Another windy day for Houston, though not as bad as Thursday

Yesterday was one of the strongest non-tropical wind events we’ve had around here in recent memory. It was both impressive and unsettling, as I can attest to nearly being taken out by a falling piece of iron on McKinney Street in downtown Houston. Winds gusted as high as 61 mph at Hobby Airport, 64 mph in Cypress, 52 mph in Pearland, and 49 mph in League City. Thousands lost power for a time due to the wind. We will continue to have windy weather today, but it should be less extreme than Thursday’s gusts. We then expect an absolutely sublime weekend of weather.


If winds gusted 40 to 60 mph yesterday, they should gust more like 25 to 40 mph today. It will be something you certainly notice, but it will definitely be less than yesterday’s madness. Winds will kick up as the sun gets higher in the sky this morning, then they’ll actually begin to back off some as the afternoon wears on.

The forecast for maximum wind gusts today should be a good bit below what we experienced yesterday and be strongest along the coast. (Weather Bell)

Otherwise, expect sunshine. Highs will top off around 70 degrees or in the lower 70s. All this wind has kicked up a lot of allergens as well, so you may be sniffly or sneezy today into the weekend.

Friday night’s low temperatures may be the coolest of the season so far for many folks with widespread 40s and lower 50s. (NOAA)


The weather this weekend looks just perfect with rampant sunshine. Winds will be light. Look for highs in the mid-70s on Saturday and upper-70s on Sunday. Morning lows will be in the 40s and 50s Saturday and Sunday, coolest inland, warmest in the city and near the coast. Officially, our coolest reading of the season was 50° back on October 17th, so we’ll see if we can match or beat that this weekend.

Trick or treating

Look for temperatures around 71° to 75° at 6 PM and 66° to 70° at 8 PM on Sunday evening. It should be clear and calm.

Astros in Atlanta

Obviously we have other important business to attend to this weekend with the Astros in Atlanta today, tomorrow, and Sunday. All 3 games should be playable. Showers will end around sunset in Atlanta this evening, with clouds and temperatures around 50° for most of the game. Winds will be out of the southeast (blowing in from right field) around 5 to 15 mph. Game 4 on Saturday should again see any showers ending. Temperatures will be in the mid-50s, with a light to moderate breeze from right to left field. Sunday looks fine, with gametime temperatures in the upper-50s, falling into the mid-50s and light northwest winds (blowing out to center field). Go ‘Stros!

Next week

Monday and Tuesday look to be very nice, though they will warm up and turn just slightly more humid. Look for highs near 80° and morning lows in the 50s and 60s. Our next front will attempt to make it here later next week.

Various models and ensemble members strongly agree on another front arriving later next week, but they disagree on both timing and how cool the air following the front will be. Much to sort out. (Weather Bell)

This one could come with even slightly cooler air than what we’ll see this weekend, but specific details on the exact timing and strength of the cool air remain a little fuzzy. Check back with us Monday for the latest.

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13 thoughts on “Another windy day for Houston, though not as bad as Thursday”

  1. Yeah, yesterday was wild. Lost power for about 4 hours in League City, starting at about 4pm. At least we could have the windows open!

  2. I had the windows open most of the day yesterday to let the humidity get sucked out into the dry windy air outside. It was awesome. Though, as Matt said, it did kick up the allergens which I’m feeling this morning.

    You win some, you lose some. But, I think this is still a net win what with the cool air and no A/C running.

    • Shilling? Not so much. One, not the stadium, but an event at Space Center Houston. Two, notice that the only ads on this page are some (very) innocuous banners for Reliant Energy. RE helps to support this (so very) awesome web page, and in return the guys have a “word from our Sponsor” maybe 5 times a year. They keep it short, and out of everybody’s way, including the blurb today. The least bothersome ads you will ever find on the internet anymore.

  3. With as much wind blowing yesterday and no hurricane in sight, you would think we were in Washington, D.C….

    just sayin’.

  4. Could you explain why the wind usually gets stronger during the daytime than at night?

    • Usually at night, as temperatures drop at the surface, we often see an “inversion” setup, where temperatures actually rise as you go up higher in the atmosphere. That tends to bottle stronger winds aloft up there and it acts as a “lid” to prevent them from mixing down to the surface. During the day, as the sun unevenly heats the land, the inversion disappears, and the air at different layers in the atmosphere can mix around more, which allows some of those stronger winds aloft to mix down. In this case, we also have a strong pressure gradient (difference in pressure over a short distance) which kept the wind going overnight…but with the inversion the gusts stopped. As that gradient weakens today, we’re still seeing gusty winds with the inversion gone, but the intensity of those gusts will gradually diminish. This link also explains it well:

  5. Advertising an event by a paid sponsor as part of the post without labeling it as a paid promotion is borderline unethical. Yes, I know Reliant sponsors the entire website, but labeling ads as ads is pretty standard practice these days.

      • If you’re going to reply to a comment at least take 10 seconds to read and process it first. I know who sponsors the website, it’s in my comment. Nice slur, btw.

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