We’re excited enough about the next front to declare Monday “Fall Day”

After a cool start this morning, the Houston region will go right back into the late-summer-like weather we experienced for most of September and the first 10 days of October. However, we’re not going to have to wait as long for relief this time, with a second, stronger cold front arriving early next week. The coming front, in our view, signals the start of “fall” in Houston, so much so that we’re declaring Monday to be a new holiday—”Fall Day.”

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Southeasterly winds return, and as the Sun comes up on Thursday, so too will temperatures. Look for highs during the next few days to reach around 90 degrees. Rain chances will be near zero on Thursday and Friday, but some slight chances return on Saturday afternoon and evening. We don’t think most of you will see rain.


Sunday should still be pretty warm, but our next cool front will march through the region during the midday, afternoon, or evening hours. I don’t think the cool air will be particularly noticeable with the sunny skies during the daytime, but drier air should work its way into the region during the overnight hours.

The GFS model shows the cold front near Houston on Sunday evening. (Weather Bell)

As for rain, we might see some scattered showers as the front works through, and in its aftermath, but again they don’t appear to be anything to write home about.

“Fall Day” holiday

We’re declaring Monday, October 16th, to be Fall Day for 2017. Dan Reilly of the National Weather Service suggested cold fronts should be a holiday in Houston, and we agree. Monday, in our opinion, is the day. First of all, drier air from Sunday’s front will arrive in full force. Highs that day probably will reach only into the upper 70s. And we should see a few days next week with morning lows in the 50s—especially for areas away from the coast. Moreover, after Sunday, I’m pretty sure we’re done with 90-degree days for 2017. So there’s a lot to celebrate.

Tuesday and beyond

Forecast models indicate the region should see highs in the upper 70s and low 80s for most of the next work week, with sunny skies and cool nights. (The weekend looks a bit warmer). Rain accumulations look slight to non-existent for most of the week.

17 thoughts on “We’re excited enough about the next front to declare Monday “Fall Day”

  1. Allison George

    Yay!thank you for your ever-positive spin on the weather !! It is as much a breath of fresh air as Monday will be!
    The way you put a hopeful, positive spin on everything is so uplifting… can please you go and join the main stream media ?? Allison G

    1. Mary Norman

      Kudos, well said! I recently had to cancel my subscriptions to the two major national newspapers because the constant barage of negativity was affecting my blood pressure. Life, as it is, is too short and I am choosing to spend the few years I have left (I am in my 70s) living with as little animosity and controversy as I can possible manage.

      1. james

        Yeah I saw that, but I’m talking specifically for the Gulf. If certain conditions line up which it looks like they may, the gulf season typically ends around this time.

          1. james

            Thanks Eric, sorry to be a worried person, but Harvey really struck a bad nerve with us here in Texas. Thanks for your support and hard work.

  2. Emily

    Eric, is something up with your Facebook page? It looks to have been down/unavailable for the past week or so. Thanks again for everything you do!

  3. Drfood55

    So Eric, when we have one of our “Houston” Christmas day’s can we remind you about today’s prediction of no more 90’s. You know what I’m talking about LOL

  4. Patricia J Deneen

    I just love the “homey” touch your weather reports have. Just like sitting in the living room discussing the weather–only with someone who knows what he is talking about!

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