Houston’s sunny, quiet weather to continue, but Thanksgiving forecast still uncertain

Good morning. Thank you for your patience with this morning’s post. With dry air and temperatures dropping into the low 50s in my neck of the woods—and no certainty for when that might happen again—I cranked out a very long training run this morning. The roads were certainly nice and quiet at 4 a.m. And our weather, too, will be mostly quiet in the days ahead, with little excitement.


Skies will again be mostly sunny on Wednesday, but temperatures will be a little warmer, and the air a little more humid, thanks to subtle shift in winds, which are now blowing from the east at 5 to 10 mph. Low temperatures tonight will probably drop down into the 50s for most of Houston, but conditions will be warmer near the coast.

Low temperature forecast for Thursday morning. (Pivotal Weather)

Thursday and Friday

As winds shift to come from the southeast on Thursday, we may see a few more clouds, and humidity levels will continue to creep up. Highs both days will reach about 80 degrees, and lows will likely only drop into the 60s for all but the most inland of areas.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend will see more of the same, which is to say mostly sunny skies, and highs around 80 degrees. Nighttime temperatures will again be in the 60s. The biggest outstanding question is the timing and strength of a front that probably will push into Houston on Sunday night or Monday morning.

The models are generally in agreement that the front will in fact make it through Houston, although that is not something I’d bet the farm on. Not that I own a farm. In any case, this front probably will drop highs back into the 70s, and lows into the 50s for most of the area. Emphasis on probably. Will we see any precipitation with the front? Maybe, but I think chances are only about 20 percent, and any accumulations will be light. We’ll try to have a better answer on Sunday’s rainfall potential tomorrow.

The rainfall outlook for now through the weekend still looks dry. (Pivotal Weather)

Thanksgiving week

Given the general uncertainty surrounding Sunday night’s probable front, the forecast becomes pretty murky, pretty quickly next week. The models are hinting at another front possibly making it through late Wednesday or on Thursday—which would be Thanksgiving. I sort of hope a front makes it, because otherwise Thanksgiving could be 80 degrees and humid. Perhaps some clarity will emerge on this in a day or two.

We’ll be back to our normal schedule tomorrow! Also, I think we’ve solved the formatting issues with the daily emails, but if you’re still have problems please let us know.

9 thoughts on “Houston’s sunny, quiet weather to continue, but Thanksgiving forecast still uncertain

  1. Does Katy Need to Evacuate?

    Props to you for getting out and running this morning!! It’s ideal weather for running!!!!

    Thanks as always for your always excellent weather reporting!!!

    1. Keith

      We have had temps in the 80’s for Thanksgiving day back as far as 1965. 80 has been hit several times since then. Pretty normal…

  2. Phylis Tomlinson

    Yes!! Seizing the moment for your own mental and physical health is more important than “on the clock” predictability! I appreciate your energy and expertise! Thanks.

  3. Jingle Jangle

    I’m an early riser and at my desk early – but I have to echo others that getting outside to exploit the great weather is well worth a delay in posting the report.

    By golly, you’ve earned some slack after a long hurricane season. We’ll survive if we get the report an hour later.

  4. Ashley

    I am sorry to keep repeating myself, but seriously, I don’t remember a cool Thanksgiving here in a hot minute (pun intended). I am a native, as well, and do remember actual seasons a long time ago. I don’t get my hopes up anymore for a real cool holiday season.

    I hope you enjoyed your run! I know my morning walk was very nice, although I could feel the shift in humidity you mentioned.

  5. Jason

    We need it to be warm on Thanksgiving, so that people can be outdoors, otherwise, Thanksgiving will be cancelled.

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