Hot and mostly sunny through the weekend before a change next week

Good morning. Overall the forecast story remains the same, with scattered afternoon rain chances this week, a hot and sunny weekend, and then better rain chances next week as a rare August front moves into Texas and approaches our area.

Forecast high temperatures for Thursday. (Weather Bell)


It’s rather sultry outside this morning, with temperatures solidly at 80 degrees or above for most of the metro area. Our weather today will continue the pattern we’ve seen for this week, with hot and mostly sunny conditions, and high temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s. Winds today will be out of the southeast at 5 to 10 mph. The sea breeze should generate some shower activity late this morning and into the afternoon, but showers should be fairly scattered with one-third or less the metro area seeing rainfall. Lows tonight will again be warm.


See Thursday’s weather.

Saturday and Sunday

As the influence of high pressure over the plains states expands further, Houston’s temperatures should rise into the upper 90s this weekend, and rain chances will transition from “scattered” to “isolated.” This will be a classic August weekend as we head into August.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through next Wednesday. (Weather Bell)

Next week

Monday looks hot and sunny again, but then an honest-to-goodness front will push into Texas and move toward the Houston region on Monday night. I want to set expectations accordingly, as this front won’t bring much cooler or drier air. Rather, it should instead drive increased shower activity on Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday of next week, and the increased cloud cover may push highs into the lower 90s. After a hot week some showers and somewhat cooler weather would not be unwelcome.

4 thoughts on “Hot and mostly sunny through the weekend before a change next week”

  1. My evacuation partner & I live in Beaumont, & we both keep up with you, & frequently discuss your excellent weather commentaries. We also enjoy your subtle humor. Today — yes, it was subtle — but it made me burst out laughing. ( Friday — see Thursday’s weather ) Laughter is one of the great blessings. Along with friends, food, sleep, safety, & peace.
    Thanks for the excellent weather reporting. Thanks for the laughter. And thanks for
    the great blessings of safety & peace.

  2. I love it. An honest to God cold front. How about “a slight temperature reduction may be in the cards?”
    But, yep, August is upon us with all its sultry, sticky HOT days and nights. Yuck.
    Thanks guys and keep watching out for the storms for us. You’re the best.

  3. You guys are the best! Any chance we could get an update on the tropics? I’m heading out of town at the end of next week and want to know if I need to move all the patio stuff into the garage before I go…

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