Three steamy days in Houston before fall arrives

Posted by Eric Berger at 6:35 AM

Houston’s forecast remains more or less on track: We’ll have three more hot, summer-like days before a cold front arrives later on Sunday. This front should be strong enough such that we’re calling Monday “Fall Day,” for the real beginning of fall-like weather in Houston.


Low-level clouds have developed across much of the Brazos Valley this morning, and are extending into the western and parts of the central Houston area. This has led the National Weather Service to issue a “Dense Fog Advisory” for the western half of the metro area through 9am this morning. The rising sun should burn the clouds off, and this will give way to a warm, sunny, and muggy day with highs of around 90 degrees.

A fog advisory is in effect through 9am Friday. (National Weather Service)


Another day like Friday, with some fog possible in the morning before a very warm and sunny day with highs again near 90 degrees. The record high for Saturday, 92 degrees, is not entirely out of reach.

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After a cool start this morning, the Houston region will go right back into the late-summer-like weather we experienced for most of September and the first 10 days of October. However, we’re not going to have to wait as long for relief this time, with a second, stronger cold front arriving early next week. The coming front, in our view, signals the start of “fall” in Houston, so much so that we’re declaring Monday to be a new holiday—”Fall Day.”

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Southeasterly winds return, and as the Sun comes up on Thursday, so too will temperatures. Look for highs during the next few days to reach around 90 degrees. Rain chances will be near zero on Thursday and Friday, but some slight chances return on Saturday afternoon and evening. We don’t think most of you will see rain.


Sunday should still be pretty warm, but our next cool front will march through the region during the midday, afternoon, or evening hours. I don’t think the cool air will be particularly noticeable with the sunny skies during the daytime, but drier air should work its way into the region during the overnight hours.

The GFS model shows the cold front near Houston on Sunday evening. (Weather Bell)

As for rain, we might see some scattered showers as the front works through, and in its aftermath, but again they don’t appear to be anything to write home about.

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Finally, Houston enjoys a dazzling fall morning

Posted by Eric Berger at 7:46 AM

Goooooooooood morning, Houston. And truly, it is a good morning. Lows have generally only fallen into the low 60s across the metro area, but the combination of cooler temperatures and significantly drier air has made for pleasant fall conditions. Although this brief fling with fall won’t last too long, if you’ve enjoyed this I’ve got some good news for you later in the forecast.


Fall will hang around for today and tonight—with splendid, sunny skies and highs only reaching about 80 degrees. Low temperatures tonight should fall into the low to mid-60s, except for areas along the coast. Play hooky!

High temperatures on Wednesday. (National Weather Service)


With the return of southerly winds later in the day, we’re going to see a corresponding rise in humidity and temperatures. After a cool-ish start to the day, look for highs in the mid- to upper-80s with mostly sunny skies.

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Monday’s high temperature reached 94 degrees in Houston, a remarkably warm day for this time of year, and breaking a record set in 2007. Fortunately a cool front—not a particularly strong front, but a front all the same—is pushing through Houston this morning and will bring us a short reprieve from the summer-like heat.


Winds have shifted to the northwest this morning, and drier, cooler air should filter into the region today. As this air moves down, it may collide with very moist air along the coast to produce some showers and thunderstorms. Areas that do see rain probably will receive a tenth or two, and showers should be short lived. Otherwise, expect highs around 80 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

I’m posting this special section for the runners, and for the people who want a taste of fall. The period of driest air, with dewpoints falling into the 50s for most of the area, should come only relatively briefly, between about 10pm Tuesday night, and 10am Wednesday morning.

Dewpoint forecast for 7am CT on Wednesday. This is a 20 degrees cooler than recent dewpoints, and when air will feel driest. (Weather Bell)

If you’ve been waiting for some weather to make an extended run, this is it. (I’ll be getting up at 4:30am on Wednesday, and if tomorrow morning’s weather report is delayed an hour or two, this is why).

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