Thanks to our December sponsor, Murray Newman

For the month of December, Space City Weather has been sponsored by The Law Office of Murray Newman. This means the site was provided for free, without advertising, for the entire month thanks to Murray. 

Here’s a bit more about him, and the legal services he provides:

I’m a former Felony Chief Prosecutor who practices Criminal Defense in Harris County and the surrounding areas. I’m an 1995 graduate of Texas A&M and a 1999 graduate from the University of Houston Law School. I represent people accused of crimes, both misdemeanor and felony. I’m a trial lawyer who doesn’t back down on even the toughest of cases.

Thank you to Murray for supporting the site this month!

6 thoughts on “Thanks to our December sponsor, Murray Newman”

  1. Thank you Murray for sponsoring and for defending our Constitutional rights!

    🙂 But as a citizen who respects the laws, I hope I never need your services 🙂

  2. Our company would like to sponsor you!
    Let me know how to make that happen.
    Happy Holydays! And thank you for keeping us all better informed about the weather.
    Cindy Duffy, Jericho Foundation Repairs

  3. The Jan 2018 issue of “Wired” magazine has a great article about some guy named Eric Berger providing “drip by drip” coverage of a storm named Harvey.

    Kudos to Mr. Berger !

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