As expected, lows this morning have only fallen to around 60 degrees, amid foggy, misty conditions. Skies will clear out before more rain returns later Friday ahead of a strong cold front—although the front is now looking not quite so strong as anticipated, and most of the region seems unlikely to see a freeze. It will still be plenty windy.


After a gray, drizzly day on Wednesday, the exit of low pressure should allow some clearing of our skies later today, and this afternoon could be pretty nice. With partly to mostly sunny skies later today, look for a high in the low 70s. Lows tonight should be in the upper 50s for most of Houston as clouds build back into the area.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Saturday. (Pivotal Weather)


This should be a mostly cloudy day, as southerly winds help to build up humidity and moisture in the air. Any daytime rain showers will likely be isolated or scattered, as highs climb into the low 70s. Significantly better rain chances—probably 80 to 90 percent—will move in Friday night, with a line of storms likely crossing the area between midnight Friday and sunrise on Saturday. Expect accumulations of 0.25 to 1.0 inch of rain for most of the area, as some of these storms will be briefly capable of producing heavy rainfall.

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As we get a little bit deeper into the new year, Matt and I are thrilled to announce that Reliant has returned to sponsor Space City Weather for all of 2019. For those keeping score at home, this means Reliant has been our partner since mid-2017—just before Hurricane Harvey—and we’re excited to have an old friend back for a new year. This represents a win-win-win partnership:

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What Matt and I really appreciate about this ad-free model is that we are under no pressure to deliver a set number of page views, or generate traffic just for the sake of clicks. When there’s not much to say or write about, we’re going to say so. And when there’s some serious weather threatening the area, we’ll write and cover the heck out of it. We’re never just going to write filler stories—we aim to reduce the clutter in your lives, rather than add to it.

Not much will change this year. As long-time readers know, we will (very) occasionally highlight an electricity, or home service or energy management solution that Reliant offers when it’s relevant for you, service that Reliant offers, and our site will feature deals from the company—right now, that deal is free weekend electricity and a Google Home Hub at no cost to you.

Reliant and its president Elizabeth Killinger want to support what we do, not get in the way of it. Reliant shares our mission of keeping readers informed and prepared, no matter what the weather brings. They’ve been a great partner for us over the last 18 months, and we’re excited to have them back with us for 2019.

After a few days during which highs failed to get out of the 50s for most of Houston, our region’s weather pattern will now turn warmer for the next few days. We’ll see on-and-off rain chances through Saturday morning, by which time a strong Arctic front will sweep through the area. Forecast models have backed off with some of the more extreme cold, but much of the area should still see a light freeze.


Winds will shift to come from the south this morning, and this will initiate a period of rising moisture levels and temperatures. Light rain showers will be possible today, with better coverage—perhaps 50 percent—likely closer to the coast. Accumulations won’t be above a few tenths of an inch. Highs should get into the low 60s, and lows tonight won’t fall much below that. Rain chances will continue overnight, with the better rain possibilities again near the coast where moisture levels are highest.

Lows Wednesday night will be in the 50s for most of Houston. (National Weather Service)


Cloudy skies will continue, but in terms of rainfall this should be a mostly dry day with only isolated to scattered showers after sunrise. Expect highs in the low 70s as warm air really starts to move in from the south and southwest. Lows Thursday night probably won’t fall much below 60 for most of Houston.

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The sun will now disappear from the sky for awhile

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:45 AM

Well, the sunshine was nice while it lasted. But now we’re returning to a period of mostly cloudy weather for the next several days, and we probably won’t see much sustained sunshine until Sunday or so. After today we’ll also see a warming trend through Friday before the season’s strongest Arctic front to date roars through the area.


Temperatures are starting out in the 40s for most of the region, and due to thickening clouds they’re unlikely to rise much past the mid-50s. However, winds will be fairly light, from the east, so overall today should be a fairly mild winter day. Lows tonight will only drop a few degrees from daytime highs as a warmer, moister southerly flow begins later today.

Highs by Thursday will be positively spring like for Houston. (National Weather Service)

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

We’ll see continued mostly gray conditions for the second half of the work week, as well as rising temperatures and rain chances. Highs will transition from the 60s on Wednesday into the 70s on Thursday and Friday. Lows probably won’t fall much below 60, if at all, due to the persistent cloud deck. Rising moisture levels will mean the return of on-again, off-again light to moderate rain chances. While we can’t rule out a few thunderstorms, generally we expect moderate accumulations through Friday, with only a few tenths of an inch of rain for most.

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