Houston is about to break century-old heat records

Houston’s torrid late-summer weather will unfortunately continue, as expected, for the rest of the week. On Wednesday, the high temperature reached 99 degrees, and that’s pretty much the floor for what we can expect from maximum temperatures the rest of this week. By Friday, we’re likely to break a 110-year-old high temperature record.


We will not touch the record high for Houston today, which is 108 degrees. If you lived in Houston, in 2000, you may remember the extraordinary heat wave of early September that year—this was the tail end of that period. Rather, Houston’s highs will “only” get up to around 100 degrees on Thursday as high pressure dominates the region. Rain chances are non-existent. Humidity will be a smidge below typical summer levels, which is about the only good thing that can be said about this heat.

The heat is on, y’all. (Pivotal Weather)


The high record for Friday is 99 degrees, set way back in 1909. We are very, very likely to beat that as Friday’s highs should get into the low 100s for most of the city. You’ll note new banners from Reliant on today’s post—it’s because the late summer heat is putting a strain on the state’s electricity grid. Please conserve energy if possible during the hottest part of the day.

Saturday and Sunday

We’ll see more heat this weekend, with high temperatures likely to be equaled or exceeded on Saturday (98 degrees, in 1963) and Sunday (100, in 1907). Rain chances, of course, remain near zero.

Next week

The really frustrating thing about this heat is that it’s difficult to find too much relief in the near term. Perhaps by Tuesday, or so, of next week we’ll see some atmospheric disturbances working their way into the region which will nudge rain chances up to 20 or 30 percent. But highs are likely to remain at least in the mid-90s.

Five-day graphical outlook for the Atlantic. (National Hurricane Center)


The Atlantic tropics are active in September, as one might expect. Hurricane Dorian has strengthened back into a major hurricane this morning, and will bring some misery to the coastal Carolinas today, before pulling away from the continental United States. Elsewhere, there’s a lot of activity, but nothing that is really threatening land. Longer-term, at least over the next 7 to 10 days, we don’t see any significant threats to the Gulf of Mexico.

25 thoughts on “Houston is about to break century-old heat records

  1. Patrick Veljanovich

    The way the weather patterns are and have been most if the summer, unless some “front porch” activity develops, Alicia or Harvey for example. Our Hurricane season may already be over. Your Thoughts.

    Thank You.

  2. Arianda

    I see the NHC discussion is that the tropical wave will develop next week as it is headed westward (originally it was headed west/northwest). What are the conditions along its path that preclude any mention of potential tracking to us?

  3. Don Rose

    Record Heat is a sign of Climate change and of course concern of many. . . The question I have is that if breaking the record that has stood for 100 years is a sign of climate change. . . then what was the sign of the record set 100 years ago. . . and what caused it? not carbon emissions. . .

    Perhaps, every 100 or so years climate does change on this earth. . . the earth quakes and volcanos erupt and climate changes. . .

    1. David Goldfarb

      It’s true that temperatures vary, and you’d expect records to break in the natural course of time. However, if that were the only thing going on, you’d expect to see about the same number of new record lows as record highs. But in fact, in the last decade, every new record low has been counterbalanced by two or three record highs.

    2. Al Gore

      Global warming/Climate change is a fraud. I am sorry you are so easily swayed by the opinions of politicians and doctored “science.”

      1. Fact Harry

        I wished it was a fraud Al Gore. And so do the Kocks brothers and big oil who founded denial stories. Sorry you’re so easily swayed by big money, corrupts politicians and doctored “science”. But ask yourself who has the most to lose if we refuse to take climate change seriously ? The scientist and politicians who are not even in power ? They are doing fine. The green industries ? They are very small compares to banking, insurance, oil and gas. Those are the one threaten by a shift in climate policies.

        1. Al Gore

          If you can’t see that politicians/governments are the beneficiary of this BS, then I can’t help you.

    1. Jessie

      Yes, but it’s now changing in a way that will be disastrous to all life on the planet and humans are causing the change. I’d like my son to live a good long life without worrying about massive hurricanes, droughts, food insecurity, etc. When the climate changes gradually, life can adapt. With an accelerated rate of change like we are seeing now, adaptations can’t happen quickly enough.

    2. Fact Harry

      Yes, obviously very true. But the maximum C02 content in the atmosphere ever recorded was ~300 ppm, we are now above 400 ppm. Climate has changed in the past, but not so much since we discovered agriculture about 10,000 BC. And not at this pace. And we will still be around in the next 50 years, but probably not in the same numbers and with the same quality of life. The pentagon has labelled climate change as the main threat to us safety (and not any specific country or terrorist group) for that reason, even though they (the military) are the main source of C02 emission and wished they could pretend there isn’t any issue with the climate. G’dayShirley !

  4. Steven

    I found it strange that in spite of how hot it has been, this morning was really pleasant for some early morning exercise… It almost seemed cool.

  5. Josh Sorensen

    “We will not touch the record high for Houston today, which is 108 degrees. If you lived in Houston, in 2000, you may remember the extraordinary heat wave of early September that year”

    Man that was Senior year for me. Football practices were a different kind of hell that season.

  6. Fact Harry

    Scary to see record high temperature everywhere this year, first Europe and the arctic, now Houston. Meanwhile the Bahamas have almost been washed out of the map. Obviously when it comes to climate change, it’s not the peak temperature that matters (or the hurricanes) but the global trend, but still a reminder about how the current warming is truly catastrophic in it’s scale (on the high end of predictions models) and pace.

  7. Bruce R

    I see the luddites have arrived with their usual nonsense, such as faulty logic (e.g., the climate has changed before men existed therefore climate change is not cuased by man) and the citation of non-scientific blogs as authorities on topics.

  8. Jack

    Eric, do you see some of these comments from people who still deny the now happening global disaster of climate change and think it’s “fake” or “natural”? Can you do them – and us – a favor and educate them with some facts and science? Please Eric, this is 2019…not 1567. Our lives depend on knowing facts. Tell these people what is happening and why it is no longer possible to stick our heads in the sand.

  9. Sam Hill

    Only an idiot would deny climate change. The same type of idiot that would extend a hurricane forecast map with a sharpie just to prove he was right.

  10. Bob

    Bring on the warming trends. My ancestors had to leave present day Newfoundland and return to Norway because of global cooling in the 990’s. Really upsetting the crops failed in Greenland about that time and couldn’t support travel to and from the colonies.

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