Heavy — but likely not flooding — rains for Friday and Saturday

Good morning, and welcome to my weekday morning update on conditions ahead for the greater Houston area.


It’s a bit warmer this morning, with lows only in the upper 60s for most of Houston. Today we’ll see partly sunny conditions and highs in the mid-80s before a weak cool front  moves through around noon or shortly thereafter. Lows tonight will fall off fairly quickly after sunset, into the 50s for most of the area.


Thursday should be another partly to mostly sunny fall day, with highs around 80 degrees.

Texas will see heavy, but manageable rains on Friday and Saturday. (Weather Bell)
Texas will see heavy, but manageable rains on Friday and Saturday. (Weather Bell)


Friday and Saturday continue to look wet, although I still don’t think we’re going to see more than 2 to 4 inches of rain between the middle of the day Friday and early Saturday evening. Isolated areas could see as much as 6 inches. The strongest rains, along with the possibility of severe thunderstorms, should come late Friday night through Saturday morning. While these kinds of rains will almost certainly mess up Saturday morning and mid-day plans, this almost certainly won’t bring enough precipitation to cause widespread flooding.

Rains will end sometime on Saturday afternoon or early evening. Most forecast models clear everything out before 7 p.m., so while the streets may be wet I’d have some hope for dry, or mostly dry trick-or-treating. Any rains that do develop should be scattered in nature.


Cooler, drier air arrives on Sunday, and we should be back into the 50s during overnight hours by Monday morning.

Posted at 7:15 a.m. on Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Heavy — but likely not flooding — rains for Friday and Saturday”

  1. Thanks for the update! Don’t mean to jinx it, but hopefully (as in the past) this remains fairly accurate and there’s enough of a dry period for TorT on Saturday evening, or i’m going to have a hard time explaining to the kids how the SciGuy got it wrong. 😀

  2. Eric, it is a real treat getting these weather updates sent to my Inbox instead of having to go find you every morning. Best of luck with your new ventures. You’re the best Houston weatherman since Sid Lasher!

  3. Another good thing about this weekend (besides the hopefully dry Saturday evening) – an extra hour of sleep when we fall back an hour. Of course, the extra hour assumes I remember to set my alarm back an hour.

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