Happy New Year, Houston—enjoy the winter-like weather

Good morning. Just a short update today, due to the holiday, and also because frankly there is not much to say about Houston’s weather in the wake of our stormy New Year’s Eve frontal passage.

High pressure will dominate our weather for the next several days, and in January that means cool, mostly sunny days, and mostly clear nights. Highs for New Year’s Day and Saturday will likely only reach the mid-50s, with lows dropping down to around 40 degrees in the city of Houston. Highs by Sunday and Monday should reach into the mid- to upper-60s.

Low temperature forecast for Saturday morning. Sunday will be similar. (Weather Bell)

The warming trend will continue through about Wednesday, when we may see some scattered showers ahead of the next front—sliding through on Wednesday evening, perhaps? The front should lack the fireworks that we saw with the New Year’s Eve front. It should set the stage for more cool, clear, and winter-like weather heading into next weekend. We’ll have more for you on Monday morning.

All that’s left to say now is Happy New Year! We hope it is a better one for you, and our region. We’re going to continue to work to improve the site, and we’ll be announcing some big things in the coming weeks. We really appreciate this community, and Space City Weather set all kinds of traffic records in 2020 due to our growing readership and the dual threats of Hurricane Laura and Tropical Storm Beta:

• 12.6 million page views
• 3.8 million visitors
• 358 posts

We’d gladly take half of that traffic in 2021 if it means the tropics remain quiet!

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Houston—enjoy the winter-like weather”

  1. Happy New Year to you guys too! Depend on you for good weather forecasting and you always deliver! Loved the Hurricane Review pieces!

  2. A hearty Happy New Year wish to the SCW crew – as well as to everyone!

    Much hope for a cool spring, quieter hurricane season, and faster rollout of the vaccine so we can get back to more normal times.

  3. WOW…”3.1 million visitors”…landslide for “Hype-free forecasts”…congrats…way to go guys!,.

  4. Eric and Matt, It goes to show you that people are thirsting for the truth; just not a couple of inches in fifteen minutes.

  5. The real storm around here was the fireworks around midnight. In my 30 New Year’s here it’s never been so bad. Thought I had woken up into a firefight with artillery support.

    Anyway, good riddance 2020 and hopefully 2021 will end better than it’s starting.

    • They lasted so much longer than any other year. I didn’t sleep until 5am because they were still going off. Still was up at 7 like every other day.

  6. Thank you Eric and Matt. May the sun shine and rain blessings on you both with a twist of thundering light for 2021. God bless you both.

  7. Thank you, guys! Appreciate y’all so much. With lots of affection and wishes for a totally different and better new year for you and yours! (And all of us- region, country, world!)

  8. Thanks for all your research, late nights, early mornings and all you do to keep us informed in your friendly fashion

    Feliz año nuevo 🎆

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