One more day of humidity before relief arrives in Houston

Houston’s forecast remains on track, with another day or so of humidity before a front brings drier and cooler air in for the weekend.


One more almost summer-like day lies ahead for Houston with highs near 90 degrees. The ample atmospheric moisture also means we’ll have one more scattered shot at rainfall, which much of the region really needs now after a very dry September and almost no rain in October. Alas rain chances are probably only 20 to 30 percent, perhaps a little bit higher for western areas of the region. Lows tonight will again be warm and sticky.


We’ll see another warm day on Friday, with mostly sunny skies, but drier air will begin to filter into the area along with a cool front later in the day. Houston won’t see an immediate cool down, but conditions will be nicer by the evening hours, and the front will be more apparent come the weekend. Rain chances are near zero with the front.

Saturday and Sunday

Temperatures have been trending a little warmer for the weekend, but conditions still should be pretty nice for the region. Expect highs in the mid- to upper-80s, with drier air under sunny skies, and lows in the mid-60s, a bit warmer along the coast and cooler up north.

Monday should be the coolest morning, with lows 10 to 12 degrees below normal. (Weather Bell)

Monday through Wednesday

An additional push of drier air should help us out early next week, likely keeping temperatures in the mid-80s, with sunny skies, and lows in the low- to mid-60s. It’s not cold, but it’s not summer-lite, either. If I had to guess, after Friday, we may well be done with 90-degree days for 2016.

Hurricane Matthew

After some weakening following its interaction with Haiti and Cuba, Matthew has unfortunately begun to strengthen this morning and probably will continue to do so today. The National Hurricane Center forecasts that a very powerful, 145-mph hurricane will reach Florida’s east coast on Friday, and I’m especially concerned for Kennedy Space Center and some of its older, iconic buildings. Some people have asked about the possibility of this storm looping back around, into the Gulf of Mexico, and eventually threatening Texas. I would advise not worrying about that possibility. Texas is almost certainly done with tropical threats for 2016.

19 thoughts on “One more day of humidity before relief arrives in Houston”

  1. I’m kind of surprised more college football games in Florida aren’t being re-scheduled. I realize things might be improving by Saturday but it does seem like the schools closer to the coast at least (Miami and possibly Florida) should err on the side of caution with this storm?

  2. Looks like the eye of this beast is almost right at the Florida coast. Bad for our friends there!

  3. I heard on TWC that the front was not as strong as expected and is no longer protecting the gulf from Matthew, so it would loop back into the Gulf and make a landfall along the gulf coast some time late next week.

  4. Hi Eric – Next week on Thursday and Friday (10/13-10/14) there will be a sailboat race, called the Harvest Moon Regatta, that will have 145 boats (close to 500 crew) that will be racing from Galveston to Port Aransas. Can you provide in your forecasts over the next week information about wind conditions and wind direction along with the current information you are providing?

    I enjoy following you and your weather comments.

  5. My cousin and his family live in Savannah and were just ordered to leave on very short notice. They live in the old part of Savannah in a 100 year old house. Since they are about 25 feet above sea level I’m assuming something very ugly showed up in the storm surge models today.

  6. Some further definition from their last text- they are just west of the mandatory evacuation area to their east. However, local authorities are strongly suggesting all of Chatam County evacuate. Apparently the concern in their part of town is wide-spread street (and house) flooding from 10-13 inches of rain. I guess the sewers are plugged up with trash, or just undersized in an old part of town.

  7. Eric-
    If the eye if the hurricane never crosses the coast , does this hurricane still break the 4000 day record since a hurricane hit the US?

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