Houston to enjoy a few days of splendid spring weather before a warmer and more humid pattern

Summary: Today will be breezy as more dry air filters into the area, but winds will settle down later this afternoon. We’ll see a couple of cooler days and nights, with low humidity, before the onshore flow returns and our temperatures begin to ramp up into the 80s. Rain chances look low to nil for at least the next week.


We’re continuing to see a pronounced breeze from the northwest this morning in the wake of Wednesday’s cool front. With clear skies and appreciably drier air today, highs will reach about 80 degrees. But we’ll cool off nicely tonight as winds subside, with lows dropping into the mid-50s in Houston, and even further for inland areas. This will be a fine, chilly night. I am really going to miss spring when it’s gone.

Friday morning will dawn chilly for much of Houston. (Weather Bell)


Another sunny day with dry air. Highs again will be in the vicinity of 80 degrees. However winds will begin to shift, first from the east, and then the southeast overnight. Initially they’ll be pretty light, but this is the beginnings of the onshore flow. Even so, lows on Friday night should drop into the upper 50s in Houston.


The first half of the weekend will bring more nice weather, with temperatures of about 80 degrees, and only a few more clouds. We will also start to feel an uptick in humidity, but with dewpoints still in the 50s, it will still feel quite nice. If you’re planning to attend any of the Art Car Parade festivities this weekend, you can be confidence in pleasant weather, albeit with a bit of a southerly breeze. Lows on Saturday night will be warmer, dropping perhaps only into the mid-60s.


We’ll still see some sunshine on Sunday, but there will be more clouds mixed in, and humidity will be on the rise. Look for highs in the low- to mid-80s. Sunday night temperatures may not drop below 70 degrees for much of the area.

Next week looks warm for Texas and the eastern United States. (Pivotal Weather)

Next week

Much of next week looks partly to mostly cloudy, with warm days in the mid- to upper-80s and nights in the 70s. It won’t be absolutely sultry, but it will feel more like summer than we’ve felt in awhile. There is a signal for some kind of front by around the end of the week, which should cool us down a bit, and may (or may not) be accompanied by some showers. But that part of the forecast is best written in pencil.

9 thoughts on “Houston to enjoy a few days of splendid spring weather before a warmer and more humid pattern”

  1. I’m with Eric: I’m going to miss this spring weather after this week. Next week’s sultry forecast isn’t helping.

    The only silver lining is that I have plenty of beer for my tears to fall into.

  2. Last night felt wonderful when the winds came and it started to cool down. Wish I could bottle this air for the warm nights ahead! 😄

  3. In Friendswood we received a little over 1.5” of rain, with some stout winds during the storms. I feel we are in decent shape going into a La Niña summer…

    • Yes. If we get zero rain for the rest of April we’ll be right on track for ‘normal’ HOBBY rain fall. The blue sunny skies still disturb me tho. Looks so much like last summer albeit 30F lower temperatures and dew point. Anyone else traumatized like that?

  4. We could use a decent weekend – all the nice weather seems to stop when the weekend comes. By the time I do errands on Saturday mornings lately, I go outside to work in garden and it gets gray and windy. Hopefully, this weekend will be the more sunny than cloudy.

    We got nailed in my neighborhood Tuesday night and my neighbor’s 50 year old oak tree fell on my kids car. I’d say a pretty weekend is well deserved!

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