A bad situation in Houston has turned worse. Much worse.

A bad situation has turned worse. Earlier tonight we discussed two major concerns for the rest of the night—that a primary rain band moving north-northeast across Houston would stall, and that a second rain band moving toward west Houston would strengthen. Both subsequently happened, creating a super-mega-rainball of doom that that stretched across Houston from Tomball and The Woodlands down to Texas City. And as of 12:45am CT on Sunday, it shows no signs of abating.

Among the extreme rainfall data we have already seen tonight is that 9.92 inches of rain fell within three hours over portions of Southeast Harris County, and 6.60 inches fell within a single hour along Clear Creek in Friendswood. According to the Harris County Flood Control District, both of these totals are 500-year flood events.

Rain totals for Saturday in Harris County. (HCOEM)

Another data point that is concerning in the extreme: The Houston-Galveston office of National Weather Service has issued three Flash Flood Emergencies tonight for the Houston region. It had only ever issued one before in the five years or so that the forecast product has existed.

At some point, this must end. But it does not appear likely to do so anytime soon. It is not clear to me whether the homes flooded by Harvey in the greater Houston area will tally in the thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, but it will be many. This community will have to come together after another devastating flood that seems likely to approach the same magnitude as that of our previous reference event, Tropical Storm Allison. That is two historic floods in less than two decades. Hopefully, we will learn from this. Certainly, we will rebuild.

Our general thinking at Space City Weather has been that tonight, and Sunday morning, would be the worst of the flooding Harvey will throw at us. We had hoped to get through the next 12 to 24 hours with minor wounds, but that will not be the case. Now, future rainfall from Harvey over subsequent days, although unlikely to approach the magnitude of tonight’s terror, will only worsen an already deep wound.

Key messages

  • This is an extremely dangerous flooding situation for the Houston metro area
  • Stay in your location
  • The heavy rains from Harvey are likely to continue into Sunday morning, worsening an already borderline catastrophic situation

Posted by Eric at 12:45am CT on Sunday

160 thoughts on “A bad situation in Houston has turned worse. Much worse.”

  1. what are your thoughts on Braes Bayou, specifically around Stella Link? Even if it stops raining here, should we expect water northwest to push more water into us?


    • Do you know about Willow Water Hole Green space, about 15-20 minutes slightly SW of you? That should help with some of the overflow from your area.

    • You can’t rebuild. This is going to keep on happening with Climate Change, and it will just get worse. Relocate inland. Be safe.

        • It’s you idiots who need to shut up.
          Have you no shame.
          The last of the deniers just sound completely unhinged now – denying climate change is happening even as major cities flood.
          Disgusting, ignorant and vile.

          • This is not the time for this. People are dealing with enough right now. Wait for a better time to spew your “happy ” thoughts.

          • go hug a gator you left wing twinkies that believe this crap. so no hurricanes in 12 years was climate change?

          • it has nothing to do with climate change…Y’all keep babbling even though there is no proof. Temps in the last 18 years have not risen. Show me data, proof instead of emotional knee jerk repition of what someone else has told you to try to manipulate you. A storm is not proof…thats called weather. Where’s the data?

          • We haven’t had a major hurricane in Houston since 2008. Get over yourselves and your idiotic rhetoric about climate change.

          • God is in control of the weather and these msy be signs that as a people we need to turn back to him. Climatr change is a hoax. Always has been.

          • Everyone arguing on this needs to stop.
            People are suffering and possibly dying from this weather event.
            Doesn’t matter. Pray for the safety of the 8 million people in and around Houston.

          • Dottie
            This May not be because of climate change – hurricanes tornado – floods happen – BUT do your research on climate change look up Iceland and other countries . It is happening and it is affecting our animals habitat.

          • Climate change has been happening for eons, and will continue to do so. God is in charge, not man

          • Tell the geoengineers to stop trying to control the weather and it will return to normal….eventually. Not only are they causing the problems, they are polluting our air.

          • These are Trump voters. You’re expecting them to do anything other than parrot the propaganda their leaders spoon feed them? They’re incapable of actual thought.

          • It is not climate change, this is what the Globalist want you to believe, it is Geoengineering, weather manipulation and this is not the worst of it. All the world leaders know this, Russia does, Japan does, Germany does. He who controls the weather controls the world. You need to stop with the name calling and get educated outside the box.

