Houston will fall more deeply into fall this week—we’re talking real sweater weather

Houston has enjoyed a handful of cold fronts so far this fall, but after a few days we’ve always warmed back up into the upper 80s or low 90s. But this week, after a stunning weekend, we’ll barely warm up to 80 degrees before a strong front arrives on Wednesday. And after that front we’ll be in the 60s and 70s for awhile.

I also wanted to spare a few words for the Houston Astros, who found themselves in a challenging spot after a grand slam in the first inning on Sunday night. And still, they battled back, clawing even with the Braves, and then ultimately winning. Now the hometown team returns to Houston for two more games, needing to win both. Minute Maid Park has a roof, so weather won’t be a concern on the field. However it’s possible that the timing of the next front coincides with the aftermath of Game 7 on Wednesday, assuming there’s a Game 7. (And we are). More on this below.


Today will bring more great weather to Houston. Highs will get into the upper 70s to 80 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. Dewpoints will creep up, so conditions will feel a bit more humid than we experienced over the weekend, but the air won’t be uncomfortable by any means. Winds will be light, generally out of the southeast. Overnight lows tonight will generally fall to around 60 degrees in the city, with slightly cooler conditions for outlying areas, and warmer along the coast.


Some patchy fog will be possible on Tuesday morning, but that should burn off rather quickly, leaving us with another mostly sunny day and highs near 80 degrees. Overnight lows will again fall about 60 in Houston.

NOAA rainfall forecast for now through Thursday. (Weather Bell)


We’ll start to see some cloud cover on Wednesday, and with the onshore flow this day will feel a little bit more humid with highs likely ranging from 75 to 80 degrees. The front’s timing remains somewhat uncertain, but I’d expect it to come through some time between Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning. We probably will see some briefly moderate to heavy rain with the front—hence my concern about the aftermath of a potential Game 7—but I’m not sure exactly when this is coming. Most areas probably will receive about 1 inch of rain with the front. Hopefully we’ll be able to firm up the front’s timing in tomorrow’s post.


Today’s a sweater day! Clouds should persist for much of Thursday, and this will help to confine high temperatures into the low to mid-60s for the city, with possibly the 50s for inland areas. With moderate northerly winds (nothing like last week), this will be a chilly day and lows Thursday night may drop into the 40s for all areas but the coast.

Friday morning’s lows may end up being a few degrees cooler than this forecast, even. (Weather Bell)


Friday should start out clear and cold, and despite sunny skies I’d expect highs to only reach the mid-60s. Winds should be fairly light out of the north. Expect another chilly night, with much of the area reaching the 40s.

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

The weekend looks amazing, with highs of around 70 degrees and lots of sunshine. Rain chances are bascially zero. Plan your outdoor activities with confidence. The early part of next week should bring highs in the 70s with partly to mostly sunny skies and nicely dry air.

10 thoughts on “Houston will fall more deeply into fall this week—we’re talking real sweater weather”

  1. Woo hoo! After a Houston summer and a Houston hurricane, it’s great to have some actually livable weather around here.

  2. I don’t understand the constant complaining about the weather here. I’m sure you could find work elsewhere that suits you better.

    • not if you’re divorced with joint custody, and possession of your kids is geo-restricted to the Houston area.

      (I’m not complaining tho)

    • It’s just part of the fun of living in Houston! The old one-upsmanship for friends and family who live elsewhere—“Yeah, you think it was hot where you are—but you shudda been in Houston!” You know, bragging rights. 😂😂😂

  3. Golly, so my “long sleeve t-shirt and shorts” season will need to be “long sleeve t-shirts and jeans”? Already? Thanks to you guys giving us a heads up last week, I located my “more substantial” fall/winter wardrobe on Sunday afternoon.

  4. Go Astros!!! We can win two at home especially with the current status of the Braves relievers. We do have a chance.

    • EXCEPT that they have bonafide starter – Max Fied – going tomorrow. We tagged him a bit in game 2, but don’t let that fool you. Is a “second look” for us though

  5. WHEN we play Game 7, this is going to be sooo ironic – almost identical – to 2019’s Game 7 vs Nationals. Walking into that game and it was your just your average cloudy, but with light rain. Came out and rain had increased and COLD winds abounded as we crossed the downtown streets to our car, all the way expressing disdain for AJ having prematurely yanked Greinke with one out in 7th. Then coming out of Maple Leaf Pub where we’d stopped for a couple, the rain really picked up with winds to boot. Back to this year’s weather – the situation may damn well be identical Wednesday, except this time, hope to be exalting in Astros Game 7 championship win / World Series title!!

  6. Thanks for the shout out to our Houston Astros.
    Go Stros!!
    Thank you for the weather outlooks.I know it isn’t an excate science,but you are weather warrior’s.
    Cheering on the hometown boys.Go Astros!!

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