August is over, but sometimes September isn’t much better

August is over. I always find it interesting to debate whether August or September is the worst month, weather-wise, in Houston. I’m definitely on “Team August” because it’s the hottest month with no hope of relief. But many readers loathe September more, because it’s often nearly as hot, there’s a persistent threat of hurricanes, and the wait for the first real cool front seems to take forever. I can see both sides. But I’m still glad August is over.

Temperatures just before sunrise in southeast Texas on the first day of September. (Weather Bell)


Although September is here, it definitely will feel like summer. Tuesday’s high temperature reached 99 degrees at Bush Intercontinental Airport, and today will probably be nearly as hot. Skies will be mostly sunny. Later today the combination of moisture and daytime heating should spark some showers. Chances are likely about 40 percent south of Interstate 10, and 20 percent or less inland, further from the source of the moisture. Some showers could be briefly intense. Lows tonight will be sultry.


This day should be a lot like Wednesday.


Another day where we should see a decent chance of showers closer to the coast, with lesser chances inland. Highs will be in the mid-90s.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

As high pressure builds over the area, Labor Day Weekend 2021 will be mostly sunny and hot, with minimal rain chances of about 10 percent. Highs will be in the mid-90s. Plan your outdoor activities with confidence.

Next week

Rain chances should perk up by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, and this could help to drive temperatures down into the low 90s.

Wednesday morning tropical outlook. (National Hurricane Center)


The National Hurricane Center continues to suggest an area of low pressure in the Southern Caribbean Sea has a modest chance of developing over the next week, but pretty much all of our best available model guidance keeps that system bottled up in the Caribbean Sea and Southern Gulf of Mexico. We’ll continue to watch it, of course. Way out in the Atlantic Tropical Storm Larry has formed, and it likely will become a major hurricane over the next five days. It should recurve before affecting any landmasses, including hopefully Bermuda.

12 thoughts on “August is over, but sometimes September isn’t much better”

  1. September is by far the worst. As a transplant from the Midwest, September was always the month for highs in the 70s and really nice weather to be outside. Here it’s just more of August while the rest of the country starts to cool off, plus Hurricanes. No chance of hitting the 70s until October.

  2. September equates to the last “miles” we run in the annual Houston heat marathon. This marathon usually ends with the promise of cooler weather by the last 10 days of September. What makes the Houston heat marathon miserable are the years when Mother Nature decides to add a few miles of heat just for fun. Still,
    September is better than August because it is closer to October on the calendar. Ha!

  3. Question about fall…I know we (the gulf coast) stay warmer longer than the rest of the country cause of the warmth of the gulf. How far out/up does that reach?

  4. September is the month of hope in Houston…hope that we will finally feel our “high fever” break with the first real cool front of the Fall. Good riddance August!

  5. August is the worst (mostly because I am a teacher and it is the beginning of the school year AND hot)

  6. Count me in on “Team August” because August has the added negative of having zero holidays in it.

    Plus, you’re guaranteed “hot” in August while September could get you some cooler temps in the latter half. Also, I like September because, when I can swing vacations then, it means lower prices (theoretically) and smaller crowds everywhere since the kids are back in school.

    And, as someone else said earlier; September is closer to October.

  7. August is definitely the worst. During August, cooler temps are so far away they might as well be a mirage. At least in September they are close enough to be worth hoping for.

  8. Even if August and September have equal temperatures there’s one difference that tips the scales to August: we get September over with one day sooner.

  9. I really can’t say, while August holds little promise of any relief, September has too often of late only cruelly teased us with cooler weather, may as well just combine them into one 61 day month and christen it Augtember.

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