Houston drinking in the last chance saloon for rain today and Thursday before summertime heat takes over

Good morning. The overall pattern for Houston’s forecast remains the same. We’re going to have a couple of more days of fairly modest rain chances as high pressure starts to build over the area, and sends our temperatures upward. And the Houston region is still looking its first sustained period of hot temperatures beginning this weekend, and lasting through at least much of next week.


High pressure doesn’t have our region in a firm grip yet, so we’re going to see more moderate weather today, with highs of around 90 degrees and mostly sunny skies. The atmosphere is just disturbed enough that we could see some showers and thunderstorms break out during the afternoon hours with daytime heating. However, these storms should be more scattered than what has come earlier this week. I would peg daily rain chances at about 20 or 30 percent. Winds will be light, with lows dropping into the low 70s tonight.

Here’s our last day of temperatures at or just below 90 degrees. (Weather Bell)


A day like Wednesday, with sunny skies and highs in the low 90s. This will probably be the final day that we really need to watch for thunderstorms to pop up during the afternoon hours, but there’s still a chance before high pressure clamps down.


Should be a mostly sunny day with highs in the low- to mid 90s.

Saturday and Sunday

This will feel more like a weekend in July or August, with sunny skies, high humidity, and high temperatures in the mid 90s. Since the Sun is now very nearly at its highest point in the year—the solstice comes on June 21—please protects your skin from 10 am to 4 pm at least.

It’s been nine months or so since we’ve felt the upper-90s. (Weather Bell)

Next week

The heat train rolls onward, and upward. Highs for much of next week should push into the upper 90s, with some inland areas recording their first century marks of the year. Rain chances look to be nil through at least the middle of next week, if not beyond. You wanted summer, Houston? You got it.

22 thoughts on “Houston drinking in the last chance saloon for rain today and Thursday before summertime heat takes over”

  1. With the arrival of the high pressure, are we at risk of having the air quality problems from the Canadian wildfires here?

  2. We may be drinking at the Last Chance Saloon for rain but the mosquitoes are bellying up to the bar, too.

    • Agreed. Love Texas, but I have reverse seasonal affective disorder and summer tends to bum me out. I saw another forecaster talk about us having a super el niño this year and that the south is supposed to be wetter than average this year especially towards the latter half of the year. So maybe we will be blessed and have more rain chances this summer so it isn’t like last summer.

      • Unfortunately El Nino doesn’t seem to have much effect on rainfall during the Summer. The Summer of 2009 was an El Nino year and we were stuck under high pressure that whole Summer which led to severe drought conditions with 17 100+ degree days in Houston. I’m not saying that will happen this year, I’m just saying that Summer weather tends to be a toss up regardless of El Nino or La Nina. It can go either way. The Fall and Winter seasons is when the ESNO tends to alter our weather much more here in Southeast Texas.

        • Oh, my… so remember that summer of 2009. Son made LL All Stars and every day was a relentless bake fest. Did get a break with some really big rains on July 3rd & 4th – so appreciated! – but then it was back to roasting….

          • Yes for real. I lived in Bay City at the time and it was bad that Summer. We only had like 2 inches of rain that whole Summer. There was 2 and 3 inch wide cracks all over our yard. The skies opened up though during the following Fall and Winter. Then in 2011 it was right back to droughtvile

        • Joseph….need some hope here. At least the jet stream goes further south when the Eastern Pacific SSTs are warm. Get more convection. We hope. Helps keep the pattern moving anyway. You are right, there are a few other oscillations that can mess things up.

          • Yes that is true. There are certain factors that can effect weather patterns that even scientist do not fully understand yet. Just like the excessive rains in California this year. It was supposed to be drier than normal because of La Nina. However the complete opposite happened. That is why I always like to say when it comes to the weather flip a coin and that’s what you get lol

      • You have that as well? I thought I was virtually alone in this. During (Texas) Spring and Summer, it tends to be a depressing time for me. Then again, I am originally from up North, so that could be a factor as well. 😉 And concerning the rain, hopefully it won’t be TOO much like the Sumerian Deluge. 😉

      • Jordan i thought I was the only one with a reverse seasonal affective disorder. Endless bright, sunny days and hot temperatures bum me out too. Aka summer.

  3. With El Niño on the comeback trail, hopefully this ridge will be temporary, not a Death Ridge like last summer.

  4. I did not ask for summer and it can’t leave soon enough. Now begins the slow countdown to our first cold front.

  5. Who asked for the summer heat and humidity? Who? I want names?!?!? Just kiddding…sort of .😉

  6. Dime size hail in Montrose neighborhood close to 6pm when Rain Saloon started its open bar special. Now just heavy rain and occasional lightning.

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