Happy Fall Day, Houston!

This is my second favorite post of the year to write—that fall’s first real front has finally arrived in Houston. (Tomorrow, I plan to write my favorite). Not only will we see drier and cooler air, one of the pleasant surprises of this front is its sticking power. We should see about four days and notably cooler nights before humidity levels start to creep up on Sunday. More typically, our first fall front washes out within a couple of days. So let’s enjoy!


Dewpoints have generally fallen to the upper 50s this morning, and should fall further throughout the day. Accordingly, the air will feel much drier. With lots of sunshine, temperatures will quickly warm to the mid-80s this afternoon, but drop again as the Sun sets. Winds will be out of the north from 10 to 15 mph with higher gusts. Overnight lows will vary widely, from about 50 degrees in Conroe to 70 degrees right along the coast, in Galveston Island.

Thursday morning’s low temperatures are going to be sublime. (Weather Bell)

Thursday and Friday

More of the same: Sunny skies, highs in the low- to mid-80s, and cool nights down in the low 60s in Houston, and cooler for outlying areas.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend looks a bit warmer, with highs in the mid- to upper 80s, but there should still be enough dry air to keep conditions pleasant, especially on Saturday. Skies will be sunny, and rain chances near zero. Plan outdoor activities with confidence.

Houston’s rain chances are zero until next Tuesday or Wednesday, after which a wetter period may return. (Weather Bell)

Next week

As the onshore flow really returns on Sunday, we’ll start to see dewpoints climb, and we’ll get back to late summertime weather with highs near 90 degrees. Rain chances should also start to increase by Tuesday or Wednesday as atmospheric moisture levels rise, along with lots of cloud cover. Most of next week will probably be warmer and muggier.

22 thoughts on “Happy Fall Day, Houston!”

  1. I was beaming a big bright smile during my pre-dawn walk today – what with the hearty breeze and lower humidity.

    Happy Fall Day to each and everyone! I plan to get outside again at lunch and after work while the getting is good.

    • Those that have followed you more than a couple years know what that favorite post is. It’s our favorite too.

  2. This morning the temperature was about 70° in town, which is a bit warmer than we were told to expect. In addition, the humidity, though lower, is still in the ~65% range. It seems to me that the forecast missed jut a bit, but despite that, the cooler and drier excursion from late summer weather is welcome. Is there any guess as to when our next cold front could be expected?

    • The RH is always going to be high in the mornings when the air temperature is lower. But what is the dew point where you are. Where I am (Sienna), the air temp is 75, but the dew point is 62. During the day, the dew point will stay low, RH will drop. and the air will feel even drier to your body.

      Where I grew up (SLC, Utah) I remember in the dead of the summer we would get dew points of 39 to 43, and the RH in the afternoon hours would be like 7%. As soon as the sun went down, the air temperature would rapidly drop like 25 degrees or more. Here it seems to drop 5 degrees when the sun goes down.

      Happy Fall Day to ALL!

  3. We had a cooler morning a couple of weeks ago. Dew point is still 60 here in the Champions area. I’m looking forward to a true fall morning tomorrow.

  4. No prizes for guessing what your ‘real’ favorite post – tomorrow – will foreshadow. We’ll just be happy to experience such a bonanza of good news on the weather front.

    • 75 at 4am was a bit worrisome, but how could I have been of such little faith?! What a glorious morning!

  5. When was the last time that SCW’s “Fall Day” actually occurred on the Autumn Equinox? It was wonderful this morning.

  6. Fall Day this year came about a week earlier than last year, and about 2 weeks earlier than in 2019. That’s a trend I like…

  7. We’re taking advantage of this brief cooler weather before the end of DST to go on an evening picnic Saturday night – yay!

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