Houston will experience Groundhog Day weather this week

Good morning and welcome to a new week. There remains little exciting to say about our region’s weather as this week will feel like Groundhog Day, with conditions each day more or less like the last. Sure, a few areas may see a stray shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon hours, but for the most of us, it will be hot and mostly sunny. The good news remains that, one does not really enjoy the weather during August in Houston—one survives it. And given that we are unlikely to face triple-digit heat or widespread floods over the next week, it is difficult to complain too much.

Highs on Monday will definitely feel like August in Texas. (Pivotal Weather)


Houston remains on the periphery of a high pressure system anchored to our west, and this should both prevent temperatures from getting too hot, while also allowing for a few sea breeze showers to develop during the afternoon hours and move inland. Look for high temperatures in the low 90s along the coast, with temperatures in the mid- or upper 90s for far inland areas. Light, southerly winds will offer little relief. Nor will nighttime temperatures. With lows of only 80 degrees last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Hobby Airport tied record for overnight heat and we should remain nearly as warm.

Tuesday and Wednesday

This will be a pair of mostly sunny days, with high temperatures in the mid-90s, along with more warm nights. Again we may see a few coastal showers develop during the afternoon, and progress inland.

Thursday and Friday

Overall this pattern of partly to mostly sunny weather will continue. Highs will remain in the low- to mid-90s for the most part—which is certainly hot, but not as hot as we sometimes see beneath a strong ridge of high pressure. Scattered rain chances will pop up during the afternoon hours.

Saturday and Sunday

As the high pressure system to our west backs further off to the west by this weekend, it could open the door to slightly more widespread showers and thunderstorms. However, if I were a betting man, right now I’d anticipate that conditions for this coming weekend will not be too different from what we just experienced this last weekend, with highs in the mid-90s and scattered showers. Like I said, Groundhog Day, y’all.

NOAA five-day outlook for the tropics. (National Hurricane Center)


Matt will have more to say about this on Tuesday, I am sure. There’s a new blob on the five-day outlook from the National Hurricane Center, but as of now we don’t think this will move toward the Gulf of Mexico. For us, at least, things look to remain quiet for a bit longer.

10 thoughts on “Houston will experience Groundhog Day weather this week

  1. Blackhawks Fan

    July and August are months where local TV meteorologists can usually be replaced by cardboard cutouts and the words “hot and humid”.

  2. Jingle Jangle

    The dog days of August are here but I don’t mind changing it to “groundhog days” of August thanks to Eric (who is always appreciated for his solid calm work).

    It may be a boring and unpleasant forecast but each week that goes by quietly is another week closer to the first cool front. Then, the house projects can begin.

  3. Jason

    Sounds like fine summer weather to me. What really makes Houston so hot is the intensity of the sun. And the way that it heats the pavement.

  4. Kevin

    Thank you for your simplified and very accurate weather forecasts. You save me daily from waiting for the news to squeeze out a little info here and there

  5. Does Katy Need to Evacuate

    I’ll take mid 90’s and no tropical weather any day in Auggghhhst.

  6. Milt

    Ground Hog Day Weather with Ground Hog Day COVID-19…ooohh joy! Hey, can anybody out there tell me how I missed COVID’s 1 through 18?

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