One of the year’s last summer-like weekends lies ahead

Good morning. Houston will see one more partly to mostly cloudy day before a string of mostly sunny days. Temperatures will likely reach the low 90s during the coming period, but we’re increasingly confident that some sort of front will make it through our area during the middle of next week. How strong? We’ll have to wait and see.


Although Nicholas has dropped below tropical depression strength in Louisiana, we’re continuing to see wrap-around clouds and light northerly winds from the system. This will contribute to another mostly cloudy day, and should help to keep highs in the mid- to upper-80s for most of the area. A little bit of misty rain is possible, but most of us should remain dry. Lows tonight will drop into the mid-70s.


We’ll see a mix of sunshine and clouds on Friday, and the return of light southerly winds temperatures will probably nudge up to around 90 degrees. We can’t rule out a passing shower, but any rain should be fairly isolated and fleeting.

NOAA rain accumulation forecast for now through Sunday. (Weather Bell)

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend should see mostly sunny skies with highs in the neighborhood of 90 degrees. Some showers will be possible as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico increases, but rain chances on both days are probably only about 30 percent now. This should be one of the last truly summer-like weekends of 2021, so if the beach is your thing, do your thing.

Next week

We’ll remain in a summer-like pattern through about Wednesday of next week. After that time it does look like some sort of front will push through, although whether its the “upper 60s and some drier air” kind of front or something more like “60 and unbelievable” is yet to be determined.

Tropics outlook for Thursday morning. (National Hurricane Center)


There’s nothing for the Gulf of Mexico to be concerned about now, or likely for at least the next several days. The end of the tropics season for Texas is near, but we’re not ready to make that call yet.

10 thoughts on “One of the year’s last summer-like weekends lies ahead”

  1. “The end of the tropics season for Texas is near..” << Be still my beating heart.

    “After that time it does look like some sort of front will push through…” << I’ll take 60s and whatever you have in stock. To go.

  2. So, since we had a hurricane hit our area this season, does that mean we’ll get snow this winter? It seems to happen everytime we have a hurricane, last snow happening after Harvey. Thoughts about it would be nice. An explanation on why it happens would be nice too.

    • Working in logistics for the oil/gas industry, the thought of anything freezing happening here, makes my gut churn. The freeze did so much damage to facilities in our area, i never want to go through that again. Lol!!

  3. “The end of the tropics season for Texas is near,” I love those words!

    “…but we’re not ready to make that call yet.” I’ll try to be patient. C’mon cold fronts!

  4. Forecaster Batiste at the NWS is making a play to join the SCW team with this morning’s forecast discussion. I haven’t giggled like that in a while. Go read it and enjoy.

    • Yes, this, love it, especially Bastiste’s “wishcasting”: “Oh FROPA, FROPA! Wherefore art thou, FROPA?…Did a little wishcasting on Wednesday night and Thursday night and went a few degrees below guidance to suggest that I`m onboard with the front making it through…Speaking things into existence works right?”

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