After Easter’s dazzling weather, clouds, and maybe storms return

After several weeks this spring when the gorgeous weather fell during the weekdays, and storms on the weekends, Mother Nature got things right for Easter weekend with wall-to-wall sunshine, moderate temperatures and mostly mild winds. After the potential for some storms this week, sunshine should return next weekend, although it will be somewhat warmer as we edge closer to summer. (I hate to say it, but it would not surprise me if this was the last truly spring-like weekend of the season).


Today will be a day of transition, with a gusty southerly wind bringing moisture back inland. Still, I expect at least partly sunny skies, and this should allow high temperatures to reach about 80 degrees. Tonight will be warm, with most of the city in the mid- to upper-60s under cloudy skies.

Houston can expect a warm night Monday, with lows Tuesday morning only falling a bit below 70. (Pivotal Weather)


Clouds will largely cover Houston’s skies on Tuesday, and there will be enough moisture for some light rain showers, but I’d peg chances at only around 20 percent. High temperatures will depend on whether any sunshine peeks through during the afternoon hours, but we’ll probably see the mercury reach about 80 degrees again. It will be another warm night.

Wednesday and Thursday

These are the days this week we’re going to have to watch for the potential of storms and some heavy rainfall as a cold front slogs through Texas. Right now it seems like most of the messy weather will just miss the Houston metro area—but this is subject to change over the next day or two as the forecast evolves.

Severe weather outlook for Wednesday and Wednesday night.

The most favorable area for severe weather, such as hail and damaging winds, will be to the west and southwest of the city. And the best chances for heavy rain, with 2 inches or more, will occur to the east of the city of Houston, from Liberty and Chambers counties eastward. For Houston, itself, we anticipate 0.5 to 2.0 inches of rain from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning, with highs near 80. Hopefully we can firm up this forecast in the next 24 hours.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

So what does the forthcoming weekend hold? With likely clearing skies, and not much cooling from the front, highs may be around 80 on Friday, with temperatures climbing into the mid- or even upper-80s this weekend. Lows probably will be in the 60s. If you’re thinking about the beach this weekend, you’re probably thinking the right thoughts.

6 thoughts on “After Easter’s dazzling weather, clouds, and maybe storms return

  1. Blackhawks Fan

    The weather was great this weekend, Eric – your bonus check is in the mail (it’s based on a % of what I pay you already).

  2. Gene

    Many folks are riding on the MS 150 this weekend. Can you give us specifics of the weather forecast as it gets updated during this week?

    1. Eric Berger

      Likely sunny and warm — but I’ll drill into the details in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Arianda

    Had my first of the season jump in the pool this weekend! Still too cold for actual swimming, but felt good!

  4. Ashley

    Have you seen anything about winds coming into our area from another that has a fire? I’ve been smelling a faint fire smell for the past few days.

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