Cooler this week, but a warm Christmas?

Oh boy. My wife keeps asking me about a White Christmas next week. Yeah, about that …


After a cool start with temperatures in the upper 40s we’ll warm into the low 70s, under sunny skies. Winds have already come back out of the south, so the influx of colder air that arrived on Sunday won’t last too long.


As moisture from the Gulf of Mexico piles into the region on Tuesday we’ll see humidity levels rise, and high temperatures will climb into the upper 70s. Yes, it’s getting warm again. But only briefly. A fairly strong cold front will arrive late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning, bringing a chance of rain — I don’t expect more than a few tenths of an inch — after sunset Tuesday and before sunrise on Wednesday.


The front should move through by Wednesday morning, setting the stage for a gorgeous second half of the week.

It appears as though Friday morning will be this week's coldest. (Weather Bell)
It appears as though Friday morning will be this week’s coldest. (Weather Bell)

Highs will generally be in the low 60s, lows in the low 40s, and there will be lots of sunshine. Can’t beat this kind of weather.


The weekend at this point looks pretty nice, with a slow warm-up, highs in the mid- to upper-60s, and a fair amount of sun. Rain chances look near zero.


I hate to say it, but at least the first half of Christmas week looks pretty warm at this point, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. Still a ways to go, but if you’re looking for cold weather to get in the Christmas spirit I’d take advantage of this week. Overall I’m still pretty bullish on some kind of winter weather this year, including the possibility of snow, but it looks as though we may have to wait until January for that.

2 thoughts on “Cooler this week, but a warm Christmas?”

  1. I’m certainly looking forward to the possibility of snow!

    Besides the visual appeal of waking up to (at least partially) snow-covered ground, I also enjoy watching the natives freak out like it was the Apocalypse or something.

  2. I’m with you Blackhawks Fan. While browsing the local mega mart in shorts and a t-shirt this afternoon, I was amused to see so many folks in their wintery finest. It was 70 and sunny! Oh well, I will take last night’s winter as a particularly short one for these parts.

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