Warm through the weekend, with an especially toasty Sunday for March

Houston’s warm and mostly humid—but largely rain-free—weather will continue through the weekend. As a matter of fact, highs may really pop up on Sunday ahead of front that will send us back toward more March-like weather.


With high pressure in place, and a warm southerly flow, today will be fairly warm with high temperatures in the mid-80s and partly sunny skies. Only coastal areas will remain in the upper 70s. Winds will be light, and generally from the south or southeast.

If you’re heading to the rodeo, you can expect mild conditions. Temperatures will be in the upper 70s before the show, falling to the low- or mid-70s with moderate southerly winds afterwards. Skies will be mostly cloudy this evening, and we can expect overnight lows to only briefly drop into the upper 60s in Houston.

Wednesday and Thursday

These days will bring more of the same, which is to say highs in the mid-80s, partly sunny skies, and warm nights. Daytime winds will become a bit greater each day, perhaps gusting to 15 to 20 mph out of the south by Thursday afternoon.

High temperature forecast for Friday shows a chance for some slightly modified temperatures. (National Weather Service)


A weak front will slowly drift down into Houston on Friday morning, but there is some question about how far it will progress. At this point, I think it has a decent chance of reaching the coast, in which case we will see some slightly drier air. (There looks to be little likelihood of rain with said front). In any case, Inland areas may only see highs in the 70s on Friday, with the coast being a little warmer. Low temperatures on Friday night may drop into the low 60s.

Saturday and Sunday

To be clear, the weekend forecast remains in flux. But what I think will happen is that the area may see some lingering dry-ish air from the front, but the onshore flow will be pushing back into the area. Accordingly we should see high temperatures in the ballpark of 80 degrees with a fair amount of sunshine. In terms of warmth, Sunday could be fairly hot. This is because we’re going to see a more westerly flow, and this probably will make temperatures pop up into the upper 80s.

And Sunday, well Sunday just looks hot. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Some sort of stronger front will arrive by early next week, likely on Monday. This should set the stage for a few days in the 70s, with overnight lows in the 50s, or thereabouts. In other words, it should feel a little bit more like March, rather than late April or May. Rain chances may start to perk up toward the end of next week, which would be a welcome development for our drying grounds. I’ll have more on that tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Warm through the weekend, with an especially toasty Sunday for March”

  1. After the forecast for a “strong front” this week evaporated over the weekend, I’m not holding my breath that next week’s front will be any different. Enjoy the pre-summer weather, intermediate summer will arrive shortly, in advance of our typical May through October full summer heat and misery.

  2. Waaaay early I know but…does this unseasonably warm March weather portend a miserably hot summer for our area?

    • Not neccessary. I’ve seen very warm springs lead to fairly mild Summers for our standards. 2017 and 2012 are good examples of that. I’m not at all saying that there is a correlation there because there isn’t. It depends on the weather pattern that sets up during the Summer. If we have a low pressure dominated Summer, than it’s going to be rainy and not so hot. If we end up stuck under high pressure, than it’s going to be a very hot and mostly dry Summer like last year. Both scenarios can play out regardless of whether or not we have a hot Spring or a cold Spring. When it comes to the weather I always say “Flip a coin and that’s what you get” lol

  3. Thank you so much for all the updates I work outside at Lowe’s in the garden center and I use your weather forecast for myself and the plants -all the spring plants are coming in and i don’t want a surprise in the weather-thank you again

  4. Ms. Melanie, kdn, and Blackhawks fan.
    What I’m curious to see if the slowly developing El Niño will lower pressures in the Gulf of Mexico thus keeping the impenetrable heat ridges away and give us summers that resembles what we used to have, South Florida and not The Sahara, perhaps Eric could weigh in.

  5. I just hope we dont have another extremely dry year with forecasts calling for rain and not one drop falling again

  6. Ugh I really don’t like our weather. You think I’d be used to it after 46 years of living here. I hope we have a rainy summer.

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