Houston weather looks—dare I say it?—pretty nice for late May

Houston’s mostly sunny, and near-summer-like weather will continue for awhile. Rain chances will be on the low side through the weekend, and we’re going to see a nice fetch of somewhat drier air that will keep high humidity at bay. With summer coming, you know that won’t last, and in late May we’ll take what we can get.


Skies will be mostly sunny today, with high temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. Winds will be light, from the northwest, at about 5 mph. Overnight low temperatures will drop to around 70 degrees in Houston, and perhaps a few degrees lower for inland areas.

The amount of “precipitable water,” or moisture in the atmosphere, will be a bit higher than normal on Wednesday, and this will support isolated to scattered showers. (Weather Bell)


This will be another mostly sunny day, with highs in the upper 80s. One difference from Tuesday is that a weak disturbance may produce some light afternoon showers. I’d say chances are about 30 percent for areas along and south of Interstate 10, with lesser chances further inland. Rain chances should end by the early evening hours. Lows on Wednesday night will again drop to around 70 degrees in Houston.

Thursday and Friday

These will be a pair of mostly sunny days with highs generally in the upper 80s. One positive thing about these days is that the overall flow will generally be offshore, so the humidity will be a touch lower than normal. Don’t expect dry air, but it won’t be particularly sultry either.

Dewpoints in the low 60s in late May? I’ll take it. (Weather Bell)

Memorial Day Weekend

Generally, this pattern of mostly sunny weather, slightly drier air, and highs in the upper 80s to 90 degrees should hold through most of the weekend. There’s perhaps a 10 or 20 percent chance of some showers by Monday as moisture levels start to rise. But overall this looks to be a fine holiday weekend for beach and water activities.

Next week

Temperatures look to remain more or less the same for most of next week, but we’re going to see increasing humidity levels, and along with that some clouds and at least some scattershot rain chances. It’s too early to say much else with any precision.

11 thoughts on “Houston weather looks—dare I say it?—pretty nice for late May”

  1. “pretty nice” – ??? Nope, it’s typical hot & gross Houston swamp weather, for which I will be staying in the air conditioning. Unbearable to step outside for another 5 months.

    • And here we see half-full vs half-empty. It’s pretty decent weather for Houston. I was able to work on my lawn and inside my garage without being too uncomfortable. I’ll take what I can get, definitely nowhere near unbearable yet, especially with a nice breeze.

    • I concur. The only time I actually like being outside during this weather is either during a bike ride or a run. At least I am keeping mobile.

  2. Are you guys monitoring Alberta wildfire smoke? Appears to be cause for brown skies/scratchy throats.

    • Let us not forget Popocatépetl, the volcano in Central Mexico that is continuing to emit ash and smoke.

  3. Well, pretty nice except for the 15 minutes around 3 pm when some serious winds knocked down trees and power poles in Huntsville. Then the sun came back out. Still without power and a great deal of uprooted trees. ::sigh::

  4. It is 5am on Wednesday morning. There is a large line of severe storms headed towards nw Houston. Large bow. Heavy lightning. Another botched forecast. I’m curious where you get your forecasts?

  5. Looks like this line of thunderstorms approaching was unexpected. Getting some strong wind in advance of it out here in Sealy at 5:40AM.

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