After seven months, winter-like weather returns to Houston

Houston’s low temperature last touched the 30s back on April 2nd, the last gasp of winter. After that, the region’s nighttime temperatures never got below the mid-40s again, and then summer came to town. Now, it appears as though much of Houston may briefly slip into the upper 30s at the end of this week, and daytime highs will feel more like mid-winter than fall.


Conditions today will be mostly cloudy, fairly muggy, with intermittent light rain. A cold front will get past the Interstate 35 corridor in central Texas, but stop well short of the Houston area. This means that we should have relatively mild weather today and tonight—if your plans involve a certain baseball team and much-hoped for revelry there is good news. It appears likely that any daytime or early evening showers should wane by 9 or 10pm tonight. Temperatures likely will not fall below 70 degrees Tuesday night.

Severe weather outlook for Wednesday and Wednesday night. (NOAA)


It’s cold front day! Atmospheric dynamics over the central United States will essentially shove the front toward the coast on Wednesday. What time will it move through Houston? Great question. Our best guess is that it pushes through Houston during the late afternoon hours and off the coast shortly after sunset, but confidence in the exact timing is low. Basically, we can expect conditions to get fairly warm on Wednesday ahead of the front—upper 70s?—and quite cold and breezy in its wake.

Rain accumulation forecast for now through Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

The other story to follow will be rainfall, and most of this should come during a period from Wednesday after noon through early Thursday. I think much of the region will probably get 0.5 to 1.5 inches, but there could be some outliers that pick up as much as 3 inches. Still, we do not have a real high concern for even street flooding at this time. Whenever the front passes through, there will be the threat of strong winds and light hail. So if there is a Game 7 of the World Series, we may have some concerns about weather going into, or coming home from the game. Hopefully a win tonight obviates these concerns.


Thursday morning is likely to be cold, with widespread lows in the 40s across the area. Rain chances should ease during the morning hours, and we think skies will turn partly sunny at some point during the afternoon. Highs likely will crest in the mid-50s. It will be breezy, with winds gusting up to 20 mph throughout the day, although hopefully these will die down some by early evening. Still, trick-or-treating will be a chilly affair, with temperatures likely in the low 50s. Low temperatures on Thursday night may well reach the 30s for areas north and west of downtown Houston.

Hello! Friday morning low temperatures. (Weather Bell)


Sunny and winter-like, with highs in the upper 50s to perhaps 60 degrees. Friday night will be a few degrees warmer than Thursday night.

Saturday and Sunday

Both days should be mostly sunny, with highs in the 60s, and (for most people) nights in the 40s to low 50s.

Next week

Temperatures will rebound some, climbing back into the 70s by Monday or so, and nights will also warm up. Some slight rain chances return, but nothing we’re concerned about.

29 thoughts on “After seven months, winter-like weather returns to Houston

  1. lee

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Saturday night!

    (I wish we could stop doing this nonsense. At this point in my life I don’t even care which we standardize on, normal time or DST—I just wish we’d pick one and stop changing the clocks.)

    1. Matt N

      I agree !! Stop the madness! One of these candidates need to pick up this issue- it would be a winner.

      1. Jason

        Maybe not. I lived in Indiana and the clocks didn’t change, I left in 2005, and since then, Indiana adopted DST.

    2. elizabeth anderson

      Agree!! Parents of babies and small children absolutely dread changing the clocks twice a year. It wrecks havoc on sleep schedules. Pick a time and just stick with it!! Otherwise I’m facing a 4 am wake-up call by my 2 year old for the next few weeks…

    3. Vanessa

      I agree with you. I hate this time change “tradition” with the pasiion of a thousand fiery suns as my classmate used to say.

    4. Samantha Brauer

      Yea we really need to stop this nonsense of changing our clocks. Arizona and Hawaii doesnt do daylight savings time.

  2. Monty

    Arizona and parts of Indiana I believe never change clocks. When I was in Phoenix we shared MST and PDT. Definitely the way to go.
    Sorry…I’m sure I’m in the minority…but I already miss Summer.

    1. Jason

      I miss summer too. Not only is the heat better, but at least in the summer you don’t have these days that have huge temperatures changes, it’s just hot every day all day, so you don’t sit around all day wondering what to do with the jacket you needed in the morning, or the opposite, where you leave the house and then after sunset need a jacket.

      1. Jon

        The heat is definitely not better. lol At least you can actually enjoy the outside comfortably.

    2. jon

      Why do you already miss summer? You really like 90+ degree weather more than 70+ degree? PLUS humidity? lol

  3. Elvis

    I love the extra hour of light in the summer. I support DSL for President, err…my time standard.

  4. Andrea

    It’s absolutely pouring in Aldine right now. Totally unexpected, so I came back to this post to make sure I didn’t misread it. Not trying to be critical though, anyone who can predict Houston weather with as much accuracy as these guys totally has my respect. I’m just not used to be surprised ever since i subscribed to this blog.

  5. tanstaafl

    Does 2.09″ of rain in 23 minutes count as light rain? (This is in the Champions area.) It’s still coming down, but not as hard.

    At least the farmers in the western part of the area got some rain out of this.

  6. Darrell Hartman

    Eric, What happened in the atmosphere to increase our rainfall to heavy @ times….This usually doesn’t happen until front arrives

  7. Arianda

    The new standard should be to double whatever the rain predictions are going to be. Works for me. Some areas already have 4″!

  8. Arianda

    Statge1, huh? What about Cypress Creek? 2.5 inches of rain netted them a 13+ foot rise in the river!!!! I’d say that was like Stage 3

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