Houston may soon see a sustained stretch of colder weather

Good morning. Houston will now see a couple of warmer days—with temperatures peaking in the low to mid-70s—before colder, winter-like weather returns. We then may see a sustained stretch of truly colder weather (for Houston, at least) with several days during which high temperatures do not climb out of the 50s. If you have been waiting for winter proper, it appears to be at hand for Houston.


Some central parts of Houston are seeing a thin layer of fog develop, but this should burn off fairly quickly after sunrise. High pressure will continue to drive our weather, and this will lead to a mostly sunny day with high temperatures likely reaching into the low- to mid-70s for most of the area. A few clouds will develop tonight, as temperatures fall into the 40s for most of the area except for the immediate coast.

Low temperature forecast for Tuesday morning


We’ll see another sunny day, with high temperatures likely reaching about 70 degrees. Winds will start to come from the east, and then the southeast, and this will begin to slowly increase moisture levels and set the stage for some healthy rain chances on Wednesday. But there will be none of that on Tuesday, when we should see mostly sunny skies. As clouds begin to increase during the overnight hours, this should prevent lows from falling below the low 50s for most of the region.


The day should start cloudy, with a chance for scattered showers during the morning hours. A front should sweep through during the afternoon hours, from west to east, and most all of the area should see at least brief rainfall from these storms. Accumulations for most people should be less than 1 inch as the storms push through, but isolated areas may see a bit more than that, and some of these thunderstorms may be briefly intense. As the front clears the area during the late afternoon or evening hours, rain chances will end, and lows will drop into the 40s.

Thursday and Friday

After the front moves through we may see some breezy conditions overnight, but winds should begin to subside by Thursday and Friday. This will set the stage for a sunny, cool end to the work week. I’d expect highs in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees with lots of sunshine both days. Lows probably will drop to around 40 in the city of Houston.

Houston will see plenty of days in the 50s in the days ahead. (Weather Bell)

Saturday, Sunday and beyond

So what does the weekend hold? Temperatures remain cold through Saturday, when we may see a few more clouds begin to develop. Sunday may see a bit of a warmup before another front approaches the area, but I think mostly cloudy skies will probably keep highs in the 50s. The timing and details with the next front are unclear, but it’s expected to bring another shot of rainfall and then quite a bit more colder air. We probably will see lows in the 30s next week, but it’s difficult to have much confidence in the details for now.

4 thoughts on “Houston may soon see a sustained stretch of colder weather”

  1. Ah, for the heady days of this past November, when we entertained thoughts of a warmer December and beyond…

    Yikes. I may have to buy a sweater.

    • Right, the experts had predicted a warmer than average fall/winter and less precipitation than average. Only about 75 days until spring.

    • Yeah this is not a La Nina pattern at all. November was nice and warm but December and now January look to be fairly winter like. December was quite a wet one too.

      But wow is the weather nice today!! I wasn’t expecting it to be so great. We’re pushing mid 70s today and we had dewpoints as high as 57 around noon time. And then i look at the long range forecast and see today is by far going to be the nicest day. I luv walking around in the winter sunshine.

      I dread the long range forecast tho. I’m getting rather sick of the cold air behind these powerful cold fronts. Looking forward to March and April when we can finally be free from the coldness and have more humidity again.

  2. while Chevron Houston Marathon is virtual, can you speak to the conditions on the Sat and Sun of marathon weekend.

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