Goodbye rainfall, hello gorgeous fall weather

Moisture associated with the remnants of Hurricane Willa produced showers across the Houston area from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning. Most of the region saw less than 1 inch of rain, but southern areas of the metro area were harder hit, with a few parts of Galveston seeing as much as 4 to 5 inches of rainfall. Fortunately, we are all done with that mess now. We’ll now see a heavy dose of sunshine and drier air for the next six or seven days.

24-hour rain totals ending at 1am CT Thursday. The coast near Houston got hit hard. (Pivotal Weather)


A few lingering, light showers southeast of Houston will push east by around sunrise. Skies should clear some today, but we’ll still see plenty of clouds, and that should limit high temperatures to about 70 degrees. In the background, northwesterly winds will be ushering drier air into the region, which will set up a really nice weekend.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Not much to say, other than to encourage you to enjoy the great fall weather for the weekend. (Among the activities I’d recommend is a rare open house at Johnson Space Center). Highs will range from the mid-70s on Friday to the lower 80s for Saturday and Sunday, with overnight lows varying from the 50s inland to 60s along the coast. Everyone will see mostly sunny days and mostly clear nights. Humidity levels will rebound a bit on Sunday, as a more southwesterly flow returns. However, a dry cool front on Sunday night or Monday morning will prevent things from getting too muggy.

Saturday’s high temperature forecast looks grand. (National Weather Service)

Monday and Tuesday

Conditions will remain quite nice to start next week, with highs in the 70s and lows generally in the 50s for all but the coast. Expect lots of sunshine, too.


Temperatures by Halloween are likely to rebound into the 80s. Whether we see some rain to interrupt the festivities that evening will depend upon the timing of the region’s next cold front. This one has the potential to be stronger, both in terms of rainfall potential—we may see some widespread showers and thunderstorms with this one–as well as cooler air. Hopefully the front doesn’t come until Thursday, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Anyway, the front could bring the region some of its first nights in the 40s by late next week, but that’s not something we can say with too much confidence right now.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye rainfall, hello gorgeous fall weather

  1. Robin Holzer

    Eric: Thanks so much for the heads-up about the JSC open house! Do you know whether the Neutral Buoyancy Lab will be open? I’ve wanted to see that for years! Thanks, Robin

      1. Berger Fan

        I don’t see the Sonny Carter Facility on the event notification:

        On Saturday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., JSC is opening its doors (Gate 1, to be precise) to celebrate NASA’s 60th anniversary and the International Space Station’s 20th anniversary. The public will get to take a free, behind-the-scenes look at some of the agency’s historic accomplishments, as well as the exciting work currently going on in preparation for NASA’s return to the Moon and then travel to Mars.

        In addition to guest speakers from International Space Station, Orion, Exploration Integration & Science, Commercial Crew, and Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science, attendees will get to see:
        • Moon rocks
        • Apollo-themed quilts
        • 3rd Rock Radio
        • Inflatable planetarium from the Lunar Planetary Institute
        • Destination Station mobile exhibit
        • And more!

        What buildings will be open?
        Buildings 2, 16, 30, 11, 9N, 21, and the Saturn V rocket facility will be open during the event. All other buildings will be locked.

        Regular rules are the rule—even tomorrow.
        Tomorrow, just like any other day at JSC, no pets, firearms or weapons are permitted. Licensed service animals, however, are welcome.

        • While visitors can stay on-site until 2 p.m., no guests will be admitted after 1:30 p.m. For a full list of event details and the speaker schedule, .

        1. Robin Holzer

          Thanks so much for these details! This is my first open house, so I’m not sure what to expect. If building 30 will be open, does that mean we can visit the MER to see/hear what folks on Station are up to?

  2. Melanie H.

    Thanks so much for all you guys do! My 3 yo keeps asking me when it’s going to snow again. He looks at your maps all the time with me so I told him I would ask. Do you know how likely that is this winter?

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