Yes, Houston, some relief from this heat really is on the way

Houston will enjoy one more morning with slightly cooler and drier weather—a few areas north of Houston, such as Conroe, will again briefly dip into the upper 60s—but overnight weather will gradually warm up over the next few days, and high temperatures will remain hot through the weekend. However, we remain confident in a reversion to somewhat cooler and wetter weather for the end of July and August.


With high pressure in place, we can expect very hot weather, with highs near 100 degrees, sunny skies, and only the slightest gasp of a wind.

A full-on summer day for Houston on Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The weekend may bring a few more clouds, which could act to hold temperatures back a few degrees. Still, I’d anticipate highs in the mid- to upper-90s with mostly sunny skies.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Monday seems likely to start out like the weekend, but a “cold” front will slog through the region sometime during the day or overnight hours. I put “cold” in quote marks, because cold fronts in southern Texas during the summer aren’t actually cold, as the cooler air really doesn’t penetrate all the way to the coast. However, much of the central plains will see temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal next week.

GFS model for the departure from normal temperatures on Monday evening. (Weather Bell)

Nevertheless, conditions will change for us in Houston. Sunshine will eventually give way to clouds, and along with the clouds will come a healthy chance of rain. I’m hopeful that most of the region will receive 0.25 to 1.0 inch of rain between Monday afternoon and Tuesday night.

Along with these important rain chances, temperatures will cool down some, with highs likely in the lower 90s for most days next week, and overnight lows in the mid-70s. For early August, this will be fine, fine weather for the Houston region.

6 thoughts on “Yes, Houston, some relief from this heat really is on the way

  1. Kevin Bloomer

    And no significant developments in the tropics too!
    Boy, that’s a blessing – despite the typical summer Houston heat.

    1. anna

      i’m scared to even think about the tropics, lest i jinx myself. i just set up push notifications for @nwshouston and @nwsatlanticops on twitter and that will let me know if something develops lol

  2. Blackhawks Fan

    On a separate topic, how’s that GOES-17 satellite working out for you guys now?

  3. Ross Bennett


    With August around the corner, can we get an upcoming post touch on august as a whole and how expect to see the weather cooling down as we get into fall? (I may be too hopeful for cooler weather!)


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