Pleasant today, but muggy nights are coming for Houston

It’s a bit warmer across Houston this morning, but still feels like a fine spring morning with low temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to mid-50s across the area. Houston will now enter a period of warmer nights—generally 60 degrees and above—that should last for the next week.


We should see one more pretty great spring-like day, with high temperatures generally in the mid-70s across the region, and mostly sunny skies. Winds will begin to swing inland, however, and this will set the stage for warmer, more humid days ahead. Low temperatures on Thursday night will be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the day before.

Expect another seasonable, pleasant day across Houston on Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)


The warming trend continues on Friday, with a few more clouds, a bit higher humidity, and highs probably reaching 80 degrees for most of Houston.

Saturday and Sunday

The weekend outlook remains OK. Skies, for the most part, will be partly to mostly cloudy, and that should help limit high temperatures in the low 80s. But those same clouds will keep nighttime temperatures quite muggy, and I suspect parts of Houston won’t fall below 70 degrees this weekend. A capping inversion, a layer of warmer air above the surface, should inhibit the development of widespread showers, so I don’t anticipate anything more than light rain, and most of the region probably won’t see that.

Next week into Easter

The forecast for Monday and beyond remains kind of a mess, but it appears that in absence of high pressure, the region will see a string of partly to mostly cloudy days, with highs around 80 degrees, and lows in the upper 60s to 70 degrees. At some point next week, perhaps by Tuesday or so, rain chances will probably pick up. It looks like we’ll see a pretty good chance of rain on a day or two later next week, which will be welcome for most of the area. (Not least because tree pollen levels remain so high).

Finally, perhaps on Thursday or Friday, the next cold front will probably push through Houston and off the coast. If and when that happens, Easter weekend should be cooler, and perhaps clearer. No promises at this point!

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  1. strange weather. We got off to a slow start to fall in October and November. Then an extremely cold December and January that brought two, almst three winter storms. Then Feb came and it’s been warm ever since. I wish we could have had a little more winter.

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