        • You go on thinking climate change is “crap”. Don’t listen to the scientists, the experts. Thats the American way unfortunately. See how that will work out. smh

          • Don’t be daft. Look at the trends for thousands of years and you see we’re actually in a cooling trend, not warming.

          • The climate change promoters are unhinged. There is lots of money to be had for those who promote this climate scam. The so-called experts are corrupted by money, and their expertise should be ignored. Climate change occurs naturally. I’m still waiting for the mini ice-age predicted back in the 70’s.

        • Yes shut up, this happened when Claudette came thru, we didn’t blame it on global warming. It is all the concrete from the growing cities! There is no place for the water to go, except into structures. NO ONE planned for the water.

          • So true…. Climate can ONLY affect so much. If someone wants to argue this, please do so ONLY after you complete the following experiment: take a foldable table and stand it up in a garden tub, small pool, or something that holds water. (This represents land and roads) Put a garden hose on top and turn in on. Start stacking bricks and/ or concrete blocks on top the table. (This represents buildings – houses and skyscrapers). After EACH layer is complete, add an extra hose that is turned on. (This represents extra water sources – bayous, sewage, ditches, etc. ) The weight will eventually buckle the table and everything will be wet and covered in water. If you you use your science and math skills, you’ll realize the land WILL sink. There are limited areas for water to go.
            Construction is done at an extremely fast rate in larger areas in the city and surrounding towns. Look at the building boom in Houston, Woodlands, Tomball, Katy, Cypress, etc. It’s ridiculous to watch the number of new neighborhoods and businesses that are going in.
            Consideration for safety in floods has taken a back seat. Instead of building roads up, they have them dip down where water gathers. Neighborhoods are built on and around areas where water gathers. Now do you have a better picture of the problem?

          • The rain has always come, but the paving of natural watersheds is what is causing the flooding. Katy asked for it by paving over the prarie. The piddly man made reservoirs are no match for Mother Nature

          • There probably is some man made global warming, but the over zealous tree huggers who manipulate data to get the most dramatic data they can, do their own cause a disservice by causing skepticism and giving the opposition an example to hold up as phony science. From comparing temps in one location that was once grass and trees to 10 years later when it was a paved parking lot and not disclosing that fact, to the Norwegian scientist who did tree ring data and only the data from selected trees that fit their their narrative and ignoring the ones that disproved it. So many people that think they know the answer to global warming put their fingers on the scale of science to get the result they are so sure is the truth it blurs the reality of the actual scientist doing legitimate work.

        • This is the perfect time to link this horrible event to ever increasing threat of anthropogenic climate change. You will never shut us down.

        • No single weather event can be pinned to global warming: weather is local, climate is planetary–but every such event should be a reminder of what we’re facing.

          Frankly, I hope the science deniers all drown, because your willful ignorance translates to political power that is going to destroy human life on this planet. We are better off without you.

          • Call in global CO2 poisoning because that’s what it is. It causes climate change, water acidification and wildfires that burn differently.

          • Why is it liberals always wish others would die if they Don t agree with them? Because they’re haters.

          • I don’t think many are denying that climate change is happening. Change in weather trends has been happening for Millenia. The argument rests in the greater trend and it’s causation. We were told in the 70’s that we were in a cooling trend. Now we are being told we are in a warming trend. Ok. 40 years is not enough time to guage ice age or the opposite. We are experiencing a hurricame. The difference here from other hurricanes is the particular weather patterns that are happening right now caused it to stall. Typically hurricanes continue on as stormy weather up through the continent, along the coast or back out to sea. This is one event. In other areas of the country, we are experiencing cooler weather than normal. If we look only at the weather in one area, it is not science to say global warming every time there is a hurricane. If so we’ve been having it for as long as our history can record.

        • Fact. The government shouldn’t continue to reimburse flood areas over and over. You may not have heard but they now pay people to relocate along the Mississippi River instead of paying their flood claims every few years. That is taxpayer dollars. It’s time to do things that make sense. Climate change has happened. Deal with it!

          • Not practical in a major metro, but existing houses can be raised above the flood line. Many in Meyerland did it after flooding in the 80s and 90s.

