Winter begins in Houston on Tuesday

The region received more rainfall than expected on Sunday evening, as a warm front moving in from the coast met with moist air, helping to drive rain showers across the area. Rain amounts were greatest near the coast, where some areas of Brazoria and Galveston saw 4 inches of rainfall, and most of Harris county received 0.5 to 2 inches of rain.

Rainfall accumulation on Sunday and Sunday night. (NOAA)


After what should be a mostly dry morning, much of the region should see more rain today, although it does not appear as though rain showers will be quite so intense. Mostly, I’d expect light to moderate showers under gray skies, with muggy high temperatures near 80 degrees. Rain coverage will probably lessen during the evening hours, but that should change later, overnight, as a strong cold front approaches.

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Cold front day. We might as well label Tuesday as the beginning of winter in Houston, because a strong cold front will set the stage for much cooler, and more normal December weather for the region. The front is likely to blow through the region during the morning hours, and push off the coast around noon, or shortly after noon. Although it’s not 100 percent certain, I think we can expect some showers Tuesday morning before the front, and at least a broken line of showers and thunderstorms as the front moves through. I’m not anticipating too much severe weather, but if you have midday plans Tuesday it’s worth keeping in mind. Winds and cold weather will surge into the area on Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night.

Wednesday and Thursday

A chance of light rain will linger on these cold, chilly days. Because of mostly cloudy skies, highs will struggle to climb above the low 50s. Lows will fall to around 40 degrees in Houston, with mid-30s possible north, and mid- to upper-40s right along the coast. Brrr.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

A shot of reinforcing cold, dry air on Thursday night or Friday should clear things out for the weekend in Houston, with sunny, cool days—highs in the lower 60s—and clear cold nights. I don’t think the metro area will see a freeze this weekend, but that is something we’ll look into closer as those nights approach.

European model 10-day forecast. After Tuesday, we’ll be cold. (Weather Bell)

Longer-term, I wouldn’t be surprised if Houston’s high temperatures remain mostly if not completely in the 60s for the next 10 days, or longer. Winter, truly, seems to be upon us.

3 thoughts on “Winter begins in Houston on Tuesday

  1. Alisa lehr

    I’m so happy to see the seasonal weather. Though I have really enjoyed the pleasant weather we’ve had recently also. Change is good for holiday shopping.

    I truly enjoy these daily weather reports. They are much more interesting and informative than the local TV weather persons.

  2. Carol Ann

    School just cancelled the kid’s field trip to Dewberry farm tomorrow (Tuesday). You think that was wise or overly-cautious?

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