One last day of potentially stormy weather as heat looms later this week

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Following fairly widespread storms on Monday, the atmosphere remains disturbed today. As a result we should see another round of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours today. However, I think coverage and intensity will be a bit less, with perhaps 50 percent of the region seeing rainfall. Partly to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon should limit high temperatures into the mid- to upper-80s. Winds, outside of thunderstorms, should be light. Lows tonight will drop to around 70 degrees.

Here’s your high temperature forecast for Tuesday. How long will it be before we see temperate weather like this again? (Weather Bell)


This will be a bit of a transition day, with some scattered showers and thunderstorms, and partly sunny skies. Look for high temperatures near 90 degrees.

Thursday and Friday

As high pressure moves in, temperatures will go up. And truth be told, we’re going to flip a switch and go into full-on summer, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid-90s. Nighttime temperatures will be noticeably warmer too, bumping up into the mid-70s with that sultry humidity you know and either love or loathe. (Yes, some people do love the Houston humidity). Rain chances each day will be about 10 percent with the afternoon sea breeze.

Saturday and Sunday

More of the same. We’re taking highs in the mid-90s, sunny skies, and humidity.

Oh no? Oh yes. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Not to end this forecast on too much of a downer, but there is some question about how much hotter it might get next week. The upper 90s, probably. It’s a tiny bit early for 100-degree heat, but certainly not unprecedented. It will feel like a blowtorch regardless. Welcome to summer 2023, y’all.

Sponsor message

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A few stormy, slightly cooler days before some proper summer heat arrives

Good morning. So far we have eased into summertime this year. For the entire month of May, temperatures ended up slightly below normal. And the first several days of June trended cooler as well. That party, I am sorry to say, should end this week.

By Thursday or Friday, as high pressure builds over the region with a warm southerly flow, I expect high temperatures to reach the mid-90s and stay there for awhile. This will be the beginning of what I like to call “Mid summer” in Houston, the second of our four phases of summer.


But we’re not there yet. In the absence of high pressure, and with a moderately disturbed atmosphere, we’ll see decent rain chances for the next few days. The potential for showers and thunderstorms will be highest today, with 60 to 70 percent coverage during the afternoon and early evening hours in Houston. Rainfall amounts will be highly variable, but on average most locations should pick up 0.25 to 1 inch of rain, with perhaps areas south of Interstate 10 seeing slightly higher accumulations. As these storms may be hitting about during rush hour, take a little extra care in getting home this evening. These showers, along with mostly cloudy skies, should limit highs to the upper 80s. Rain chances are lower overnight, with lows falling to around 70 degrees.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for Monday and Monday night. (Weather Bell)


This day should be similar to Monday, in terms of showers popping up during the afternoon hours. However, I expect less coverage of storms. Skies will be also be partly sunny, so highs may nudge up to 90 degrees in some locations.


This is a bit of a transition day. We’ll still see some showers, but as we’re moving to a hotter and less rainy pattern, look for partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 90s.

Look what’s just around the corner. (Weather Bell)

Thursday and Friday

Rain chances will fall back to about 20 percent each day, with just a slight chance of a sea breeze shower in the afternoon. Otherwise expect mostly sunny skies and highs in the low to mid-90s.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

The forecast period from this weekend into the middle of next week simply looks mostly sunny and hot, with high temperatures in the mid-90s. While we can’t entirely rule out rain chances, the pattern does not look to produce much in the way of precipitation. As I said at the outset, summer proper is on the way.

Saturday night surprise sets the stage for occasionally stormy weather through midweek

Good morning. Just jumping in here with a quick Sunday morning update. Yes, a line of fairly strong thunderstorms moved through the Houston area during the overnight hours. No, we did not anticipate them being quite so strong, or arriving quite so early. Sorry for the late-night wake-up call.

The good news is that the overnight storms sapped the atmosphere of much of its energy, and this should lessen thunderstorm activity today. I would expect mostly cloudy skies to prevail, with highs of about 90 degrees or just above, and moderate to high humidity. Your overall chances of seeing a shower or a thunderstorm this afternoon is probably about 30 percent. These rain chances will continue this evening, and during the overnight hours, but at this point I don’t see much sign of a similar flare-up of storms late tonight like the region experienced on Saturday night.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Wednesday. (Weather Bell)

With that being said, the overall pattern this week favors additional showers and thunderstorms through about Wednesday, as disturbances move down from the north into our region. I don’t have much confidence right now in whether these will occur during the daytime, along with atmospheric heating, or at nighttime. Rain chances will go down, and temperatures up, toward the end of the week.

More tomorrow.

Rain chances ease back into Houston’s forecast this weekend

Happy Friday! We continue to see humidity running a little below average for this time of year in Houston, which may be <laughs mockingly> hard to believe, but it’s true! This weekend, we’ll see shower chances slowly re-enter the forecast, especially Sunday, as we heat up temps to 90 or a bit hotter.

In the tropics, yesterday started hurricane season and right on cue Tropical Depression 2 formed. It is not a concern for Texas and will just help to offer enhanced rainfall in Florida and Cuba. Read all about it on our new companion site, The Eyewall. Thanks to all who commented, liked, shared, and subscribed to our posts there. Keep spreading the word. We’ll be using The Eyewall to cover the entirety of the Atlantic basin just like we cover Houston here, a duty to which we remain fully committed!


Look for sun, minimal rain chances, and temperatures around 90 degrees, give or take. We continue to battle air quality issues, and today is (again) an ozone action day, so please use caution if you’re in a sensitive group. We may see some improvement over the weekend. I don’t know that this is abnormal, but it sure has felt excessive since early May, something we know you’ve noticed.

A fairly typical early summer day awaits the Houston area, with very low-end rain chances Friday. (NWS Houston)

Rain chances are not zero, but they are rather low today. Still, you can never entirely rule out an isolated downpour in June.


For the most part, Saturday should be a repeat of today. However, rain chances may be more like 10 to 15 percent versus the 10 percent or less that they are today. This may be especially true north of Houston. Expect morning lows in the upper-60s to low-70s, with a daytime high of 90 or better in most spots.


Rain chances bump up for Sunday late morning or afternoon. Look for sun, some clouds, and temperatures near 90, after a morning low near 70 degrees or a touch warmer. Isolated to scattered showers and storms are likely to fire through the day, with some areas seeing an inch or two of rain and others seeing nothing. Coverage should be somewhere at least in the 30 to 40 percent range.

Temperatures over the next week or so will reach their bottom with higher rain chances Monday and Tuesday before slowly creeping back up toward next weekend. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Look for additional isolated to scattered showers and storms on Monday and Tuesday. Things should gradually ease back to slight, hit or miss rain chances by later in the week. So your best odds of rain right now are Sunday through Tuesday. But even then, some of us may not see much, while others may get a few rounds of showers or storms. It will be an irregular pattern of rain. Look for temps to lull a bit early in the week due to clouds and showers, before warming back up later in the week. Rain chances should back off some after Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ll see if that trend holds.