Welcome to your next 10 days, Houston: Heat and no rain

Houston has had a moderate first half of July, with an average high temperature below 93 degrees, and overall temperatures slightly below normal for this time of year. That is now about to change, as we shift into the mid- and upper-90s, virtually no chance of rain, and full-on summer. We hope you like it hot, because hot is what you’re going to get.


Remember all those clouds and healthy rain chances last week? Yeah, they’re pretty much gone. During most of last week the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, typically measured as precipitable water, was quite high as we saw values 50 to 100 percent above normal for this time of year. But this morning the tables have turned, with precipitable water values only about 50 to 70 percent of normal levels.

Precipitable water forecast for 7am CT on Monday morning. (Weather Bell)

So rain chances are going to go way down today, and go pretty much away for quite a while. Skies today should be partly sunny with highs in the mid-90s. What you probably will notice is a fine, yellow haze. That’s the Saharan dust that will be with us for the next few days. It will at least make for some pretty sunsets.

Tuesday through Sunday

There just isn’t that much to say about Houston’s weather for the rest of the week, so I’m not going to bore you this morning with the details. Basically, we can expect partly to mostly sunny days, with high temperatures most likely in a range between 95 and 100 degrees. Overnight low temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s will provide scant relief as humidity levels remain high. The dog days of summer are here, and that means dog’s breath humidity.

So, eventually some relief?

The forecast models are showing pretty much unrelenting heat and dry weather (in terms of rainfall) for the next 10 days. Some relief does seem possible toward the middle of next week, when high pressure breaks down and rain chances creep back up. But until then, our weather will be a broken record.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to your next 10 days, Houston: Heat and no rain

      1. Jenny

        I am so grateful for the work that you all do, but would love y’all even more if you could take this swamp heat and make it disappear!

  1. Martha J Dunkelberger

    Whooooo, can’t wait to bring in the relatives from the Northeast for a wedding!

  2. TimP

    As I joked to a friend the other day:

    Houston! Come for the heat and humidity, stay for the dust and pollen!

  3. Blackhawks Fan

    Time for all the TV weather guys to be replaced by a cardboard cut-out so they can take vacation.

    And to think I had to pass on a family re-union up north!

  4. Doug

    After being up in Dallas last week, it actually doesn’t feel so bad here, even with the humidity. I guess after living here for 30 years, I have gotten acclimated to Houston weather. I am going to blame the Saharan dust for my sneezing and running nose today…

  5. Chuck

    “Real” summer rears its ugly head. But at least no tropical storm activity expected.

  6. David Wrobliski

    Glad to see the dry and hot. We are cutting milo and spraying cotton. Looks like a good farming forecast for a while. Y’all do a great job.

  7. Todd Applegate

    And the “feels like” temps are horrible and have been for over a month. Yuk!

  8. Ryan

    Duh! I’m a customer of Frontier Utilities. They just sent me an Email asking me to reduce my electrical consumption between the hours of 2-7 tomorrow to help avoid any power emergencies. Dang!

    1. Chuck

      Ah yes, the “benefits” of the “competitive choose your power supplier market”. I’m still in the regulated Entergy area in Montgomery County. Never have had a request from them to “reduce consumption.” Any outages have been due to hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, and one time in 20 years, a fire at a transformer facility next to an area power plant. Their rates are no higher than the “competitive” market. Guess who pays for all that advertising by competitive suppliers in other areas — the customers!

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