10PM…..Ridiculous…

        • And that’s why we are so appreciative to have a choice on who we rely on for coverage. As someone much older than me put it… that’s why there is a channel changer and an on/off switch.

          The dude referenced above ($100/$10) is earning his living based on what he is told to do. Now if he begged to go out in the elements, that’s another story… (Rather strapped to a mast in Galveston during Carla, for example).

          Cheers to Eric and Matt for their commitment to keeping it sane and calm.

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