Another day of potentially heavy rain before typical July weather returns

Most of the Houston area remained dry—if cloudy—on Sunday. But the moist atmosphere in the wake of fading Tropical Depression Barry remained evident in areas such as Beaumont, which picked up 4 inches of rain. This moist atmosphere remains for one more day, and along with it the potential for heavy rainfall, before a drier pattern begins to build on Tuesday.


The highest risk for heavy rainfall remains east of the Houston metro area today, from Beaumont through Louisiana. Most of the city and surrounding counties will see less than one-half inch of rain. However, the eastern half of Houston remains at a slight risk of picking up an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain fairly quickly. This could cause brief street flooding in a worst case scenario. Otherwise, partly cloudy skies should help to limit temperatures in the low 90s, but alas the humidity will be oppressive.

Part of Houston faces a “slight” chance for excessive rainfall on Monday. (NOAA)


Rain chances will fall back to about 20 or 30 percent, as moisture levels remain fairly high in the atmosphere, but the region begins to feel the influence of high pressure. Any showers and thunderstorms that do develop should be fairly short lived. Partly to mostly sunny skies should allow high temperatures to climb back into the low- to mid-90s.

Wednesday and Thursday

These will be fairly typical summertime days for Houston, with mostly sunny skies and highs likely in the mid-90s. Temperatures won’t quite be high enough to necessitate heat advisories, but it’s going to be humid so take extra care outside. Overnight lows will be steamy, in the upper 70s to 80 degrees.

Friday through the weekend

The weekend looks to bring more of the same. At this point I’d not entirely rule out rain chances—they’re probably on the order of 10 to 20 percent each day, due to the sea breeze—but these again look to be warm days in the mid-90s with lots of sunshine. This is July, after all. Plan your beach weekend with confidence.

July is July. (Weather Bell)


I just wanted to thank Matt for covering the site over the last 12 days while I took an extended vacation with my family. He handled the development and progress of Hurricane Barry with great care at a time when there seemed to be lots of speculation about the storm coming to Texas, even late into the week when that possibility seemed pretty remote. I—we—are very fortunate to have Matt as part of this site because not only is he an exceptional meteorologist, he embodies Space City Weather’s ethos of providing reliable, useful information when inclement conditions threaten. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

22 thoughts on “Another day of potentially heavy rain before typical July weather returns

  1. C Hudson

    Well actually, you both are awesome!!! Thanks for the great, no-nonsense, no hype and extra coverage through the duration of TS Barry!!!

    1. Bill W.

      I agree 100%. While most of the “news media” was forecasting doom, gloom, and a 90% chance of the end of the world, Space City was literally the calm during the storm, and right on target! THANK YOU!

  2. TallJenn

    Thanks to both of you for your dedication to bringing us no hype forecasts. We appreciate everyone you do.

  3. Ashley

    Thank you both for awesome work!! And as long as it doesn’t rain on my birthday on Thursday I’m all good LOL.

  4. Jane

    Kudos to Matt for holding down the Fort while Eric did a more important thing…build a family memory! It speaks to your partnership that you can transition back and forth seamlessly and still give us your honest, experienced evaluation of data without the hype. Thanks for editing for grammatical errors…old teacher appreciates it! Have a GREAT week!

  5. Susan K Williams

    Matt did an amazing job while you were gone!!! He kept us up to date and completely informed of every nuance of H.Barry!! Between the two of you, I do not listen to mainstream news weather forecasters ever – they have NOTHING on ya’ll!! Thanks so much!

  6. AmyN

    Ditto to previous commenters – SCW is pretty much my only source of weather prediction for Houston and nearby. I do check Dark Sky for micro-forecasts but otherwise, Matt and Eric are it. I appreciate you two every day!

  7. Judy

    I will pile on to the kudos to Matt and to you, Eric. Hope you had a great trip, and that you could return the French laptop!

  8. Shirley

    Thank you, Matt, for sharing your profession with the Houston metro area. SCW is my reliable source for forecasts. I appreciate both you and Eric.

  9. Kevin

    Yep, I very rarely, if ever, watch the local Houston TV meteorologists anymore…and I can’t even recall the last time I watched TWC. I can only imagine the hype they all served up this past week.

    Talking with my mom in SC over the weekend, she was concerned that Barry was going to be a big problem for Houston. Why? Because their local TV weatherpeople, a thousand miles away no less, were hyping it up nonstop. So, Houston TV personalities aren’t the only ones guilty of it! I told her to put her mind at ease and check out SCW.

  10. Donna M.

    Thank you to you both! Since Harvey you have been my go to guys for Houston weather, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! You keep me informed and my mind is at ease with your forecasts! Space City Weather is priceless!

  11. Chuck

    If Space City Weather has the fund-raising umbrella sale again this year, EVERY ONE SUBSCRIBED SHOULD BUY ONE, EVEN TWO! I was shopping today when a torrential downpour hit the Conroe / Woodlands area. Wind was at times blowing the rain sideways. Without it, or with a lesser quality umbrella, I would have been drenched.

    My SCW umbrella kept me dry as a bone and had no problem standing up to the wind. It deploys quickly and completely to “golf course size” at the touch of a button. A must-have for our region’s sudden and robust storms.

  12. Eileen Reed

    Eric and Matt, you are both terrific. We depend on you for the best and most accurate weather and it guides our lives. Grateful every day for your expertise and communication skills.

  13. John Davis

    The highest praise I can think of is the site spoke with the same authority while you were on vacation, Eric. Houston values you both.

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