Fourth of July signals the return of hot weather for awhile to Houston

After several days of cooler weather, and for some locations fairly wet conditions, high pressure has again started to assert control over our weather. There really is not a whole lot more to say other than that temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than normal for the foreseeable future with lots of sunshine. And because today is a holiday, this post will be short and (not so?) sweet.


Highs today will range from around 90 degrees along the coast, to mid-90s in the city of Houston, to near 100 degrees for far inland areas such as College Station and Conroe. Skies will be mostly sunny this afternoon. Winds will generally be light, out of the southeast at 5 to 10 mph. Aside from the lingering heat, there are zero concerns for fireworks this evening. However because of dry ground, especially north of Interstate 10 where the recent rains left less of an impact, please take care of any activities that could cause wildfires.

High temperature forecast for Monday, July 4th. (Weather Bell)


A lot like Monday, but without the fireworks.

Wednesday through Friday

Each of these days will bring highs in the mid to upper-90s in Houston, with warmer conditions further inland, and slightly less hot along the coast. It does look like atmospheric moisture levels may tick up a bit during the second half of the week, allowing for a slight 10 to 20 percent chance of a an afternoon shower along the sea breeze. But don’t get your hopes up.

Temperature outlook for this weekend into the middle of next week. (Pivotal Weather)

Saturday, Sunday, and beyond

Temperatures look to rise even a bit further this weekend, with 100-degree weather possible in the city itself. At this point I expect sunny weather to continue, with perhaps 10 percent daily rain chances. Quite honestly there does not seem much chance of a pattern change at least into the early to middle part of next week. Hot, hot, hot.

The good news is that the Atlantic tropics look to be quiet for a while, as the overall pattern favors sinking air over much of the basin. Please have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!

7 thoughts on “Fourth of July signals the return of hot weather for awhile to Houston”

  1. Not sure if I agree that it’s “good news” that the tropics are quiet. That seems to be the only way we’re going to get some rain around here.

    Now, we certainly don’t want another Ike (and to a lesser extent) Harvey blowing through here, and I’m not rooting for a hurricane at all, but the La Niña isn’t going anywhere it appears and that means we aren’t getting any along the jet stream in Texas.

    We need in a bad way for a weak tropical storm to to dump about 8-10″ over the course of a week. That’s why last week’s “storm” was so disappointing. It could have been so beneficial and exactly what we needed.

  2. Bleh, just stepped outside a few minutes ago and it already felt like the sun was trying to burn a hole through me. Going back inside until November.

  3. Agree with my buddy “JR”. It is not “good news” that the tropics are quiet. We need a storm or two. Plants are dying and city water is expensive and doesn’t deliver like a good hard rain.

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