Rain ending, street flooding continues in Houston

The worst of the rain is now over as of early this afternoon in Houston. Heavier rains have migrated west toward the Sealy area, which has seen 1-3″ of rainfall over the last hour or two.

A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect there. Houston’s Flash Flood Warnings will expire soon, but with street flooding likely to continue, travel within the city through the late afternoon is discouraged. We’d advise people to just stay put through late day if possible. Road and weather conditions will improve this evening.

While weather conditions will generally improve area-wide this afternoon and evening, there will still be a few showers and storms scattered about the region. So I can’t promise the evening will be entirely dry. But it should be mostly cleared out. Still, a sub-optimal July 4th overall.

No change in thinking from earlier this morning regarding tomorrow and into the weekend, as additional showers and storms will be possible each day.

Total rainfall from this storm will top 8″ in parts of Houston, centered just west of downtown.

4-8″ of rain has fallen in much of central Houston, with 1-4″ surrounding the city, though with pockets of higher amounts south and east. (Harris County Flood Control)

On average about 4-8″ inside the Loop and down near Clear Lake. Surrounding that, about 1-4″ fell. Most bayous are in their banks, but a few have come out in spots, exacerbating flooding in those neighborhoods. You can see rain totals and inundation maps from Harris County Flood Control here.

Unless something changes, that’s it for today, and we’ll be back with more in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Rain ending, street flooding continues in Houston

  1. Bibliovore

    Thnks Matt for keeping us apprised. Me and mine stayed indoors with our supplies instead on venturing out.
    Time to read, nap, play some games. With cat in lap.

  2. Armando D.

    Oh the rains just kept coming and coming! They seem to have passed. My dear Fulgencio was crying but thank you for the news the rains are nearing the end so we do not have to worry anymore and can enjoy our private holiday party tonight! Happy Fourth to all and love.

  3. kmk

    I’m a transplanted Texan w family & lots of friends still in Houston. Space City was my life line during Harvey & have been a huge fan & filler since. Thank you both for your dedication & personal reports & particularly for the multiple updates on our great nation’s birthday. Happy 4th to you both!

  4. William

    Yesterday’s storm seems pretty “average” now, and the inner-loop streets flooded like crazy. How are we ever going to withstand regular hits like this? Yes, 8″ is a lot within a few hours, but it’s clear these events are occurring with some modicum of predictability now. Seems to me if we can’t routinely sustain 10″ in a 24-hour period (still less than Memorial Day 2015’s overall 12″), then the amount of predictable and preventable damage amounts to negligence city-wide. SCW guys, am I wrong?

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