With clouds and rain Thursday, we managed to only hit 48° for a high temperature. That was the third consecutive day of Houston not getting above 50°. When is the last time that occurred in November? That would be November 27 to 30, 1952.

We have not had a cold snap of this length in November since 1952. (NWS Houston)

No, the winter of 1952-53 was not especially cold. Houston only saw 3 nights of freezing temperatures after that November, none colder than 27°. One of the popular questions we’ve received is whether or not this cold weather so early means a cold winter. The unsatisfying answer I have to give you is that you simply can’t draw many conclusions about the subsequent winter based on this early season cold. It is just difficult to correlate it in either direction. But by any measure, this was one of the more powerful early season cold air masses in the U.S. in some time.

Now, we can discuss warming up a bit.


Skies mostly cleared out overnight, and that has allowed fog to develop in many parts of the area.

Bright colors on this satellite image indicate fog, which is scattered about as of 5:45 AM. (College of DuPage)

Fog should dissipate over the next few hours, and by mid-morning we should be seeing the sun poke back out. Look for ample sunshine the rest of the way and high temperatures sneaking up into the upper-50s this afternoon. Break out the shorts, y’all!


With clear skies, light winds, and a relatively dry air mass tonight, we should see temperatures actually get rather chilly again.

Another cold night is expected tonight with low temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees colder than normal. (Weather Bell)

Expect upper-30s to around 40 or so in the city of Houston. Outlying suburbs will likely dip into the mid-30s. Folks way up north toward Cleveland or Conroe or Magnolia may drop to near-freezing. On the coast, look for Galveston to bottom out in the mid-40s.

Saturday itself looks lovely with sunshine and high temperatures around 60° or so. Expect Saturday night to be clear and chilly once more. Low temperatures will be about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than tonight, however. Look for around 40 in the city, mid- to upper-40s at the coast, and upper-30s in the northern and western suburbs.

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2019 fundraiser t-shirt designs.


Speaking of space, today marks perhaps the most significant weather moment in NASA’s history. On this date in 1969, lightning struck the Saturn V rocket about 36 seconds into the flight of the second human mission to the surface of the Moon. A flight controller named John Aaron saved the mission with a command so obscure that commander Pete Conrad did not recognize it: “Flight, EECOM. Try SCE to Aux.” Read more here.

While Houston won’t see much lightning today, there should be plenty of overcast skies and mostly light to moderate rainfall as moisture pushes in from the Gulf of Mexico. We don’t have any flooding concerns, but this will be a gloomy day with highs in the upper 40s and on-and-off rain until around sunset. It will be, dare I say it, a cold November rain? This evening a reinforcing cool front should push through the region and dry out the atmosphere.

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An Arctic front has brought a widespread freeze to Houston, with temperatures generally in the mid-20s to mid-30s this morning across the region. This will be the last of the freezing weather for us, for now, but we’re going to remain in what passes for “winter-like” conditions in Houston through Saturday. Next week looks to be warmer, on the whole.

Some low temperatures on Wednesday morning. (National Weather Service)


As the next front approaches from the west, it will begin to push rain chances up later today. A relatively dry atmosphere should keep Houston mostly dry into this afternoon, but by this evening or the overnight hours we can probably expect to see the development of light showers across much of the region moving in from the southwest. Highs today will struggle to reach 50 degrees as clouds build across the area, with lows tonight falling to around 40.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Friday. (Pivotal Weather)


This will be a gloomy day, with cloudy skies, and on-and-off light to moderate rain showers. In terms of accumulation, most of the region will probably see on the order of 0.25 to 0.5 inches of rain from Wednesday evening through Thursday, so this is not something to be concerned about in terms of flooding. The absence of any sunshine should limit temperatures to the upper 40s for most. The rains should end some time Thursday evening for most as the front pushes through and dries out the atmosphere.

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Good morning. It is not pleasant outside, with winds gusting to 30 mph pretty much across the entire region, and temperatures generally in the 30s. The combined result of this is wind chill temperatures in the 20s for pretty much everyone this morning. A freeze is expected tonight for all but the immediate coastal areas.

Wind chill temperatures are brisk this morning. (National Weather Service)


Some very light precipitation remains across the western part of the region, but this should continue to wane through sunrise this morning. However, this may produce a little bit of sleet that will not stick to the ground. Otherwise, we should see clearing skies throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Highs will only nudge up into the low 40s for most. Strong, northerly winds will blow throughout the day, although they should gradually wane this afternoon before falling off to 10mph or below after sunset—except for the immediate coast where they will blow a bit longer. Clear skies and dying winds will allow for ideal cooling Tuesday night, and nearly all of the area except for the coast will probably see a freeze. Lows may reach the mid-20s for Conroe and points north.

Forecast lows for Wednesday morning. (Weather Bell)


Partly sunny skies, with a high of around 50 degrees. As northerly winds finally die, we’ll begin to see some cloud development later in the day, and the possible return of some light showers during the afternoon or evening. Lows Wednesday night should drop into the 40s as rain chances increase to about 50 percent.

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