          • I live in between the Mighty Mississippi & Lake Pontchatrain, 53 years I’ve lived in the same area. The govt has NEVER offered me or anyone I know any money to relocate. I’m smack dab between the two of them, halfway mark. Where does all of this misinformation come from?
            Considering that my home was hit by several tornados during Katrina & had structural damage, I was offered no $ to relocate & the insurance Co.’s paid a whopping $5400. For those damages, WOW! No, I do NOT live in New Orleans, I live next door. We had invested in pumps that just ran automatically & needed no one just turn them on & go. Our Parish President refused to turn them on & there was flood water everywhere, Human Error ( to say the very least). New Orleans flooded due to substandard materials used by what I suspect is s very rich contractor that built the levee at the parish line, substandard flood gates that allowed water in to other areas & of course the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (aka MrGo) flooding everything it could (another man made idea that was bad). Since Katrina the MrGo has been closed, Levees repaired & raised so communities down the river & lake flood now & for what? I’ll tell you, so that the government running New Orleans can spend the $ on God knows what, anything other than those pumps so that they can flood from rain storms & sweat hurricanes in Texas because they did not maintain/fix/rebuild with all of the Govt. $ they got for the pumps.
            So at the end of the day, God did not flood New Orleans & its surrounding areas with Katrina, it was not Global Warming, President Bush or Trump, it was Man! Man made disaster that FEMA did come in & help us rebuild, they didn’t try to relocate us, they helped rebuild us!!
            Have some compassion & empathy, it will make you a decent person

          • Consensus is not science any more than it was when flat earth’s believed earth to be flat. When government scientists reach a consensus when their grant money depends on it, we call it bias. Unbiased scientists don’t all agree with the biased government scientists as to the cause of current trends. Also we need more than a very few decades to claim a greater trend. While we talk about this subject, I suggest anyone who wants to contribute to the climate change discussion donate to the Red Cross or other charities in position to help those in need in Houston and surrounding areas. That way we can enjoy free speech and exercise our right to do with our money what we want while the government has not taken it all yet.

        • Thank you Marcus. Took the words out if my mouth, only you were nicer. Hurricanes have been occurring since the beginning of time. If anything, urban sprawl is more at fault. Praying for everyone affected by this devastating storm.

        • I think all the people fighting calling each other names should stop!
          And do something constructive… find out can you donate money…your time..by volunteering with the red cross…now is not the time to be acting..foolish… find out how you can be a helping hand.

        • It’s true. You still can’t see that? Who is the ignorant one here. The waters are rising. Go inland.

        • You’re gonna have to get used to that “crap”, because it is perfectly relevant. The frequency of ” unprecedented” climatic catastrophic events has bevome so high in the last decade compared to the whole set of historical data that you can’t avoid facing the truth.
          Or does it hurt too much, climate change denier/ Trump voter/nincompoop ?

          • Why is it unprecedented. Global weather is cyclic. We might be, heaven forbid, in a part of the cycle that is unrecorded previously in the history of the human race. So get off of your high horse and stop the name calling. And yes, I voted for Trump and only have one thing to say about that… he is better than the alternative. Now go play the victim and seek your safe place.

      • It’s you idiots who need to shut up.
        Have you no shame.
        The last of the deniers just sound completely unhinged now – denying climate change is happening even as major cities flood.
        Disgusting, ignorant and vile.

        • Was the same climate change responsible for the historic lack of hurricanes over the last decade?

          • This kind of event is cyclical . it’s happened before , and will happen again . our world has been through this before .

          • Actually, yeah. It’s also affecting winter snowfall in the north and making Texas summers a bit milder than in years past if you’ve noticed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

            Rising sea temperatures affects the formation of hurricanes, so the ones we’re going to keep getting will likely be further apart, but worse. Current trends seem to confirm that so far. There’s loads of data from dozens of countries doing studies independently of each other that show global temperature trends rising more quickly than they have ever done historically. This includes samples from after the Ice Age. Sea temperatures have risen so much it’s even affecting how sea turtles reproduce and it’s killing coral reefs. It’s ridiculous that this is even a debate in this country.

            The science is all there. Go look at it, it’s worth a Google. The National Weather Service and NASA have entire pages devoted to how they’ve been monitoring it for decades.

