Looking ahead to a wet weekend, and it’s finally time for our big annual fundraiser

Good morning! Before jumping into the forecast we want to say a word about our annual fundraiser, which kicks off today. This is your chance to support Space City Weather, and the efforts of Eric, Matt, and the rest of the crew at the website. Your purchases and donations directly support our work, the operation and maintenance of the website, our app and its regular updates, and more. Because of your generous support we are able to offer Space City Weather for free, for everyone, without any nonsense such as tracking or intrusive advertising or clickbait.

This year we’re doing things a little differently. We’ve set up a store where you can purchase any number of different items and combine them for a single shipping charge. You can also simply donate money, if you like, which is greatly appreciated. We have three different t-shirt designs this year: The lightning shirt is something I’ve wanted to do since the heat wave of 2011, a riff on a rock concert t-shirt; The quadrant plays off our preference for the Astrodome to a heat dome; and for the first time since 2016, we’re offering the original design of our first t-shirt. It ain’t fancy, but it’s the classic.

So if you’re interested in supporting us, for a very limited time only, please visit our 2023 merch store. Thank you to all our supporters!

On to the weather!

A smattering of showers continues over much of the area. Expect off and on rain and drizzle today. (RadarScope)

Today & Saturday

The apt word for this forecast is “dreary.” No, it is not likely to rain the entirety of today and tomorrow. But there will be periods of light rain, drizzle, or even steady rain mixed in with drier, overcast stretches. The best chance of some heavier rain would probably occur tomorrow south of I-10. Temperatures won’t go very far on either day. Temperatures won’t go anywhere today, and if anything we’ll see a slight drop in temperatures through the 60s and into the 50s. These temps will probably stay there most of tomorrow as well. If you’ve been longing for a couple gray days with chilly, damp weather, well, you’re in luck!


The back part of the weekend is probably the best chance for a bit of a respite from rain. I do still think there will be showers or light rain pockets around on Sunday. Rain may pick up in coverage and intensity from southwest to northeast in the evening hours. I’m banking on the first half of the day to be our winner of the weekend, which isn’t saying much. it will still be in the low to mid-60s at best with clouds.


We start next week on a stormy note. A developing low pressure system in the Gulf is likely to fling a good bit of rain and a chance of thunderstorms our way Monday. Some of the rain could be heavy, especially south of I-10. We aren’t necessarily expecting anything serious on Monday, but I do think we should keep an eye on things for isolated severe storms or localized flooding.

Rain totals through Wednesday morning will average 2 to 4 inches, with much of this occurring Monday. Higher amounts are possible, especially south of I-10. (Pivotal Weather)

Coastal conditions will be notable Monday with gusty winds as high as 30 to 40 mph in gusts possible, in addition to some rough seas. Monday’s highs will be in the low-60s, with lows again in the 50s.

Rest of next week

We should transition out of this pattern Tuesday, with only slight rain chances and decreasing clouds. Highs will be in the 60s again. We warm up Wednesday through Friday with temperatures rebounding into the 70s and lows back into the 60s. Our next cold front is probably arriving sometime next weekend. Details on what comes with that are too soon to say right now.

28 thoughts on “Looking ahead to a wet weekend, and it’s finally time for our big annual fundraiser”

  1. Love the lightning shirt and I will order one of those for sure! BTW sorry to be nit-picky, but the store calls it a lighting shirt instead of lightning. But keep up your amazing work. I ordered a shirt a few years ago which I wear occasionally and always tell people when I wear it about your site and app.

    • You shouldn’t need to be watering in the wintertime anyhow. Plants go pretty dormant and the soil moisture stays pretty high with the low sun angle.

      • While we’re still cycling through 80+ degree days with multi-day stretches of no rain, I’ll keep watering my trees and potted plants as they recover. I’ve got trees throwing out late flowers so their calendar is off.

        Thank you, SCW for the combined shipping! Congrats on another year!

        • I’ll continue doing the same Heather. I too have trees putting out late flowers and leaves. Therefore, I’ll also continue watering while they recover.

    • Heard a rumor could be next week since this round is not only plentiful but hitting parts of the metro that really need it (south/west side). While it doesn’t make sense to water in the winter, there are some needing to do landscape projects, largely bc of the drought, such as replacing dead grass or plants that requires water to get started.

  2. You’re really calling this weather “dreary”?
    You just lost the right to comment on any drought, EVER.
    Try “Peaceful”, “Relaxing”, and “Desperately Necessary”.
    To quote the great, ancient, The Weather Channel TV ad:
    “…Well, maybe the rain hates You!!”

  3. Please comment about the horrendous assault on the air near our water source due to the chemical
    Plant explosion? Was it arson? Did all the pollution generated travel north east?

    • First report I heard was the fire was triggered by a worker trying to transport a leaking drum via forklift. Static discharge likely lit the leak on fire, which spread to other drums. But the internal investigation will take a month or so to issue a report to the State. I assume the Chemical Safety Board will be involved, that will take a year or so.

  4. The Saturday forecast looks absolutely great…. for staying home and watching college football !!!

    And yes, I’d rather have this forecast than a weekend of 110 degrees, hoping the A/C keeps running.

  5. Got almost 2.5” in spring branch already! The west side has largely been spared from the last few soakers and hasn’t had anything like this since before the drought.

  6. Chalk me up as a fan of this weather (at least, for a little while).

    Cooler weather: love it.
    Easing the drought: fine.
    Less hit on the wallet due to A/C being quiet: really love it.

  7. I would love a poster/print of the back of the lightning shirt! I have enough t-shirts, so I’ll just donate cash instead.

  8. While I get we need the rain, I cannot stand wet/chill. Time to bust out another book and the tea kettle and keep the front door shut so the 800 mosquitos that have already come in can’t add to their numbers.

    Here’s hoping for a better hair day on Sunday. 😀 Sheesh.

    Love the shirts! Congrats on your long term success.

  9. 🌬 🌧 🍂🦉🍂 🌧

    It finally feels like November is supposed to be!

    chilly rainy outside
    warm inside

    enjoy the weather yummy while we have it!

  10. My gear is still not dry from riding home yesterday. And even the things in my pockets got wet. I didn’t see any people out yesterday, so the people who actually will be out in the weather should get to control the weather, and I am asking for 90 and higher with sun.

    • Sucks that people are afraid to get a bit wet. As we said in the Pacific NW, “There’s no bad weather; just inappropriate clothing.” I ran 11 miles yesterday, 8 miles today. Sign me up for more.

  11. Just an idea, but you guys should add space city weather rain jackets to the website! Seems fitting you know

  12. Smart businessmen. The temperature records will continue to fall and every year we’ll get a new, updated version of the shirt with new records.

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