Summer 2018 cranking up early

Posted by Matt Lanza at 6:25 AM

If the weather forecast going into next week holds, we may look back on this week as being one of the more important weeks of summer, because we needed some rain and most of us have received some.

Rain totals over the last 7 days as reported by various Harris County Flood Control gauges. (Harris County Flood Control)

Yes, some areas have been mostly avoided, which is unfortunate, but regionally, at least we were able to ease the potential descent into drought. We have a very repetitive forecast over the next week or so.

Today & Saturday

Both days will carry at least a chance of showers. Radar has a couple offshore showers this morning, but nothing too significant. I expect we’ll see showers kick up later this morning (after 9-10 AM) near the coast, then spread inland this afternoon. Coverage will be similar to a little less than what we saw yesterday. Some of you may pick up a quick quarter to half inch of rain with thunder. Others will again listen longingly to distant rumbles of thunder.

Saturday should see slightly less coverage of storms, especially west of US-59. The better chances for showers tomorrow will be east of US-59, especially as you get closer to Beaumont/Port Arthur and Lake Charles.

Temperatures today and tomorrow will top off around 90 or in the lower 90s. And they may also be the coolest days of the next 7-10.

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A few more days of rain chances, then Houston bakes

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:53 AM

After a mostly dry month of May, which had led to mounting drought concerns, most of the region has turned considerably wetter this this week. The following rainfall map for the last seven days shows a range of rain totals from 0.10 inch for a few coastal regions to upwards of 8 inches of rainfall for some parts of northwest Houston. If you’ve missed out, we’ll have a few more rain chances through Saturday before we turn quite hot and dry for awhile.

Rainfall totals for the last seven days. Click to enlarge. (NOAA)


Conditions Thursday should be a lot like those of Wednesday—with decent coverage of light to moderate rain showers, and a few heavy ones, throughout the daytime hours. Some areas will see some gray skies and hear thunder, but get no rain, while others see half an inch, or so. When it’s not raining, expect partly sunny skies and a high near 90 degrees.

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Houston’s pattern of scattered to widespread showers now seems likely to continue for one or two days before tapering off by the middle of Memorial Day Weekend. After this, we’re likely headed into a strikingly warm pattern for late May and early June, with high temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s next week. Summer is coming.

High pressure builds early next week over Texas. (Ominous music plays). (Weather Bell)


Atmospheric moisture levels remain pretty high today, probably around 2 inches of precipitable water for some locations, which generally means there’s a healthy chance of rain. I’d expect that coverage will be slightly more widespread that on Tuesday, with areas that do see rain getting on average about one-half inch. Rain chances are probably better for coastal areas today, than inland. High temperatures will probably rise into the upper 80s under mostly cloudy skies.

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Tropical disturbance likely to remain east of Texas

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:56 AM

Houston saw another good round of rain showers on Monday, with the region generally receiving a few hundredths of an inch to as much as two inches over the Galena Park area. Prospects for a sunny weekend are looking up. While the National Hurricane Center predicts a system moving into the Gulf of Mexico has a 40 percent chance of becoming a depression or tropical storm, as we’ll discuss below it’s unlikely that Houston will see significant effects.

Five-day tropical outlook. (National Hurricane Center)


Moisture levels have fallen, but overall the pattern should be similar today across the Houston area as Monday. A partly sunny start to the morning should give way to mostly cloudy skies later, as temperatures warm into the 80s, and begin to generate scattered showers. Overall, I expect coverage to be less than on Monday, and for accumulations to be less as well. However we should still see a few heavy thunderstorms, with attendant winds and lightning. High temperatures will probably be about 90 degrees, and rains should end by around sunset as temperatures begin to fall.

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