          • What lack of hurricane? You mean lack of hurricanes in your back yard? I hate that Texas got hit this time, but everyone has to take a turn n the barrel.

        • Leslie, these fools will never shut up. Let’s just sell them oceanside properties and let nature take its course.

        • I am sorry, but I am 65 years old and lived in coastal Texas for more than 63 of those years. I have lived through many hurricanes, including Carla, as a child. EVERYTHING flooded and the winds were much worse back then. I tend to think dinosaurs did not use air-conditioning or drive cars. The earth is a living planet. Many aspects of land mass and weather are constantly changing. We are going through a cycle, surely, but there are other things happening that could not possibly have anything to do with man. There has been a great increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes. There are fissures in the oceans floors allowing for the heating of water. There is no doubt, THIS, could affect the water’s temperatures. We can rant and rave, but, in the end, WE are not in charge and should possibly pay more attention to things we can control, i.e. where and what we build, the destruction of green spaces and trees, building in river and creek beds, poisoning our soil with chemicals, polluting almost everything in sight and, yes, polluting our air. I hear people in distress over possible “climate change”, but I don’t see them adjusting their own lifestyle. They still drive cars (I live where I don’t need one), they have no solar panels, they live in houses large enough to house a small army, but they are only 2, they own boats, which pollute the waters, they own huge cars, which they drive alone, they own airplanes and jaunt about the world and even small distances. They don’t recycle, but buy everything in plastic or non-biodegradable containers and reuse nothing. So, until everyone gripping, here, steps up and starts living their own lives as though they care, instead of blaming others for their woes, I will pay no attention to their fear-mongering.

      • Give up, Natalie. Anyone who still denies climate change would know the truth if it bit ’em on the ass. Just let them wallow.

        • I’m pretty sure NOTHING destroyed Galveston in 1908 climate change or not…I believe the year you are trying to come up with is 1900

      • Hokus Pokus Al Gore’s Made Millions 0ff Dumb A$$es Like U. Proven data was Phony Last 20-30 Yrs!

        • Course man-made climate change is a leftist lie. Just like the spherical earth. And evolution.

      • I agree. Don’t rebuild, reTHINK. And include serious discussion of population control into the mix.

      • Unless everyone begins driving an electric car and stops using natural gas Houston will always rebuild, 85% of the US fuel is refrined in this area.

      • I agree, people need to face reality and listen to experts, not politicians, not chambers of commerce, not realtors, not the prez.

    • You live in Houston it’s like a cow pissing on a Flat Rock it’s going to get wet there’s no place for the water to go this always happens when we get 10 or better inches of rain in 6 hours so take your global warming and shove it that’s not what this is this is simply a hurricane came in and got houston wet again!!

      • Dottie
        This May not be because of climate change – hurricanes tornado – floods happen – BUT do your research on climate change look up Iceland and other countries . It is happening and it is affecting our animals habitat.

    • Yes its bad. Our only hope now is for Christian brothers and sisters to agree in prayer. Asking Almighty God for relief.

    • Sending prayers. Such a tragedy. Praying that everyone affected finds the power and the will to help each other out in such a dark and scary situation….

    • Climate change or not. Liberal, Trump supporter or neither. At this point it makes no difference. All I see are drowning, scared fellow human beings. And it absolutely breaks my heart for you. If I could, I’d take you all into my home for safety. Since that’s impossible, I’ll donate and say prayers.
      Shelly in Atlanta

  2. Backyard is a lake and front is almost halfway up driveway. Everybody think positive thoughts to keep this moving east and out of here. Awake since 4 am an not likely to sleep tonight. We need time to drain.

    • Lol, my preferred method for hunkering down is to grab a Shiner and wait it out. But yeah, we’re probably doomed.

  3. Do you have any information on Turkey Creek along Addicks Reservoir? I evacuated with my pregnant wife and would like to know if our area may be flooded.

    • I have a friend who lives on Wycliffe near I-10 and she reported an inch or two of flooding in her house. Her house is prone to flooding even in typical thunderstorms, so I’m not sure if that info helps.

      • Wow. I grew up on Wycliff in the 60’s. Our ditches and the bayou would be at capacity, but our house not our neighbors houses EVER flooded. Something has changed.

