Welcome to my new weather site

After 17 great years at the Houston Chronicle I’m moving to a new position at Ars Technica covering space. However the editors at Ars realize I have an interest in weather and a dedicated audience, so they agreed to allow me to continue writing about weather for the greater Houston area. I plan to deliver my brand of informative, hype-free forecasting at this site, so if that’s what you liked at the Chronicle, that’s what you’ll get here.

It’s wonderful, really, to be able to combine my two great professional interests. And it’s great to get to continue to interact with the tens of thousands of readers who really seem to value my content.

Space shuttle Endeavour flies over Houston in 2012. (NASA).

I should also note that Ars is my full-time job, and this site is more of a hobby. For me, however, it’s a very important hobby. I’ll still provide a daily update on weekday mornings, regardless of whether there’s no inclement weather in sight, or all heck is breaking loose. When more significant weather threatens I will work along with Matt Lanza to ensure greater Houston area readers have the information they need to know. This weekend, for example, I will provide wall-to-wall coverage of the impending storms.

Finally, you can follow me on Facebook, or a new Twitter account, to receive notification of updates here, and further Houston weather tidbits.

34 thoughts on “Welcome to my new weather site”

  1. So excited and thankful for your brand of coverage this weekend! Very needed and much appreciated.

  2. Eric, congratulations on all the exciting changes in your life! I know I’m not alone in being happy that you’ll continue to be my weather guru … namaste!

  3. Congratulations, Eric, on your new job. I’ll miss Sci Guy, but I will be an avid follower of your new weather site this weekend and beyond. Selfish question: I want to travel from Austin to Katy (Fry Rd. area) to see my elderly mother this Saturday morning. Will floods deter me? Best wishes to you!

    • Hi Polly, it’s been forever! I cleaned out my desk today and there was the 2001 Capitol media guide. In regard to your question, I think there will be scattered, heavy rain, but the really heavy stuff isn’t coming until Saturday afternoon or evening. Better to leave early on Saturday.

  4. Congratulations Eric. Great way to continue to build the personal brand. (and great timing with the Chron departure and storm…. did the European model tell you this was afoot?)

  5. Congrats! So, anything interesting weather related currently? Haha, seriously though thank you for providing such an awesome service.

  6. Hmmm, let’s do a little SEO work here… Great News! Former Houston Chronicle Science and Weather expert Eric Berger, formally known on Twitter as @chronscienceguy, has changed his Twitter handle to @SpaceCityWX and opened his own Houston area weather blog website at: http://scw.ltidev.com/ , promising to continue to offer his excellent weather analysis there for those of us in and around SE Texas. Eric has moved to ArsTechinca to cover all things ‘space’.

  7. Oh thank goodness. My mom passed on the “my last weather post for the Houston Chronicle” excerpt, and here I am about to move back to the Houston area from the hurricane-less but cold north. So glad we’ll still be able to find out when to evacuate Katy.

    Congrats on the new gig!

  8. Thank you for your work covering Houston weather. You quickly became a trusted source when I first moved here (during Ike). Just replaced my old blog bookmarks with this site!

  9. Thanks for not leaving us Eric. I imagine that this isn’t easy, but you provide a vital service to the area. I can’t imagine how many people go about their daily lives secure in the knowledge that you will keep them informed if they need to be concerned about the weather. I check the traffic and Eric before I hit the road every morning.

  10. Congrats on the new job and site. This is already loading better on my Facebook and Feedly page than the old chron blog did. Best of luck.

  11. Lets be honest, the standard news weather forecast format (and chron.com for that matter is nothing but clickbait BuzzFeed ( or ehh TMZ at times) style “news”. SciGuy has become pretty much the only place you can get honest, easily digestable, facts about what is going on weather wise on the gulf coast. Like everyone else I am glad there will still be an outlet for us to get you prognostications!!!

    • Thank you. Please let me know if you have issues with this one as I will be in a better position to correct it.

  12. Congrats on the new gig! (And thanks for not giving up weather blogging… Where would we be without you?)

    At the intersection of two of your interests, I was floored by the pictures Scott Kelly tweeted of Patricia. Hopefully we won’t see another storm that looks quite so monstrous and perfect for some time.

    • Kelly has the best view of things, that’s for sure. No doubt he wishes he could be back in Houston today to help with his family and friends.

  13. The site looks great. Though the only subscription location I see here on the site is the check box after a comment is left. Might be something to add, or not. Thanks for your excellent writing.

  14. Thanks for hosting the new site and keeping us all informed, Eric! BTW, can we still call you “SciGuy”, or is that nickname being retired? (Or retained by your former Chronicle overlords?)

    Best of luck in the new gig!

  15. Thank you for continuing this labor of love. Your reports are always great and I think many would agree, invaluable.

    Congrats on the new job! I have been an ARS reader for a long time.

  16. Eric congrats. it is great to see a man in job that he knows and truly loves. No hype, data based weather will be a welcome change from the screaming mini, sky is.falling, commercial coverage. Are you developing an app? Do you need addl sponsors?

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