Houston should see a mostly quiet night, storm-wise

As anticipated, the greater Houston area radar has quieted down considerably with the loss of daytime heating. And thank goodness for that.

During the overnight hours we can’t rule out development of additional showers and thunderstorms, but we’d expect these to be fairly scattered and are not particularly concerned about additional, prolonged heavy rain. We just do not anticipate anything too organized getting going—although Lord knows Imelda has surprised us. Rain chances are probably a little higher to the east of Interstate 45 tonight, but again we don’t expect accumulations to be more than about a quarter of an inch where rain does fall.

A mostly quiet radar at 9pm CT Thursday is a beautiful thing. (kktv.com)

We are well beyond the worst of Imelda, but we’re likely to see a decent chance of scattered storms on Friday, with chances diminishing further into the weekend. We should see mostly sunny days with highs in the upper 80s on Saturday and Sunday, which sounds pretty darn nice after all we’ve been through. Matt will have a comprehensive update in the morning.

22 thoughts on “Houston should see a mostly quiet night, storm-wise

  1. Julie

    Thank you for all the work you put into keeping us informed…you are my go-to weather guys and I appreciate your insights and guidance!

    1. Does Katy need to evacuate?

      you all really are amazing!! A true treasure and blessing for our community!!! Selfless, tireless, on and on and on.

      THANK YOU from ALL your readers!!

  2. Julie Moore

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into keeping us informed…you are my go-to weather guys and I always appreciate your insight and guidance.

    1. Julie

      I didn’t think my comment went through the first time. Sorry for the repeat…I guess I just like you guys two times more than anyone else! =)

    2. Cyn

      Really appreciate all your hard work guys. I knew when I read your update today that if Space City was warning us of what was to come that it should be taken seriously. I stayed home and was glad I did. You guys are rock solid.

  3. Monty

    Hey guys. I just wanted to thank both of you for keeping me and all of the people that suffered through this unexpected monster up to date and giving us the latest information. You guys did a knockout job as you always do and quite frankly should be given a medal…or at least a trip to the White House. While we only managed to pick up .28 inches Storm total…it obviously was a far cry from what most everyone received on this blog…thank you for everything. My thoughts and Prayers go out to all of you who battled through Imelda and will now have to start the painstaking clean up. God Bless you all and hope you all ok.

  4. David Norman

    A sincere thank you for all that you guys do! You are the best and our calm in any storm!

  5. B Thorne

    Thank you. What will the commute to the Pearland area from North Houston look like tomorrow morning via 610 or 45?

  6. That guy

    Given the 1 – 5 scale you have created, what does Imelda rank so far? I heard “Allison lite” earlier. Is that the same assessment?

  7. Roger Colwell

    Thanks ever so much for your outstanding coverage during this last storm We really appreciate your efforts and time!!

    1. Bill Martin

      Guys – First off, thanks for A1 job as always! That said, how concerned are you about high pressure system parked over the southeast that would most likely veer anything tropical off the gulf towards our neck of the woods? Usually is the opposite scenario with big High over Texas pushing everything towards eastern gulf.

      If true, not only would any organized disturbances be a concern, but also just strong – and rain laden – waves.


  8. Alex

    Once again-huge storm in Houston, while.traveling overseas….
    Thanks again for keeping all of us informed, thanks for being the way You are!!!

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