Calm, spring-like weather to persist for as far as the eye can see

Summary: If you like the forecast to be steady eddy, and our weather mild, you’re in luck. The outlook for the next week or so, at least, looks pleasant with a series of weak fronts keeping temperatures from getting too warm or the air too humid. Rain chances are near zero at least until we get toward the end of next week.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to Houston-based Intuitive Machines. There are some great people there, and last night they successfully landed the first US-made spacecraft on the Moon in 52 years. This is also the first privately built vehicle to ever make a soft landing on the Moon. It’s a huge achievement that all of us in Space City can be proud of. As a space nerd I was so excited last night I could hardly fall asleep. If you’re interested, I wrote about the nail-biting landing, which faced last-minute challenges, here.


A modest front arrived on Thursday night to drag some cooler and drier weather in to the Houston region. As a result, we have some pleasant weather ahead this weekend. Skies will be sunny today, with high temperatures in the upper 70s. Winds will be noticeable, out of the north, gusting to perhaps 20 or 25 mph this afternoon. They should ease off this evening, and we’ll see lows drop down to around 50 degrees tonight.

Low temperature forecast for Saturday morning in Houston. (Weather Bell)


The first half of the weekend should be stunning. Highs will reach the upper 70s, with a few areas perhaps briefly touching 80 degrees. The air will be plenty dry, with light winds. Lows on Saturday night will again drop into the low 50s to 50 degrees in Houston, with cooler conditions for outlying areas.


By Saturday night we’ll see the onshore flow starting to work its way into Houston, so on Sunday we’ll see slightly more humid air. More noticeable, perhaps, will be a fairly robust southerly breeze, at 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph or higher. Skies will still be sunny, with highs in the upper 70s. With the warmer overall flow, lows on Sunday night will only drop to around 60 degrees in Houston.

First half of next week

We’ll see warmer and breezier weather next week with highs generally around 80 degrees and somewhat humid air as dewpoints push into the low-60s. Skies will still be at least somewhat sunny on Monday, but they’ll turn cloudier on Tuesday and Wednesday. At some point, probably on Wednesday, another modestly strong front will arrive to bring us some cooler and drier air.

It’s springtime in Houston, and it feels fine. (Weather Bell)

Second half of next week

Highs will likely drop into the low 70s, and lows into the 50s, after the front. This somewhat cooler weather could persist into the weekend, but at that point the forecast starts to turn a bit fuzzy. In terms of rainfall potential, the models are hinting that some showers may return into the forecast beginning next Thursday or Friday, but the signal is far from overwhelming. We should know more on Monday. Speaking of which, have a wonderful weekend, everyone. We don’t get all that many in Space City like this.

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  1. Whenever there is great weather, comment section empty.
    Whenever there is bad weather like this last summer, 50+ comments every day.

    People!!! Stop focusing on the negative. This weather is literally perfect. Why can’t there be 50 comments on a day like this praising the wonderful weather??

    We are so lucky to live in Houston and have great weather for 9 months of the year.

  2. Have you lived here long? Or maybe an AI. We know what’s coming, so joy is kept in close. Not publicized. Imagine days on end that LOOK just like today but 30F higher T and 30F higher DPt. Then you’ll know why. Ha ha ha.

  3. I have followed you for years and had zero idea you covered space for ars technica. A man of many talents!

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