Jack Frost is knocking on your door, and he’s not a trick-or-treater

Good morning. A cold front is moving into the western part of Houston this morning, and should push through most of the city this afternoon. The two issues related to the front are rainfall today and tonight, and then very cold air moving in behind the front to end this week.


High temperatures today ahead of the front should reach about 70 degrees for most. This morning a very narrow wedge of cooler air at the surface will push into Houston, and this will filter through the region. For the most part, rain showers during the daytime hours appear likely to be fast moving, and relatively brief—right now we do not anticipate the very heavy, organized rain we saw Tuesday in locations such as Tomball and The Woodlands. However, since that rainfall was not well forecast I do not have particularly high confidence in rain forecasts for the next 24 hours.

Temperature forecast for 5pm Wednesday. (Weather Bell)

Wednesday night

The rest of the front, meaning a much deeper mass of colder air from higher up in the atmosphere, will push through Houston tonight, and this will drive the potential for some heavier rain, most likely between about 10pm Wednesday and 6am Thursday, moving from inland areas toward the coast. Again, these showers shouldn’t last too long, but some areas may have the potential for 1-3 inches. (Most of Houston will likely see less than 1 inch of rain). Temperatures Wednesday night will get down to around 40 degrees for most locations.


Halloween is going to be a howler. Rains should end by or before sunset, and clouds should dissipate some time in the late morning or early afternoon. But it will be breezy, with wind gusts above 20 to 25 mph as a much colder and drier air mass blows into Houston. (There is a gale warning for coastal waters). Despite the sunshine, highs on Thursday will only reach the low- to mid-50s, so for many trick-or-treaters the temperatures will already be in the upper 40s by early evening. Bundle those kids up.

Thursday night

The temperature forecast continues to trend colder for Thursday night, with the possibility of a freeze in places like Waller and Montgomery counties. Most of Houston should stay in the mid- to upper-30s, but places like Huntsville, College Station, and elsewhere could record their first freeze a few weeks earlier than normal.

The low temperature forecast for Friday morning. (Weather Bell)

Friday and Saturday

These should be cool days, with highs of around 60 degrees, and partly to mostly sunny skies. Overnight lows will probably be a few degrees warmer, likely in the low 40s for most of Houston, but there’s some uncertainty in that with a reinforcing front possible.


Perhaps a shade warmer than Saturday, but still cool for this time of year with highs in the 60s. Partly sunny skies.

Yep, Houston will be cold this weekend. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Beginning Monday the onshore flow returns, and after this we will probably see highs returning to the 70s, with lows rebounding into the 60s. With the return of clouds rain chances will jump up too, but we’re not tracking any aggressive storm systems.

19 thoughts on “Jack Frost is knocking on your door, and he’s not a trick-or-treater

  1. Arianda

    Halloween is going to be a Howler…I love it!

    Only you guys can come up with such puns so early in the morning!

  2. William Congdon

    Any word on wind chill factors on Thursday? I know it’s not a regular part of most Houston forecasts, but the numbers you propose suggest it might be significant.

  3. Mark

    How is visibility going to be the next couple of nights? Drizzle, low clouds and just darkness coming earlier than we’ve had for 6 months adds up to folks driving crazy. With tons of folks out and about tonight for Game 7, and then tomorrow for Halloween, it would help matters if we had a bit of clear weather to drive around in the dark.

  4. Gena Roberts

    For Thursday, “Rains should end by or before sunset, and clouds should dissipate some time in the late morning or early afternoon.” Did you mean “by or before sunrise”?

    1. LeeAnne Beckham Carlson

      That gave me pause as well but I think they mean will end by or before sunset today and clouds dissipate by late morning or afternoon tomorrow.

    2. uncsig

      Yeah, I think he has to mean before sunrise Thursday since he is forecasting the heavier rains to commence around 10 p.m. tonight [Wednesday].

  5. Cheryl L Fischer

    What no words to support the Astros for tonight’s game?? Go Astros… you can do it!!!

  6. Ryan

    I am curious: what is causing this early surge of winter down here? Anchorage, for instance, doesn’t seem particularly cold (highs in the 40s).

  7. Jason

    the bayou was nearly full yesterday I guess from the rain in the north. The winds are annoying and downright awful. We start the season of astronomical gas bills early

  8. Blackhawks Fan

    It’s about freakin’ time we got a good front in. Air conditioner was running again last night. In late October.

    Last weekend alternated between the A/C running some days and the furnace running in the morning on others. It’s about as crazy as this Daylight Savings Time stuff we put ourselves through twice a year.

  9. Houston Sand

    Oh my my my what difficult times we face here in Katy TX. First my Astros are cheated out of celebrating another sovereign championship. Now we must take it back under freezing conditions. The fire is literally being stoaked day and night in Katy TX. My skin is dry and I just can’t stand this wicked day approaching. Some of the only good news is my two favorite holidays are right around the corner. Praying we can still get back up to the 90s a few more times in the coming weeks. Go Stros!

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