Houston will come close to a freeze on Friday morning

The rains are over for now, but the cold weather is just beginning. Cold air pushing into the Houston region on Thursday will be amplified by gusty winds, especially along the coast. Already this morning, Galveston has recorded a gust of 46mph, while inland areas are generally seeing gusts in the 20s. In terms of temperatures, much of Houston could see record lows on Thursday night.


As a deep layer of cold, dry air moves into Houston this morning we are already seeing clearing skies across the region. But despite ample sunshine, high temperatures Thursday will only get into the low- to mid-50s. As a result, this will probably be the coldest Halloween day since 1925. Winds should begin to die down late this afternoon or early evening, about the time when the sun goes down. Temperatures during trick-or-treating, will likely fall into the upper 40s, on their way down to the mid-30s overnight for much of the area. Will it freeze in Houston? Probably not as our relatively wet grounds should help moderate our temperatures just a bit. But it will be pretty close.

Forecast low temperatures for Friday morning. (National Weather Service)


After a cold and frosty start—Houston’s record low for this date is 35 degrees, and we may tie or beat that—sunshine will help push Friday’s highs up to around 60 degrees. The absence of winds should help this feel quite a bit warmer than Thursday. Low temperatures Friday night, too, should be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than Thursday night.

Saturday and Sunday

Another weak front should help keep the weekend on the cool side, with high temperatures in the low- to mid-60s both days. With plenty of sunshine, these should be nice days for any outdoor work that needs to get done. Lows both nights will be in the 40s or 50s, depending on your distance from the coast.

Next week

We’ll see a warming trend through the middle of next week, with high temperatures nudging back into the mid- or even upper-70s, and along with the onshore flow we’ll see some returning rain chances. The big question is when the next front comes, and there is some division in the models as to whether that’s Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Hard to say for sure, but at this point it seems most likely next weekend will be somewhere in the 60s

Temperatures will slowly climb after a very cold Halloween. (Weather Bell)


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4 thoughts on “Houston will come close to a freeze on Friday morning

  1. Heather Elizalde

    If I remember correctly, I think it was this cold (or colder) back on Halloween 1993. I remember Trick or Treating with my kids and only making it to about 10 houses before the kids were done! I was so thankful bc I was freezing. It was pretty windy too, as the wind chill was in the 20’s. Hearing the winds will die down for tonight makes me happy, as now I get to freeze during T or T with my grandson. LOL

  2. Monty

    Thanks guys. Congrats to the Nats 😡.
    Winter made it…woohoo. Anyone that can say with a straight face that they are enjoying this morning is a far better person than I. Hope all of you stay warm and safe.

  3. William Congdon

    Some perspective here. I moved to Minneapolis in 1991. A month later, the Twins won the Series. A week later, it snowed 30 inches on Halloween.

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