  4. Just want to thank you again for your dedicated work on keeping Houston informed with this. Riding out my first Hurricane here, and a friend told me this site is what I should be watching. Couldn’t agree more. Stay safe at Space City HQ tonight.

  5. Wow. That’s all I can say. Thank you for all you do. Are you and Matt and Braniff doing ok? I hope so. Prayers to everyone and please stay safe.

  6. We have had 13″ near Ellington in the past 4 hours, most of it in the past three.

    I am stuck in the feeder band on the SE side which is not moving.

    I don’t know how my house is not going to flood by morning!

  7. Watching from D.C. and contemplating where to write a check to, to support the storm survival and recovery process. Our own local Capital Weather Gang referenced you guys in one of their recent posts on Harvey, you may have noticed the influx of traffic. If there’s a good local Disaster Recovery charity that you guys recommend, please let those of us who want to do the most good know. We’ve got your back.

    • Samaritans Purse is helping with water and rebuilding all along the coast and beyond. Samaritanspurse.org. This humanitarian disaster relief organization was started by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son.

      • Franklin Graham has lost any credibility he ever had by his support for Donald Trump. I would not trust him with one red cent.

        • I agree, he has lost my credability as well. His would never do some of the things he has done. Salvation Army always needs support and most goes to the victims. Red Cross but they have alot and more goes to administration.

          • People listen to yourselves! People are offrring support and you need it. Franklin Graham is one fine man of God. You eant to blame everybodh and snyone eho dupports Trump. Trump will be there for support along with many others. Hit your knees and repent for your rebellious nature, Ask God to help and show you mercy.

        • Seriously? Political crap while people are in dire straights? You should re evaluate your entire existence.

          • Politics often determines who gets helped first. Sad, but true. We saw it in the Mid-Atlantic with Sandy. Now, if somebody wanted to be really political, they could point out that both of the Texas Senators who opposed relief for Sandy, are now begging for it from the federal government. Personally, I don’t care who somebody is if they need help. However that might be a wake-up call as to the kind of people that are being elected.

          • Dottie
            This May not be because of climate change – hurricanes tornado – floods happen – BUT do your research on climate change look up Iceland and other countries . It is happening and it is affecting our animals habitat.

      • Franklin graham takes in a salary of over $600k a year from Samaritan’s Purse. Imagine how much more good they could do if he wasn’t siphoning that much off of people’s donations. And yes, he lost the rest of his credibility when he became trump’s lapdog.

        • They had an answering machine and never returned my calls after I had 6.5 feet of water go through my house last August (Baton Rouge). I didn’t pick my head up for three weeks and when I realized I just could not handle it by myself I was told I was too late by several Churches and Samaritans Purse. You know who came? The Muslims. Thanks so much to Muslims for Humanity and the Islamic Center of Baton Rouge for helping gut my house and get everything up to the road (500′).

      • Yeah but they only help the rich woodlands people. I went there a d tithed for years until they refused help to my daughter who lived in Magnolia.

        • All of you. Put on your pretty tennis shoes and rain hat and walk to the nearest neighbor who needs relief. Give it to them for free.

    • The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a great organization in providing disaster relief.

      • AND 100% of your donation goes to help rebuild for the survivors, because churches and United Methodist members donate to pay administrative costs!

    • Please look up UMCOR. Very good track record and often the first on the ground and the last to leave when natural disasters strike.

  8. 21″ and counting at our house in Quail Valley since Friday. 19″ of that has come in roughly the last 26 hours.

    • Sad to see this. I sold my home in Quail Valley in 2003 and left Texas. I loved Texas but not Houston. Humidity did me in! I am a West Coast Man. Stay safe everyone.

  9. Thanks, Eric and Matt, for all your hard work. I pray and hope for better days, for all of us here in Texas.

  10. Hi Eric and Crew,

    Yea, we got it good here in the 3rd Ward. Since 288 is or neighborhood retention pond, we don’t normally flood but tonight the water crested over the sidewalks. Thankfully it it drained as fast as it rose.

