Severe Thunderstorm Watch & hail risk through Wednesday evening

Storms have exploded northwest of Houston today with numerous reports of large hail, up to as big as golf ball size or larger. As I write, this large hail is possible near Bryan in the Brazos Valley.

Radar shows strong and severe storms in the Brazos Valley racing southeast toward the Houston area this afternoon. (College of DuPage)

As a result of this, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been hoisted for the entire Houston area through 9 PM this evening. The main threat will be between now and 6 PM I think, however. These storms near Bryan-College Station are hauling south and east around 20 to 30 mph, and new storms are trying to blossom out ahead of them.

The main threat from today’s storms is likely to be large hail. Not everyone will see hail, but those that do (most likely along and north of I-10) could see hail to the size of golf balls or even a little larger. The hail threat today is legitimate. A secondary threat will be strong winds, capable of knocking down trees or power lines in spots. A very small tornado threat is there, but it’s not especially high at this time. We’re focused on hail and wind today I think. Heavy rain is also possible from any of these storms.

While the severe threat should fizzle after sunset, we may see additional rounds of showers or even some thunderstorms into later this evening. We’ll update again if things look more significant. But please stay weather aware through this afternoon and evening.

8 thoughts on “Severe Thunderstorm Watch & hail risk through Wednesday evening

  1. Keith

    Just had a 35 MPH wind gust here in Cypress. Around 3:55pm. Winds are calming down now.

  2. nat

    So much for another official #2 marginal threat forecast!
    Always helps to stay aware, thanks Matt and Eric!

  3. Monty

    Several large oak trees down including one across driveway that missed us by about 5 minutes upon returning. Tornado Warning issued. Noticed wall cloud but no signs of rotation. Straight line winds of approx 70 mph on our way back from Brenham. I pulled over when winds shifted abruptly but we stayed right side up. Wind immediately shifted back out of NW. All calm now. Plenty to clean up.

  4. Sue Schechter

    Understatement! Massive tree damage. Fences down. Electricity out. Neighbor spotted tornado. Large shed demolished.Chappell Hill.

    1. Monty

      Do you have an approximate time you/neighbor saw funnel? Maybe a location/proximity? Thanks!!

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