Drought expanding around Houston, as our best rain chance for several days arrives today

Yesterday’s drought monitor update showed that drought has indeed expanded around the Houston area, rather significantly too.

Almost the entire Houston metro is officially in drought now, with the fewest impacts in Montgomery County (US Drought Monitor)

Coverage of drought increased almost 10 percent, while coverage of extreme drought (Level 3 of 4) in the southern half of the region almost tripled week over week. We are still well behind 2011’s pace. At this point in 2011, the entire metro area was in level 4 of 4 (exceptional drought) compared to 0 percent today. But we are clearly in drought now, and it’s only going to get more extensive from here.

That said, we may get a little relief today!


Today is beginning on a quiet, warm note once again. But there are actually some showers on radar in Louisiana, which indicates a weak little disturbance passing by. As that moves through our area today, we should expect to see at least a handful of showers or downpours develop. Let’s be fair here: Rain chances are only about 20 to 30 percent, but it’s the highest they have been recently and the highest they will be for a while to come.

Expect mid to upper 90s today with at least some showers or storms around, our best chance of rain for a while longer. (NWS Houston)

There’s a better chance you won’t see rain today than you will, but at least there’s a chance. Aside from that, expect mid to upper 90s with sun, clouds, and a touch of Saharan dust still.

Saturday and Sunday

For the weekend, the good news is that if you’re planning anything for Father’s Day or Juneteenth celebrations, you probably won’t get rained on. The better news is that the Saharan dust will be outta’ here as well. So it will look a bit less hazy outside.

Of course, we stand a really good chance at finally breaching the 100 degree mark officially this weekend (yes, many of you already have reached this point but IAH has not), particularly on Sunday. Either way, it looks hot.

Next week

More of the same. 100 degree chances are with us Monday and maybe Tuesday with very slim to no rain chances. Atmospheric moisture levels look rather low most of next week, so I don’t expect much if any rainfall for most of the week.

Next week’s rainfall forecast. Alright. (Weather Bell)

Temperatures may actually bottom out on Tuesday or Wednesday. With a rebuilding ridge toward the end of the week, we may actually see our hottest weather of summer so far. More on that Monday. Whether it’s 98 or 102 next week, it’s just going to be hot.

Nothing out there we need to monitor for the tropics at this time.

I’ll leave on a quick note: If you missed Eric’s post yesterday, version 1.5 of the Space City Weather app is now available, and we encourage you to upgrade and inform us of any bugs you encounter. Thank you as always for your support.

17 thoughts on “Drought expanding around Houston, as our best rain chance for several days arrives today”

  1. I keep wondering why I live in this part of the country (other than this is where my industry is). This is crazy, and it isn’t even August yet! Why aren’t I in North Carolina or somewhere that has reasonable weather year-round?

    • It’s pretty unreasonably hot in the Carolinas too, unless you’re up in the mountains. Looks like temps up to about 105 pretty much all next week in Charlotte for example.

  2. Is the high pressure system EVER going to move??? Can we opt out of summer at any point??

  3. Boy, I’m dreading my next electricity bill… I don’t think the A/C has clicked off in weeks. and this year I finally caved due to complaints and bought a separate portable unit for our bedroom so we can cool it off fully before bedtime.

    Our house really needs a separate HVAC system for each floor, but the cheap-ass landlord we’ve been renting from claims the “guidelines” are two HVAC systems only if the house is over 2600 sq. ft., and ours is around 2550.

    Even with the AC set to 66, on these brutally hot days we can only cool the house to 82 or so.

    • I found that we have to play catchup all day. Typically a 72 degree household. Once it moves to 75 we set it to 73 and it can keep up. If it goes up again we bump it up a degree or two and it usually keeps up for a little while. By the end of the day we have it set on 76 or 77 but it’s better than having it set on 72 and the house sitting at 83.

  4. Relief is right around the corner! Only 100 days til Fall Day. Give or take a week or two…

  5. How does the heat and drought this year compare to 1980? That was an early, dry summer. I was young and my dad had a farm and it was tough. I’m over the hill now and it’s feeling tough again thankfully no more farming.

  6. I liked it the way it was, dont screw up a good and properly functioning system… for no actual gain.

  7. 4 PM: Here in the Med Center, the sky is gray and we’ve got some thunder going in the distance. There should be some rain in the Inner Loop and I say: “Bring it!”

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