    I’m not sure if I agree that things are going to get much worst than tonight. The major ‘double band’ of rain just passed the DownTown area to the NW and the next band accumulating over Palacios and Bay City isn’t really moving towards us but instead rotating around the stalled storm. Plus, I’ve noticed the eye has not doubled back on itself like the models said it would but instead is stalled someplace over Gonzalez County. That combined with the decreasing wind speed and rising barometric pressure has me thinking we may have dodged a bullet.

    What are you’re thoughts?

  11. Thank you for all you do in keeping us aware of the possibilities of how the weather can affect us. We appreciate you!

  12. Do you think we’ll be mostly done with the tornadoes tonight? While the rain is devastating, the tornadoes, if they hit, are worse

    • Oh, so agree. I’m in Orange – 2 hours from you. We just had our first tornado warning of the night about 1:30a. Three house dogs and the two of us will be in the dressing room, which is an interior room of the house. More immediate threat to life with tornado than rising water. I wish for neither.

  13. I use the weather underground radar rainfall numbers to calculate my neighborhood rainfall, but my numbers are much higher than what is on your map. Am I looking at bad data?

  14. Thanks for your updates. Our satellite TV has not been reliable so counting on you and Twitter to keep me informed. Here in Hockley area — almost really Magnolia — we had devastating floods in April and May 2016. Friends on our block just recently completed their rebuilding but may be back at Go. They are staying tonight in our RV in our driveway. Unfortunately there is no flood control district in Waller County. Stay safe tonight, all. It may have slowed a little bit here (5 minutes) but expect it will pick up again.

  15. Rain stopped for now and back yard already down 2 inches. Now only if the street would drain before the next band arrives. Hope you guys are staying dry. Oh darn. More rain.

  16. Woodlands and conroe now getting pounded and having multiple tornados. On our 3rd warning since yesterday at 8:30am. Feedee roads are flooded

  17. Please pray for each other. Do what you can to keep calm. My neighbor gave us two cases of water and built a blockage on our door since water is trying to come in. We have a baby and it’s very hard thinking this is to go on through the week. Kindness goes a long way in situations like this. Prayers for H-Town. We will conquer this and come together to get our city back to normal. Everyone stay strong. I’m praying for you all.

  18. Opinion needed… We live in the College Station area but are currently in Ohio for funeral. We flew out of Houston. My boys are scheduled to fly out today to get back to school. My concern is them getting from airport out of Houston area safely. Flights have not been cancelled but we are allowed to reschedule. We are having to make final plans by 11:00am. Appreciate suggestions. We are praying for our fellow Taxans.

    • You need to check College Station’s weather and the weather from 290 going that direction. I do recall that Jersey Village has had some issues which is off of 290. Once in Houston you all do not want to be caught in the rain inside a car. Since the travel back would be one that is weather related if your boys were to miss a day it should be excused. I think TXDOT has a web site you can look at to determine the weather along the route and the road conditions. Or you could call TxDot. Good luck.

    • I just heard HISD has been cancelled all week (from a friend- I have not confirmed this). Hobby airport is not running- the roads are really bad all around the city. Not sure how it is around Bush. If I were you, I’d stay put for a day or two.

  19. In Galveston. Has been raining most of morning. All streets were flooded yesterday as well as the yards. My house was the ship in the middle of the sea. Have not heard any more specific weather reports. Does anyone know? I see that the bands have gone further north…. this is how hurricanes effect us. The rain is warm. I suspect this will be staying around. Any information will greatly appreciated.

  20. Missouri City anyone? I have a friend who lives there and she’d been checking in but I haven’t heard from her since around 10 last night?

  21. I’m worried about family in Hockley? Is there a safe driving route out of that area for them to evacuate?

  22. Once the weather returns to normal, how about considering storm sewers from Houston to Corpus Christi? Houston has flood problems, and Corpus Christi frequently has drought issues.

  23. “a super-mega-rainball of doom” is the best thing I have ever read, regardless of context. Thank you for the laugh.

  24. Thanks for the calm and measured approach! Our neighborhood in Walnut Bend (just south of Briar Forest at Hwy 8) is one that often gets water in the street. Our house has never flooded, and remarkably, still hasn’t flooded as of this morning. I just kept reminding myself (all night) that time passes and eventually this will go away. It won’t rain the rest of my life.

