Cold and then colder for Houston in the days ahead

The high on Christmas Day in Houston was 54 degrees, and on Tuesday the high only reached 51. Nevertheless, those days will feel balmy compared to the next two days, when high temperatures probably won’t climb out of the 40s. After a slight warm-up this weekend, we can expect potentially even colder weather next week.


Very light rain is falling across the southern half of Houston, and this activity should slowly push offshore this morning. But that doesn’t mean the Sun is going to grace us with its presence. No, instead we’ll be left with a cloudy, gray day with highs in the mid-40s. The coldest day of the year came on Dec. 8th (44 degrees) and we may tie that today.

Do not be alarmed if you see this in the sky on Friday.

Thursday and Friday

Moisture levels fall a bit, but I don’t think we can completely rule out a bit of drizzle during Thursday and Friday mornings. Thursday will remain cloudy, with a high of near 50 degrees, and Friday might actually nudge up into the mid-50s. Houston might also see the Sun for a time on Friday—please don’t be shocked when you see a big, bright, yellow orb in the sky. Nighttime temperatures will remain comfortably above freezing.

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Saturday and Sunday

The forecast for the weekend has some questions, which will bear directly upon New Years Eve festivities (Sunday night). Highs this weekend should range from about 50 to 60 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies, and a continued chance of light rain. At some point on Sunday, or Monday morning, a strong Arctic front will push into the Houston area. This is part of a much larger system that will bring blistering cold into the central and northern United States. Houston will be on the periphery of this cold air mass, but we’re still going to feel it next week.

GFS model depiction of a cold air mass moving into the United States on Monday morning. (Weather Bell)

Anyway, the question is whether this cold air arrives on Sunday before the evening festivities, during the event itself, or on the morning of New Years Day. Some light rain could accompany the front.

The New Year

The first week of 2018 looks very cold. Right now I’m looking at highs in the 40s, with nights in the upper 20s and 30s. If there’s a bright side its that we should finally see some more sunshine and the rain chances should die back to near zero. We’ll have to fine tune this as we get closer to next week, but we can have high confidence in very chilly weather.

8 thoughts on “Cold and then colder for Houston in the days ahead

  1. Robin

    Arghhhhh….in the 20’s!?! Sigh, that always means lots of work outside to try and save plants. Oh well, maybe a few mosquitoes will die!

    1. Blackhawks Fan

      Robin – The current temperature in Minneapolis is MINUS 6F. That’s not the wind chill. Count your blessings.

      Speaking of mosquitoes, I’ve seen very, very few since Harvey.

    2. Chuck

      Minus 15 F in Fairbanks, AK, as I type. Dropping to minus 19 tonight. The Alaskan mosquitoes, (and there are hordes of them, maybe worse than Houston) ARE dead. Their “high” tomorrow is minus 12. But it’s sunny!

      Meanwhile, 74 F on Maui!

  2. Bryan

    A lot of our weather apps on our phones are showing snow on Monday in surrounding areas. What is up with that?

  3. Milt

    I no longer debate about covering, moving plants inside…she’s tolerated me for 51-years…when she says let’s move the plants inside (garage), I JUST do it…life is soooo much easier, and the workout ain’t bad…dang it…I’m ready for heat and a “little” humidity…thought I’d never say that…

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