The Northern Lights are visible in parts of Southeast Texas tonight, for real

In brief: If you have clear skies and minimal light pollution, look to the north for a chance that you may see the aurora borealis (or northern lights) here in Southeast Texas (Friday night, the 10th).

We’ll keep this brief. A massive, if not historic solar storm has unleashed a barrage of solar flares toward Earth. Those arrived today, the strongest solar storm in at least 20 years to impact us. We have seen reports all over Europe of the aurora being visible. Not just visible…VISIBLE. Those reports have spread into the U.S. now, with much of Georgia, parts of Mississippi, Mobile, AL, and now Pinehurst and The Woodlands and Lake Conroe reporting the aurora.

Northern lights visible on Lake Conroe! (@mrscryptorabbit on Twitter/X)

The aurora can be fickle, so there is no guarantee you will see it everywhere tonight, certainly not in the city of Houston where light pollution is likely too much to overcome. However, if you have the means and time to get out and look north, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity here in Southeast Texas. Please send us pictures as you’re able.

26 thoughts on “The Northern Lights are visible in parts of Southeast Texas tonight, for real”

  1. Ah-Aurora Borealis?!
    At this time of year,
    at this time of day,
    in this part of the country,
    located entirely within Harris County?!

    • Not sure if you can see this…rather grainy as the photographer was using their phone on a zoom setting. This is in/near Trinity.


      Here’s another, better pic from same area. Not well defined, but still kinda cool:

  2. Not in Houston but we can see it north of Dallas (only with our phone). Try taking some pics of the sky. May be something there you can’t see with the naked eye. Good luck!

  3. Here are a couple of better pics with no flash – Trinity Area:


  4. No luck in Clear Lake, too many clouds, trees, and homes, not to mention light pollution from Houston.

    It does bring back memories of a vivid display I saw in second grade when we were living in a small river town in Iowa, and a less vivid display in junior high in Ohio (light pollution, again).

    Mobile is on the Gulf Coast, but I saw some pics from Huntsville (19 miles from Tennessee) which were quite vivid. (Another reason to move there when I retire?)

  5. Could you guys (the SCW team) comment on whether the anticipated cloud cover over most of SE TX up to central TX and beyond will be sufficient to obscure views of the northern lights, even in low light pollution conditions, this evening? Thanks so much.

  6. You said “tonight.” Were you referring to Friday night (when you sent the message), or will the “northern lights” occur Saturday night?

  7. Dang it! Missed this for last night. Adding myself to list of curious minds wanting to know if there’ll be another chance to view tonight.

  8. Space boys – are northern light chances tonight in our area? Debating a night drive to country for darker skies…


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