  25. The LDS Church Humanitarian Relief system is already
    mobilizing semi trucks of relief supplies and head to Texas. In the coming days watch for the LDS members in yellow Mormon Helping Hands shirts come from all points in Texas and other states to help. If you need help cleaning up in any way they will be happy to do so at no charge of course.

    • In the coming days, thousands of members of the LDS Church will be coming from Texas and other states to help. Look for the yellow Mormon Helping Hands shirts and you will have any help you need cleaning out or in any other way.

  26. Just a point of fact here. What is unprecedented about Harvey is that it went from a tropical storm to a Cat 4 hurricane in less than 24 hours. At 10 PM on Wednesday, Harvey was a tropical depression with a pressure of about 1000 millibars and winds of 35 MPH. At 10 PM on Friday, Harvey had a pressure of 938 millibars and winds of 132 MPH. That kind of behavior is definitely unprecedented in US history. Models of climate change predict that a warmer global climate may not affect the frequency of hurricanes but will affect their intensity. So both the dearth of hurricanes in recent years AND the unusually rapid intensification of Harvey (and Katrina before it) are in line with the predictions of global warming models. Having said that, Harvey is a meteorological phenomenon, not a climactic phenomenon. Weather and climate are NOT the same. So it is not accurate to say that global warming caused Harvey. It is also not accurate to say there haven’t been any hurricanes in the past eight years. While there haven’t been any ATLANTIC hurricanes, there have been plenty of tropical cyclones in other parts of the world. The number of category 4 and 5 tropical cyclones has increased 80% in the past 30 years. In fact, just two years ago, hurricane Patricia recorded winds of 200 MPH, one of the fasted wind speeds ever recorded outside of a tornado. Patricia wasn’t an Atlantic hurricane, but it was not to far away off the coast of Acapulco. So both sides of this argument have a little bit of truth to them. The true cause of the catastrophe that is currently happening in Houston is not climate change but uncontrolled development in Houston that has virtually eliminated marshy areas and flood plains that could have absorbed some of the runoff that is flooding people’s homes.

  27. Nataley Grey et al: Third post in, climate Change debate started, now nobody cares about an updated educated forecast that the impacted people could use to their adavnatage to gauge potential impacts.

    No, you bring out all the laser focused debaters on BOTH sides of the climate change issue.

    Go back to Facebook and debate there.

    All of you.

  28. I pray for you guys, but I urge you’ll to do the same. There is more catastrophic events to happen since the solar eclipse to the 23 September.

  29. Climate change. It is a continual phenomenon. 13,000 years ago, the earth was covered in ice. Then it melted. Must have been climate change. If you do your research, you will find the climate of the earth is cyclic. It warms, it cools and it warms again. Volcanos spew more carbon in the air in a day than humans put int the air in a century. So if you are serious about climate change, get a degree in a STEM field and dedicate your life really doing something about it instead of complaining on some blog site.

    • True. But 13,000 years ago Man wasn’t pumping 40 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, was he? Natural climate change and anthropogenic climate change aren’t the same thing, are they? Why? BECAUSE WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE LATTER!

      • If ACG is real, its already too late. Whether its real or not the solution is the same for places like Houston. Rebuild on stilts.

      • If you believe in it, great. Then you do something about it. But don’t try to force me to go along with you because I believe differently. For every study you find, I can find one that completely contradicts it. And when Al Gore stops spending 100 times a month on electricity than the average household, then I might, just maybe, begin to take him seriously. Until then, it is a bunch of hot air. (Hot air, did you see what I did there? Bahahahaha)

        • This isn’t religion where you get to choose what doctrine you want to follow. These are facts. Stories that contradict the facts are called lies. You can believe facts or you can believe lies.

          • Facts written by whom? As I stated before, all scientific studies are contradicted by other scientific studies. So whose facts are more factual? Please. If you want to fix something, then do something besides typing blog science. You are not convincing me of anything. I have my own trusted scientific facts to stand behind. Maybe you can make me understand by peacefully protesting while you destroy the city in which you live?

            And if you really think global warming is real, then focus your efforts on China and India. They are the worlds biggest violators.

          • I am curious– what are you trusted sources? Here is mine:


    • Volcanos spew more carbon in the air in a day than humans put int the air in a century.

      I believe the sentence here is false information might want to check your sources

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