A hot, mostly sunny weekend on tap for Houston

Houston will enjoy one more day of fall-like weather before we transition back into warmer weather for the weekend. But by Monday or so we should enter a more prolonged period of cooler, fall-like weather.


After starting out in the 50s for all but the immediate coast, today will rise into the low- to mid-70s. Houston is not going to get warmer than that due to a cool, northerly breeze as well as fairly persistent cloud cover. Low temperatures on Thursday night should be similar to Wednesday night, albeit a degree or two warmer.

Thursday morning’s forecast low temperatures. (Pivotal Weather)


As the onshore winds return Friday, temperatures will warm some. But this still will be a fairly nice day, with highs of around 80 degrees and mostly sunny skies.


The first day of the weekend will be quite warm. As I’ve been suggesting, this weekend will probably be the last time the Houston region has a chance for high temperatures in the 90s this calendar year. (Houston has never hit 90 degrees, on record, after October 29th). In any case, Saturday, will be hot and sunny, with temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s.


As a bit more moisture works its way into the area we may see some slight rain chances, but for the most part this should be a hot and sunny day as well.

Monday and next week

A cold front will arrive on Monday, bringing a healthy chance of rain with it. Still not sure whether this is a tenth-of-an-inch front, or a one-inch front in terms of rainfall. Either way, it will set the stage for cooler weather next week, with highs likely (mostly) in the 70s, and lows (mostly) in the 50s and lower 60s. Days should be mostly sunny.

Tropical Outlook for Thursday morning. (NOAA)


The odds of a tropical depression or storm forming in the western Gulf of Mexico continue to rise, and it’s possible we’ll be looking at Nestor off the state later today or on Friday. However, as we’ve been telling you for days, this system poses no threat to Texas as it will get pulled to the northeast, away from the state.

8 thoughts on “A hot, mostly sunny weekend on tap for Houston

  1. Whitney

    I was planning on traveling to louisiana this weekend. Should I be reconsidering my plans?

    1. Arianda

      If you mean because of the tropical system, I would think you’d be okay. The current projected path keeps it off the coast, hitting the Florida panhandle in a little over 48 hours. (Check tropical tidbits for current model runs)

  2. Ashley

    Thanks for your hard work as usual! “Hot and sunny” are not words I really care to see anymore this fall.

  3. Does Katy need to evacuate

    Nestor??? The NHC needs to get a new book of names. I thought that was a technical term at first read.

    All apologies to any of the readers named Nestor.

  4. Katie

    If you were picking a day to attend the airshow at Ellington Field, would go you Saturday or Sunday?

    1. FriendlyInterneter

      I would 100% go on Sunday, because I already have other plans for Saturday.
      Glad to help.

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