Windy today, with a nice first half of the weekend

A thin, broken line of showers pushed through Houston this morning ahead of a cold front that is now moving through the region. Skies are already clearing on the west side of the region, and should clear out for all of Houston later this morning. We’ll now have a few sunny days before clouds return later Saturday or Saturday evening.


The name of the game today will be winds. Because air pressure will change over a relatively short distance, we’ll see vigorous northwest winds today, and the National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory through 6pm. Conditions won’t be too extreme, but gusts of 30 to 35mph will definitely make for a blustery day as high temperatures struggle to get to 60 degrees. Lows tonight will be clear and cold for the city, although should remain comfortably above freezing.

Friday morning will be chilly across Texas. (Pivotal Weather)


Winds should dial back overnight, making for a pleasant day Friday. Look for sunny skies, with highs around 60 degrees. Temperatures Friday night should be a degree or two warmer than Thursday night, but conditions will still be clear and cool.


This should be a really nice day, with a high temperature in the low 70s, light winds, and mostly sunny skies. Some clouds will likely return during the afternoon hours, as the onshore flow returns to the area. Lows Saturday night will probably not get much below the mid-50s.

Sunday and Monday

Despite more widespread clouds, Sunday should still see high temperatures near 70 degrees. It looks like a weak cold front should limp into the region, and push just off the coast Sunday evening. Some slight rain chances could accompany the front, or linger in its wake. In any case, lows probably will remain in the 50s as there won’t be much oomph with this system.

Christmas Day and beyond

As we’ve been suggesting, Christmas Day will be a warmish affair. Lows that morning probably will range from the upper 50s to lower 60s, and daytime temperatures will likely fall between the upper 60s and lower 70s. (It could be worse, we’ve have a couple of 80-degree Christmas Days in recent years). With mostly cloudy skies we can’t rule out some light rain.

The Valley could see an 80-degree day on Christmas. (Weather Bell)

This gray, warmer weather will likely persist through at least Wednesday, and maybe a bit longer, before a stronger front arrives to cool the region down later next week. The timing of the front is up in the air, but this probably will be another frontal passage where we see an inch or two of rainfall. At this point next weekend looks colder, but we’ve got a ways to go with the forecast.

9 thoughts on “Windy today, with a nice first half of the weekend

  1. TA

    Any idea about expected rainfall amounts starting Sunday through Wednesday? Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Eric Berger

      A few tenths of an inch, at the very most. (Assuming the front comes later Wednesday or Thursday, which seems likely)

  2. Mark

    Sorry….old copy editor in me…”Temperatures Friday night should be a degree or TWO warmer than Thursday night, but conditions will still be clear and cool.”

    And, I’m in the minority, I know, but I LOVE our warm Christmases!

  3. tanstaafl

    Eric and Matt, I got my Space City Weather umbrella in the mail last night. Very good looking and good quality. I’m almost wishing it would rain….

  4. Chuck

    Also received my Space City Weather umbrella yesterday. Excellent quality and appearance. Thanks guys! For both the umbrella and the continued great job on the forecasts.

    BUT . . .

    🙂 You now have made it warmer than Cabo where I’ll be over the weekend! What gives????
    This is just wrong. I was expecting to be vegging on the beach while Houston froze ! ! !
    Can I send that dang umbrella back? 🙂

      1. Chuck

        🙂 Just sent an urgent text message to Santa at the North Pole to leave gifts ONLY FOR SMALL CHILDREN (10 years old or under) at the Berger and Lanza households! 🙂

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