Happy Mother’s Day—please enjoy some rain showers

In brief: We’re likely to see the development of widespread showers, in addition to some thunderstorms, later this morning in the Houston area. Activity should be most pronounced this afternoon before the area likely starts to clear out for a bit this evening. If you’re taking mom out, bring an umbrella and check the radar just to be safe.

A lot of the ingredients necessary for moderate to heavy rainfall are percolating in the atmosphere near Houston right now. We’ve got plenty of moisture and instability. There’s also the impetus for lift, to carry the warm air at the surface higher into the atmosphere. What this all means is that the stage is set for showers and thunderstorms later today. But what will happen when the curtain actually rises?

HRRR model shows how today’s radar may develop, with a forecast for reflectivity at 2 pm CT Sunday. (Weather Bell)

Generally, I expect activity to develop to the southwest of the Houston metro area later this morning, and then push into the central portions of the region including Harris County, before or around noon. These showers and thunderstorms should gradually lift north during the afternoon hours, and I expect rain chances to subside almost entirely by sunset. I’m not anticipating anything too crazy today, with most of the region likely picking up a few tenths of an inch of rain to maybe 2 inches. However, there could be some higher bullseyes that cause temporary street flooding. Highs today will range from the upper 70s to lower 80s, with plenty of cloud cover. Mom doesn’t need to worry about a sunburn today, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice.

Monday should see some additional shower and thunderstorm chances, although I don’t feel entirely confident in the details. It also looks as though the potential for severe storms will be a little higher on Monday or Monday evening, with damaging winds and hail a slight possibility. We’ll have a comprehensive update on all of that for you early on Monday morning.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day—please enjoy some rain showers”

  1. “A few tenths of a inch of rain” is that it? Ugh! After all the hype, so disappointing. Back to watering, it seems.

      • I agree completely. It seems like all the hype about rain is a constant disappointment for us here just south of Dickinson. The watering where we live never seems to stop.

      • Hey Ken, don’t let Sean get to you. I don’t think you’re trying to start things you’re just reporting the facts. As far as that less than a single tenth of an inch of rain you got, we here in SF got nada. Now it’s Sunday afternoon and the sun is brightly shining. Boo Hoo!!

        • It isn’t nice when others get what we want, no justice in the world it seems. Any chance you could rent a big haulage truck and drag Dickinson up north a few miles to where the rain has a passion to hang out? I’ve been to Dickinson, I used to paddle board down there, nice place, but a bit off the beaten track – although not bad thing considering the mess the rest of the greater blob is looking these days.

  2. On the bright side it’s been 204 days (October 21st, 2003) since our last 90 degree day! That’s something every Mother can celebrate!

  3. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I read the headline “Happy Mother’s Day—please enjoy some rain showers”! One of the main reasons that I only read the weather with the Space City guys. Humor instead of scaring people.

    On another note, the area that is being forecast is massive, Houston itself is ginormous. I live in Missouri City/Sugarland and that is Fort Bend County. Fort Bend includes such a massive portion that if rain is in the forecast I’m thrilled if I get some. If not, I start watering.

    Space City weather is THE place for hurricane/tropical storm coverage. They are pros in my book and keep me and my “screaming dogs” calm during hurricane season. And for that, I’m grateful.


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